Syrian EU Route

UI – Part 416 – Syrian EU Route

Look towards Turkey.  President Recep Erdogan is transforming this once fine democracy into an Islamic State, his Islamic State.  Emergency powers were granted after an attempted coup that have wiped the slate of freedoms relatively clean.  Newspapers have been eliminated, comedians jailed, judicial and state employees considered potential dissenters removed from office, in some cases imprisoned.  Over 100,000 people suspected of collaboration, whether true or not, have been dismissed from their posts.  Some people now question if the coup was staged in an effort to give Erdogan the strong hand he always wanted.  No one can suggest this Islamic takeover was not foretold.  In addition any semblance of a secular democracy in Turkey is being transformed to the extent he can into a Theocracy.  Soon the rule of law will in all likelihood will be Sharia.  What does this have to do with Syrian refuges?

In a piece posted on the Middle Eastern Forum on November 4, 2017 (read), Clifford Smith wrote, “President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, (is) the man responsible for channeling the flow of refugees from Syria into Europe.”

Erdogan finds any critic subject to punishment, reaching as far as Germany.  He has yet to be successful intimidating people from far away nations, but he can infiltrate them with fellow Islamists. Who are most readily available to travel? The Syrians. He is providing a route through Turkey on the EU transport system to fill Europe with Muslims. The influx is so great the potential for instability in Europe is rising. Who will that benefit?

Grace and Peace

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