Islamic Terrorists By The Numbers (Part 2)

UI – Part 523 – Islamic Terrorists By The Numbers (Part 2)

Factors to Consider

Two days ago in Part 1 of this blog we established a base of 157 million terrorists, jihadists, from a total of 2 Billion Muslims.  These are the armed and ready militants to carry out the Will of Allah at the command of humans, not gods, the ulema and the administrators of Islamaland. What follows are other influential elements that constantly target the balance of Muslims, worldwide, to join the hate filled jihadists primed for action.

Attitudes and Outside Influences

Extremism is linked to the ideology that is Islam itself. Most radicals have an Islamic, or Muslim, background having obtained their guidance from the tenets of this ideology, primarily the Quran.  The moderates are criticized by the Islamists, the jihadi potential, as infidels themselves, or heretics.  They are cajoled and primed for re-islamization by the way the clerics and leaders of their societies behave, to include parents and peers. The majority of Muslims are not devout and do not attend their mosques daily.  Many may attend on Fridays.  But, if not pious before they can become pious after intensive indoctrination.

Often those who migrate to other countries, having little standing in their host countries, will associate with those as themselves, living away from their homelands, displaced and disconnected. They join jihad to feel a union with others in similar circumstances.  In their homelands peer pressure may be enough to encourage them to attend madrassas and specific mosques to be more like Muhammad, more devout and aware of the dictates of Allah as expressed in the Quran. In host countries Centers for Islamic Studies can become hubs for displaced Muslims to gather and even seek support. On college campuses Muslim students gather at Muslim Student Association (a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate) locations.  When aide is provided strings often accompany the funding.  Such strings may include women needing to wear Hijabs, and attending mosques or madrassas to receive formal Islamic aide, to include money.

Those that Teach and Lead

Consideration must be given the Imam’s, the scholars that populate mosques and madrassas, and teach only the Quran, the tenets of Islam, and a world All for Allah with the hatred of infidels endemic in their sermons and lectures. They, as educated in the foundations and tenets of Islam, are fundamentalists.  They proclaim Muhammad as the Messenger and the example to emulate. A fundamentalist Islamic scholar supports the elements of Islam we often hear about as being oppressive, restrictive, lacking freedom and independent thinking, advocating Sharia Law as a guide wherever the Muslim lives. They are the chefs that fill and stir the caldron of hatred to produce a boiling broth of jihadism to consume.

Where Islam is spreading to the West, the mosques and madrassas are often staffed with scholars supported and directed by the Salafi’s, the Wahhabis and the Shia, who encourage jihad. Funding comes from oil rich Muslim Nations, as Saudi Arabia and Iran, as well as the curriculums to be taught. These imported scholars are ignorant of, incompatible with, the culture into which they have been placed and operate with blinders on to have their students and their congregates follow the disciplines that they only know. Jihad is a major part of  proclamations, along with Sharia Law and acceptable practices of living according to the Islamists as heads of the ummah.  Jihad taught may involve self-disciple, to become devout and strident, as well as overt in taking steps against non-believers.

How Many Mosques, How Many Scholars

Trying to determine how many mosques there are in the world, one source suggested 2.5 million.  By the numbers, in a population of 266 million, 88% of which are Muslim (Pew Research), there are 800,000 mosques (Wikipedia) in Indonesia.  That is about 1 mosque for every 300 Muslims. However in locations such as Bangladesh and India, that is 1 per 600 Muslims.  In Pakistan it is 1 per 1,600 Muslims.  An average suggests about 1 mosque per 800 people. With 2 Billion muslims worldwide, the estimate of mosques in thus confirmed at 2,500,000.   Each mosque has at least one Imam, probably two or three.  Then there are Imams independent of mosques that lead Islamic prayers. These are the persons most likely to direct Muslims to commit jihad.  There are millions of them.  We have not estimated the number of Islamic schools, or madrassas, having teachers that insist the Quran be memorized, and punish students who do not do their homework properly, relegated to Islamic ideology only.

Parents may insist their children attend a religious school to disassociate them with the influences of modernity, to include music, parties, alcohol, girls or boys, and the sexual drive that seems much greater among the young. The students are reminded of the command of Allah to avoid freedoms many enjoy, focussing only on Allah and his messenger Muhammad.

