Educational Jihad

UI – Part 461 – Educational Jihad

Holy Wars

Jihad, a term associated with Islam’s Holy War and objective of conquest of the entire world for Allah.  It takes many forms, not just via Islamic terrorist actions.  It is overt and subvert, obvious and deceptive.  A practice of every effective movement focuses on children.  Begin in the education centers, at the youngest ages, and build support for the ideology.  If they know nothing else, or are taught little else, or false information, they will be supporters, advocates, and defenders of their culture and the ideology their brains have been inculcated to embrace.  This is educational jihad.

A former Muslim, since converted out of Islam, was called upon as an Islamist to teach children to promote Islam.  The program had the intent of the whole of Islam, to make the world all Islamic. Minds were altered to hate and have an almost hypnotic response to infidels to engender negative thoughts, expressions and passions.  (read the article)  In addition to outright imperialistic conquests and the jihad of terrorism, killings and forced conversions there are educational, population, media, and economical jihad.

Masking the Truth

Wherever you live you must understand Islam and be mindful of their methods.  There are in my view insufficient or proper counter-measures to combat the methods and afghan-schoolkids-488desire of the Islamists to engage the entire universe for their ideology. In fact, even in America, curriculums are being introduced nationwide at elementary and high school levels, sanctioned by the Federal Department of Education, that put Islam in a positive light.  The true history of Islam is neither revealed nor is it actually discussed or taught. The outlines for the programs come from sources of financial support from the oil rich middle eastern countries and embed in their outlines Wahabbism and stories of Muhammad that make him more a leader than a warrior.  The portrayals are never honest.

Universities and Colleges have received significant grants from Saudi Arabia, from wealthy Muslims and from other Arab and Muslim countries that then direct the teaching, the subject matter and the delivery.  Monitors visit to insure the programs as desired are presented or the professors are to be dismissed.  This has already happened at Yale when a professor when off script.

From an article, “Islamists Find Willing Allies at US Universities” (read), much is revealed. Sympathies for Erdogan’s suppression of those attempting a coup were rampant. Democracy was put on hold in Turkey and continues as the President attempts to Islamize this democracy.  Another article, “Western Universities: The Best Indoctrination Money Can Buy” (read more) provides insight to the inroads made by foreign Islamic countries to influence our culture and our college students.  Nothing similar occurs in any Muslim country. The article notes, “Fundamentalist Islam, backed by vast monetary power, is corrupting our dearest Enlightenment values.”

Funding The False Narrative of Islam

The largest source of funding for UK universities since 1995 has come from Saudi Arabia and other Muslim Countries, over 240 million pounds. A great deal has flowed into American Universities as well.  The impact on educational freedom is obvious.  Over $320 million has gone to US Universities and Colleges since 1995. (Source)

A Free Pass

In a campus watch article (read here) the concern raised by an American moderate Muslim in an email, “Zuhdi Jasser, a Phoenix physician and a Muslim who is chairman of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, says Islamic governments are looking for a free pass. ‘Islamists such as the radical fundamentalists seen with the Saudi Wahhabis exploit American universal tolerance to provide a vehicle for the dissemination of their propaganda free of critique.’  It is important to emphasize — ‘free of critique’ … it is the tolerance which permits that.”

When the liberal mindset accepts Islam on a level plane with more tolerant faiths and fails to see the contrast with Muslim majority nations preventing exposure, or teaching other religions, they are doing themselves as well as everyone else a great disservice.

Tolerance – Freedom

Before we open our doors to intolerance those most intolerant must open their prison doors, as I see it, to tolerance and equal human rights, for all people and all religions.

Beware of all forms of jihad, among the most deceptive is educational jihad.

Grace and Peace

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