Who Do You Worship?

UI – Part 479 – Who Do You Worship?

In the series “Why Can’t Islamists Be Happy” the discourse focused on the texts that provide the basis for the ideology of Islam.  The foundational tenants of Islam, since their birth in the 7th century, have deviated little.  The objective of Islam is a world of worshippers unified in a love for Allah alone without any infidels whatsoever left.  Infidel free, and freedom free.  Sharia Law would govern all corners of the earth.  If an example to live by was needed, they only had to look to Muhammad.  For the Islamists, I can only assume, in addition to rote prayer performed 5 times daily, side bars of prayer request Allah to guide the leadership to insure no kafir is left alive, and if one should somehow enter the banquet halls of the celebrating Caliph and his Mullahs they could be dispensed with immediately.   In such a perfect ideological theocratic Islamic environment there would be no sin. And if you believe that you can have my camels.

Mosque and Country

islamic mosques (25)

Islamists are those of the political persuasion where only a government intertwined with the mosques and the Imams, Mullahs, Ayatollah’s and other scholars of Islam is considered the correct form of Islam.  Seeking ‘True Islam’ I have discovered, is not easy.  However where the culture is Muslim and Islam is required to be taught in schools, public or private, reinforced in mosques and incorporated into the constitutional elements that dictate human rights, the law of the people and requisite punishment, you have what many consider a strict interpretation of the truth of Islam.  A Country where that is in evidence fully is Saudi Arabia.

When the mosque is separated from the governing body and the laws of Islam differ from the laws of the land you have moved away from the fundamentals of Islam, modernized as it were.     Most Muslim dominated cultures today have a mixture of fundamental and modern, large percentage fundamental, small percentage modern.  The most political Islamic fundamentalist sees any deviation trending towards modernization a form of apostasy.  ISIS targets such mixed cultures, secular in some respects, as defying Allah and Muhammad.  Even the teachings of Wahhabism, promoted by Saudi Arabia as well as supported financially and with prepared curriculums, advocates the fundamentals.  In a free society, such as America, Wahhabism would be considered, and should be considered, seditious, and not allowed.

Where Progress Meets the 7th Century

The mixed cultures, however, must be studied and respected  They have not become victims of the hatred that the Quran and what many of the political Islamist scholars suggest is required of any Muslim.  However there exist pockets within many of these cultures where the more strident rise up and attempt enforcement of Islamism.  We have seen this in Bandah Aceh, Indonesia, where Sharia Courts have been established, while the majority of the Country follows a more secular agenda. (More – Bandah Aceh) In Egypt Coptic Christians and Churches have been attacked and burned.  Imams are to carry out Allah’s Will.  How is that possible?  And why should that be possible?  In the case of Islam the answer lies in what they worship.  The police also would be watch-dogs for invading faiths counter to Islam, those proselytizing for a way of life other that Islam, which is strictly verboten. But in a perfect True Islamic world there would be no Jew, Christian, atheist, Hindu, Mormon, Wiccan, Buddhist or any other.

Factors to be considered in a progressive, modernizing, coming into the present day,  environment would be love, joy, peace, patience, forgiveness, gentleness, kindness, goodness and self-control. Can you envision all, even some of these factors, in an all Islamic world?  Who would be left for them to hate?  But as the Khomeini said, ‘there is no joy is Islam.’  His focus is on the past and not the present. Time only changes the weapons used by the Islamic enforcers.  It is all about strict dedication to Allah.  Be prostrate all day, just pray and memorize Arabic words from the 7th century, recite and obey Muhammad and your leaders.

Fascism Hidden Within

The concern that arises, and would be a topic of discussion among the leadership daily, is safety, their safety.  Am I wrong?  The restrictions imposed upon the populace, or oppressive tactics, would be such that revolutions would be inevitable.  The overlords must guard against dissent.  The highest authority would ask those in his sovereign land to honor him as god, as Allah, just one step below.  They would need to maintain eyes and ears on everyone to avoid the possibility of a revolt.  I believe people inherently want to be free.

Freedom and Paradise

God of the Bible allowed people to be free, giving them options, not all of which God might prefer. Mankind, each person, would be judged on Judgment Day.  Man was not to act on God’s behalf.  He was to honor and obey God and live a life purposed for God.

Did God perceive a perfect place in this earthy existence created for mankind?  The garden that was paradise was invaded by a lack of self-control.  Adam disobeyed God, as did Eve, and they were cast out. What is left is a mixture, a plurality of persons, some will know God and others will not.  God has left that choice to each and every human.  God did not leave the choice to a collective, a group, as a liberation theology that takes all joiners to the promised land.  Those who commit to God do so on their own, yet they seek out others with similar feelings to support them, to aide in their walk, to council and to provide answers to questions that will undoubtedly arise. How can there not be questions?  But the answers an individual seeks are those that strive for peace, not a world all for Muhammad or a manmade god.

People to People

We must be kind to each other, not just Christians, or just Muslims or just Hindus. There are good people in all religions and non-religions.  Why they are good and from whence they derive their judgement as to good and evil is a topic everyone should fully consider.  We must care for each other.  We must not differentiate between a female and a male, except as to sex.  They are equals.  God created both in God’s image. God also created men and women for a purpose, to become as one, to procreate and to build a family.  That is common sense, with or without a Scripture.  Left to their own thinking man will see the logic in such arguments.  They may not agree with this logic, for personal or selfish reasons, but they know it is truth. Compelled by a natural force outside oneself we are made to take in our environment.  We gather information and knowledge.  History is important. A given culture is made up of history, family, structure, religious beliefs and common laws.  From knowledge we grow, gain strength and understanding, and considering how that works for a human compared to other mammals, discernment and judgment, we recognize a responsibility to our surroundings.  Humans are the only ones given the gifts so mentioned.  Humans are the only ones whose survival traits have been brought further along in this world than any other species.  Why is that?  Well it is not man’s doing.  It is God’s. And with all that we become independent thinkers, able to add to culture, adding our own gained knowledge and experiences to the whole.

Man’s Accomplishments Are Not His Own

So what man may perceive as his own is a gift from God.  God enabled the chains of the sin nature of man to be removed for those who commit to God to obey, honor and follow the example provided by God incarnate, Jesus Christ.  God is the only example of perfection, and he lived among mankind, as Jesus, and lived a perfect life as an example to us all.  A convicted human, having faith in the Lord Jesus, will strive to bear the fruit of the Spirit of the Lord in his daily living as an inspiration to others.  Peace will ensue.

The logos of humanity is embodied in God’s creation and spelled out in the inspired Word of God.  The saving grace available for human’s is Christ, who shared the truth and made us aware that a relationship with God is possible.  Man is not in charge of what happens on earth, God is.  Man has responsibilities ordained by God to subdue, to oversee developments on earth, but humans must through prayer, understanding and prudence seek to do what pleases the Lord.

It is the life everlasting that is sought.  Those who know God will be saved.  All things will work for the good of those who love God and who have been called according to his purpose.  We think, we therefore exist, and have knowledge that we are responsible, but it is God’s creation, not ours, for which we must give thanks daily.

Worship God, the one who created us all in his image, making each equal, man and woman, one to another.

Grace and Peace

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