Of the 157 million there are easily over 10 million scholars of Islam, the ulema, ready, willing and able to instruct.  Add to that leaders of organizations for Muslims, like the Muslim Student Association, the Muslim Brotherhood, C.A.I.R., Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and others structured for the host country. These groups seek to access displaced Muslims; they are prepared to provide financial support, community guidance and cajole the displaced, the non-devout, to participate in their cause as well as the call of Allah for a world that is all Islam. These Islamist support factions exist as a force to control and direct the minds of Muslims, those in free nations, to be more radical. There are reformers that refer to such organizations as the Islamic ‘Mafia.’

In Islamaland the scholars and teachers have the government also as proponents of the law of Islam and its demands upon all Muslims.  The governments provide protections for the Islamists when they act out against non-Muslims, Christians and Jews.  If made known in the news government officials may engage in a form of discipline, at least till things settle down.  As for rape it still requires multiple women to come forward and accuse a male, while the female is judged unclean and subject to punishment under Sharia.   This cabal of Islamist teachers, preachers and organizers, as well as political officials, are all recruiters for Allah and Muhammad.  They will do whatever they can to continue to grow a militant force, overt or covert, for Islam.

Influential Scholars

Other major influential scholars that encourage jihad, or the more strident aspects of Islam, are Maududi from Pakistan, and Sayyid Qtub or Egypt.  They are admired.  Their writings and the practices they propose and lived by during their lifetimes are respected, often promoted, and used to encourage devout Muslims to be more Islamic, more like Muhammad.  They are ardent proponents of government structure more akin to a theocracy, like Iran.  There the scholars and clerics make the decisions.  In secular Muslim countries, like Turkey, Islam is generally designated and supported as a State Religion.  The clerics may voice their opinion, but the final decisions rest with the elected, or the autocrat.  In either case the radicals, the jihadists and terrorists are political as well as devout.  The reference to ‘political Islamists’ is most applicable.

Prime for Jihad

There are many Islamic sects, over 260 has been suggested.  Sunni and Shia comprise 90 and 10 percent, respectively, of the whole.  But within each are many other schools and sub-groups.

The Iranian mullahs, beginning with the ayatollah, want a Shia world.  They want to be the dominant player in the Middle East.  They fight Saudi Arabia, the dominant on the Sunni side, for hegemony of the area.  Iran harbors, trains and protects terrorists.  They prefer terrorist activity outside their own country, over their people, as evidenced by their support of Hamas and Hezbollah. The military, the Revolutionary Guard and the Quds force, are militant drivers of jihad.  The theocratic government of Iran favors expanding Shia worldwide over taking care of its own people.

In the Sunni camp the militant are the Salafi and Wahhabis.  They are very similar and comprise as many as 50 million.  Oil dollars are used to build madrassas and mosques all over the world, with an emphasis on western countries.  The Saudi’s, where Wahhabism began, were instrumental in the early 80’s in building schools and mosques in the Pashtun area between Pakistan and Afghanistan to educate students from Afghanistan displaced because of the Russian invasion (12/1979).  At the same time America was providing military equipment, training and funding, relying on the Pakistani’s to administer.  The result was the students (‘talib’) became the Taliban, devout and trained, weaponized too, along with the mujahidin. Can the same happen where similar schools and students are taught to become more devout Islamists?

The moderates are prime for a return to jihad.  Beware.  There are greater numbers of teachers of the fundamentals encouraging radical Islamic views than there are reformers. The numbers go deep and the culture will spread, the hatred will grow and not be limited to the confines of the countries now in existence in the Middle East, North Africa and Southwest Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh), as well as Southeast Asia (Indonesia primarily) .  In the Western nations, UK, USA, Canada, Latin America, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand, when Muslims arrive or are allowed to migrate, they will be accompanied by Imams, the curriculum of the Wahhabis, and the Islamic Mafia. The Muslims will be solicited, cultivated, and encouraged to speak their mind about Allah. Those controlling the hearts and minds seek to alter the modern landscape of their new hosts, and to commit jihad, joining the voices of others who have been re-Islamized, in the name of Islam, and a destruction of freedom.

