SJWs, Islamists, Hatred

UI – Part 501 – SJWs, Islamists, Hatred


The Social Justice Warriors ( SJW) are creating division and hatred.  Who are they?  They are rather easy to identify.  They tend to lie.  They are on the ready to call out errors in judgment or words spoken, even distorting or altering comments to fit their narrative.  They create division but are blind to the impact they have on society. Either that or they prefer the division as it provides clear distinctions on sides taken.  They are champions for causes, engendering protests, funded by their constituency, to curb criticism or even debate on topics to include Black Lives Matter, transgender issues, abortion, the history of slavery, gay rights, even the rights of sodomists, Islamophobia, and more.  Issues, groups, that can be given the label ‘rights’ are high on their agenda.  In the name of protecting ‘rights’ the SJWs demean, incite, ambush, and defame anything they consider conservative.  They enjoy a growth on college campuses of a liberal professor majority, referred to by author Lauren Southern as ‘tenured hippies,’ that spew liberal causes, curb debate that would challenge their views, and grade students based on regurgitating the platform, position and bias of the teacher.  The outcome is students conditioned to believe as the SJWs believe having little fiscal responsibility or real life experiences.  For them equality is socialism, not an equal playing field, but a redistribution of benefits to give those who do not work or perform as others the same benefits.  Some have suggested students select the grade they deserve believing that those that earn an ‘A’ are superior and those with lesser grades are being maligned or identified as less capable, stupid or incompetent. Those distinctions will be minimized, sameness will prevail.  What goes on the resume, however, will be a lie.

I refer to this as the Levittown effect.  All villages are to look the same, all cars the same, all dress the same, all savings accounts the same, and a ‘Stepford’ person the result.  The outcome will be a Democrat geared to only feel hatred when face to face with a conservative. The goal is making conservatives extinct.  If you have delivered a Wall Street Journal that you pay for, so too should your neighbor, if they want that, even if they cannot pay for it.

Know this, conservatives will not be extinguished.  They are being discovered in the ‘deplorables’ that were revealed by the elitist Hillary Clinton as the Americans that the Democrats dislike totally.  The Democrats proved they lie when they say they include the ‘deplorables’ as ‘We The People.’  Unless they can find a victim in the ‘deplorable’ base islam-and-liberalsomewhere they are in truth persona non-grata to the liberal socialist progressive Democrat SJWs.  The ‘deplorables’ are the  ones that find God OK, not objectionable, they love family, live by biblical ethical and moral standards, may or may not believe in abortion, but clearly do not want the government to use tax-payer dollars to pay for them, and still prefer marriage between a man and a women.  The ‘deplorables’ are patriots, love America, want to be secure in their homes, abide by the laws and find illegal immigrants and those that cater to the illegals a problem. They will stand for the national anthem and say the pledge of allegiance.  They will join the military and die for our Nation. They believe in hard work and are not offended by those that are successful and may enjoy greater wealth then they do.  They are civil, believe in the rights of all humans, find welfare a crutch that mitigates the incentive to have a job, and respect officers of the law.

The SJWs comprise the new left, the liberal party or the Democrats and as their primary playbook, brought to the fore and taught to the politicos, best applied by Obama, is the Alinsky Playbook. Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky’s book, is a guide for the new left that liberal-hate-pcas applied results in division, hatred, restrictions on free speech, and the creation of identity groups (ID politics) as victims that need support, love, and can be useful in the formation of the narrative that is the platform of Democrats. Any who put forth what the SJWs can categorize as a criticism or objection to those of their ID classes, even if supported by written commentary (read directly too) from Scripture, become targets. The targets are burned into as with a magnifying glass concentrating beams of vile from the left intended to destroy, seek apologies that only encourage the SJWs further (justification for their initial claims), and cull from their opposition those most effective or critical of the left.  They have succeeded in destroying the lives, positions, and careers of scientists, reporters, biologists, TV news anchors, pro-life advocates, capitalists, and certainly politicians, among many others, who oppose, even with proof, the proclamations and narratives of the new left.

