UI – Part 487 – Tattoos

When Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden they were stained with the tattoo of a sin nature.  All humans inherited this marker from that day forward.

God’s children, born in the image of God, are bad; sinners everyone.  What was God to do?  There were two choices.  The first was to eliminate everyone; kill them all.  The stain would be erased, the tattoo gone.  The  second was to take the punishment humans deserved, dying in their place.  God, able to do and be as he pleases, chose to become a human, live among his creation, enabling humans to get to know God, being the example to everyone.  He challenged the leaders at the time, those whose rules were manmade.  They felt their authority threatened. They wanted him gone, taken from society so they could continue to govern and control.  To do that Jesus was crucified, even against the wishes of Pontius Pilate, and on the cross he died, finishing what he came to earth to do.  He died for the sins of man.

As Adam, one man, made sin a condition we all suffer, so Jesus, one man, freed man, those who believe in his sacrifice, and made man right with God, saved, and infused with God’s spirit, the holy Spirit.  Buried, after three days, Jesus rose from the dead, his human nature gone, his spiritual nature restored. Resurrected he walked on earth, witnessed by hundreds, for almost 50 days.  After 50 days he then ascended to heaven proof of his almighty Being.  His disciples however felt his presence, his spirit, as believers, witnesses too.

All who believe in the saving grace of the Lord will experience the spirit of God indwelling within them, guiding them, purposing them to do as God has planned.  Their salvation is assured.

We are purposed to live the gospel, to be forgiving and welcoming.  That is God’s plan for every human.  He gave of himself to make humans right anew.  They can live a life of hope and joy, knowing they are blessed, forgiven and saved.  If renewed in spirit their lives change.  They love God, but they love their neighbor too.  Anger that may have been aroused, able to destroy and divide, is mitigated as one’s heart beats for God.  Hatred is replaced with forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance, and love.

May the goodness of God shine on you, find your heart, open your eyes, awaken your soul and make your earthly existence a journey that fulfills your every want.  Believe in Christ and God will equip and enable you to do his will.

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you” (Ephesians 4:32).

Grace and Peace

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