At War

We are at war with extreme Islam, let it be known, and the culture that has limited itself in knowledge to extreme warfare for a cause few fully understand or embrace. The critical base may be as little as 157 million (that is a lot of terrorists), with ready access, however, to many millions more. The jihadists are brainwashed and limited in what they know or need to know to make their world and the whole world a better place for everyone.  Peace is not part of their agenda.  Hatred is.  Evil is.  In the 157 million there are 50 million most strident Islamists (Salafi and Wahhabis), there are 10 to 15 million, at least, Imams, scholars, that teach and preach just the tenets of Islam (that is all they know), and there are leaders in Islamic organizations who are commissioned to seek out and encourage membership and support for the goals of Islam.

Where Islamic Cultural Centers have been built, be aware that these are centers for recruitment and conversion of the less pious, more objective and open minded, to be all for Islam all the time.  Beware also of the strongest fundamentalists, in the 100 million range, and the others, 157 million most prime for conversion or already converted (part of the mainstream), and the balance, the silent majority non-secular moderates, that cheered when the world trade towers fell, or when other terrorists attacks killed non-Muslims in the UK, Belgium, France, Spain and so on.

Caveat Emptor

The numbers are greater than they appear.  Every reader must realize that the whole of the fundamentalist group, 600 million men, 600 million women, are sensitive towards any criticism of Islam. They themselves rarely criticize or even question their ideology, certainly not publicly.  Ask Why?  Answer:  out of fear.  Their ideology calls for those who doubt to be punished.  So, they keep their mouths shut and their minds closed.

The voice heard with questions, comments, concerns, and doubts as to the ideology of Islam will be labeled. They are Islamophobes. As Islamophobes even this large body of 1.2 Billion will condemn their actions. Even Islamic reformers are referred to as Islamophobes, especially by the Islamic Mafia. Within the body a Muslim offering criticism or asking questions that express doubt will be a heretic. A non-Muslim will be an infidel. The tenets of Islam call for death to both.  The Imams and Mullahs will use expressions against those who say no to Islam as an attack on Islam. The attackers are then labeled ‘aggressors.’ Being an aggressor against Islam paves the way for offensive actions. Justification for jihad, the body of fundamentalists calls upon a member of the potential terrorist group, the 157 million, to carry out what can amount to terrorism. From that contingent there will be a response, sword, knife, rifle in hand, a car or truck as a weapon headed towards a crowd, or bomb strapped to themselves, a family member (male or female), or a peer. The jihadist, the radical Islamist, the terrorist will do as he/she conceives is Allah’s Will hoping virgins will flow.  But what follows is destruction, death, carnage and despair.  It is evil. Hades awaits as even the Quran does not condone suicide.

Referring to a critic as an Islamophobe is justification for jihad. The term equates to an attack on Islam for the purposes of the political Islamists, the clerics and leaders, the small minded limited thinkers, the intolerant Islamist, that know only the Quran and see Freedom anathema. They will emerge from their dens as vipers dripping with venom ready to avenge those who say no to Islam.


The fringe group is not really small at all.  The are many active jihadists (157 million estimated herein), and many more silent supporters.  The majority of 2 Billion Muslims may be quiet and seek peace, within their own boundaries, but rest assure they fear Allah and the scholars of Islam that watch them constantly.  To protect themselves they may join their peers to prove they are worthy of Allah’s praise. Or they may allow a family member, a child, to be used to fight against the enemies of Islam, as called upon by local ideological zealots and military commanders, only to receive money in exchange for a life.  They are conditioned to consider the sacrifice worthy, if the dollars are sufficient, yet know this, they feel the pain and just cannot admit it.  They feel it is not right, but must never admit their feelings.

The mind of the Muslim is forced to be closed to reality.  The black hearts of the Islamists play upon the masses under their thumb to spread the evil of Islam, as highlighted by death for those that choose to leave (apostates).

There are reformers. They are out there. They are trying to alter the intolerant nature of the Islamist. They exist mostly in free nations as a movement against the Islamist Mafia. They need support and more Muslim moderates to join them. We need prayer for their success as the obstacles they face are huge.

Grace and Peace

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