Vox Day, his book, SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police, writes about the ‘targets’ (Kindle pg 716), “SJWs attack a statement or action by the target.  The target apologizes in the hope of resolving the situation.  The apology is deemed to be insufficient or irrelevant in some way, and the social pressure actually increases.  The target is destroyed.” The objective of the SJWs met.   He also wrote, (Kindle pg. 783), “SJWs are like a firing squad that offers its blindfolded victim a loaded pistol and then, after a single gunshot rings out, walks away pretending that the victim committed suicide for reasons that no one could possibly know.”

Obama’s and their Talk

Obama was a champion of rhetoric.  He could go on seemingly forever answering the simplest question put forth.  He never lost an opportunity to put forward his dialectic. It was opinion from the pulpit of the President embraced by the MSM as if God spoke, and as if he spewed the facts of life.  It was the life of the liberal, the divider, that flowed from his lips.  His call for diversity only led to a widening of the chasm between left and right, black and white, unacheivers and achievers, and caused a reversal of progress made.  Today a civil war that resulted in victory for freedom of all people, with an emphasis on slaves, is being re-litigated as if it continues.  It does not. The minority classes Obama made his reputation appeasing enjoyed great success, even compared to whites, until the 60’s, when the welfare system began in earnest.  It is not a past era of slavery that holds them back, it is dependency on a failed welfare system, a system the SJWs, the Democrats, refuse to acknowledge as creating a weak, self-absorbed, entitlement society.  That society has become their base.

Michelle Obama at a graduation speech at Tuskegee University (2015), an all black audience, noted progress while keeping the past in focus, saying, “the road ahead is not going to be easy.  It never is, especially for (black) folks like you and me.  Because while we’ve come so far, the truth is that those age-old problems are stubborn and they haven’t fully gone away.”  Yes there were burdens on blacks, but much has transpired and the want for all is a continued coming together of all races, but she continues with a ‘lest we forget’ monologue, “feelings… rooted in decades of structural challenges…have made too many folks feel frustrated and invisible…. (There is) a better blueprint for how we can win.  It teaches us that when we pull ourselves out of those lowest emotional depths, and we channel our frustrations into studying and organizing and banding together…we can overcome anything that stands in our way.”  In her concluding remark she asked the students, “stay true to who you are and where you come from.”  She told them in effect to never forget the past, ignore the successes.  But the past is the past, there have been many victories, the base upon which to move forward is underfoot now and represents, truthfully, significant advances.  Grow from here, do not look back, is what she should have said.  The Obama’s along with the SJWs seek to relive the past as if it is today.  That has caused and will cause division.  Is it division that they prefer?  It is unity we need.  Slavery, except for the Islamists, in Islamaland, is dead.


The SJWs have managed to birth a strong support base of journalists in what is today labelled the Main Stream Media (MSM).  The MSM is not considered objective journalism but subjective journalism.  The MSM does not produce news.  It produces support pieces for the narrative of the left.  The MSM has sucked the life out of respectable, independent, honest and truthful reporters. The advent of 24 hour news has caused cable and commercial news outlets to fill the time with opinion, reporters interviewing reporters, more than reporting on actual news events. Repetition of the facts they consider boring, so, they have a need to discuss and discuss and distress over, accept and reject, on their own, thoughts on the matters at hand.  This is not news, it is views.  Tears flow, emotions are charged, but this is not news, as said, it is views.

SJWs and Islamists – Similarities

For a reason unknown, at least from a rationale posture, the SJWs cater to the Islamists.  They believe there is truth in the claims of the Islamists, their scholars (ulema) and Imam’s, that Islam is a religion of peace.  When we reflect on the history of terrorist acts worldwide the predominant source, the actor, is the Islamist, calling God is Great (Allahu Akbar) as a vehicle plows into a crowd of innocents, of tourists and families enjoying an outing, or a knife wielding resident or student repeatedly stabs a neighbor or another classmate, their rage and imbedded mental thinking a reflection of an education of brainwashing filled with hatred for all but the Muslim (at least all but the Muslim that agrees with them). ISIS is a contingent characterized as the most vile of Islamic thought, and indeed their habit to behead, to slaughter communities, to maim and kill any who resist or impede their progress, is horrific. But has ISIS become a diversion to deflect characterizing all Muslims as hateful and vengeful, pedophiles, polygamists, jew haters, and imperialists intent on a global conquest for Allah?

In their ‘God is Great’ rants it is not the God of the Bible, it is Allah.  The contrast is obvious.  God of the Bible is a loving God.  Allah of the Quran is a hate filled, vengeful, force that provides an excuse for the Islamists to believe their actions are inspired by their supernatural substitute.  The high moral ground the Islamists hold is just a control mechanism to maintain an army who fear for their own lives should they leave Islam or disobey their Scripture when being observed by the autocrat’s Islamic police acting for Allah.

Where Islam and SJWs seem in sync is in their approach, as Vox Day suggests (pg. 499), they always ‘lie’, they always ‘double down’ and they always ‘project.’  ‘Lies,’ come in the form of “(making) assertions that are obviously untrue without hesitation” (pg. 263).  Vox Day notes that if challenged on Twitter the tendency of the SJW is to ‘block’ the individual.  ‘Double Down,’ comes in the form of lying again, even if caught in the first lie, “concocting an even larger framework of deceit and misdirection to support them” (pg. 342).  They believe that the more the lies, the more the repetition and exposure, the more people will believe the lies. ‘Project,’ comes in the form applying to others the tendencies of the SJW themselves, a diversion, “An SJW with creepy tendencies will tend to accuse others of sexual harassment.  One who is unsettled in his sexual orientation will often accuse others of homophobia. Female SJWs who feel inferior will accuse men of sexism.”  

Islamists ‘lie,’ even suggesting Islam is, for one, a religion, or that it is a religion of peace.  It is an ideology and not even peaceful for Muslims themselves.  Death is always at hand should a Muslim even doubt, or consider another way of life. They ‘double down,’ using deception, as encouraged by Allah who in the Quran is referred to as the ‘best of deceivers.’  Muslims can deceive whenever advancing Islam is involved.  As to the term ‘project,’ the Islamists attempt to project on other than their own a tendency to commit horrible acts, suggesting Christians and Jews are just as bad, and that anyone or any group who resists the progress of Islam, as a critic, even using the words of the Quran against them, as a doubter, or as one simply proselytizing their own religion, is an aggressor against Islam.  Towards an aggressor a Muslim, an Islamist, is fully justified (by Allah – Allah Akbar) in any action they take to fight, to kill, to stop, to curb (free speech) or defame the aggressor. They take steps also, using violence, to instill fear in those who oppose or resist Islam.  Examples of late were provided in Barcelona, Spain; Nice, France; Belgium; London, UK; Times Square, NY, NY. “From 2014 through April 2017 (not including Barcelona), terrorists carried out 17 vehicle ramming attacks, killing 173 people and injuring 667…” (see WP article).

World Chaos

The world today is in chaos.  Political foes are widely divided.  Members are aligned with their own Party, independent thought neglected; they seldom work together with each other on major issues.  Racial groups are also divided as if progress towards universal civil rights for all has never been made.  Recently two female Democratic candidates in a state primary, one white, the other black, were to present at a rally.  The white candidate was never allowed to speak as the crowd, the audience, as vocal protestors, shouted vindictive at the women as she stood at the podium, never expecting such outrage, never given an opportunity to speak, and never thinking her Democratic Party was so favorable towards the black candidate that they would not even allow her voice, her views, to be heard or considered. From this you can begin to understand how SJWs suppress the freedom of speech and deny any opposition, real or potential, towards their narrative to be expressed.

Hatred, by SJWs of conservatives, the right, Christians, or any opposition, and Republicans in general, exists. Hatred, for Islam of doubters, those who resist, those they label aggressors, Jews and Christians in general, exists.

The world does not need or deserve haters and hatred.  God of the Bible is the God of Love.  That is what we need more of.

Grace and Peace

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