Democrats – Seeking Self Over God

UI – Part 476 – Democrats – Seeking Self Over God

Saying One Thing and Acting Differently

Democrats, a vast majority, seek ‘self’ over God, seeing freedom as living without restraints on their lives, their truths, their habits, their sexual orientation, and so on.  Yet within the framework of governance to the extent they can they favor regulations to control businesses and business practices, employers, to control banks and lending policies, to reign in developers, on innovators, on health care providers and insurers, to prevent religious freedoms that do not coincide with their own opinions or way of life (by bemoaning God in the public square, or abusing the concept of separation of church and state), and to transfer wealth from the successful to the dilettantes and those dependent upon the system; a system created to accommodate welfare recipients. In addition the liberal left, progressives, even socialists, cater to large governments, fewer decisions at the State level (States Rights), preferring all decisions relative to citizens of the United States, whom they regard as ‘deplorables,’ be made in one location.  The diversity, a term they bandy about with aplomb, is not OK for governors.  Evidence of this is readily apparent with ObamaCare, and even Departments of Education and Energy which came under the umbrella of Federal jurisdictions during the Presidency of Democrat Jimmy Carter.

Freedom of speech works for the Democrats only as a preference for opinions expressed acceptable to Democrats and secularists.  There is a specter of Islam’s over-sensitivity to anything considered ‘persecution’ in the nature of the Democrats aversion to words spoken, opinions expressed, that are inconsistent with their narrative.  Wanting freedom, freedom as they define freedom, which excludes other’s truths or opinions, thus limiting society to a defined chaotic “me” politic, they have become an exclusive elitist enterprise. They exclude those they vociferously criticize who tend to be more religious (less secular), more patriotic, more successful, wealthier, more giving, and more a part of American society as a useful whole.  They proclaim they are the party of inclusion, while being clearly hypocritical by excluding, expressing extreme bias, towards those with whom they disagree.  In tolerance they rise to the surface as the least tolerant.  Just compare Tea Party protests to those of the liberals rebuffed in the recent Presidential election whose protests have led to destruction of property and personal assaults. Consider also Democrat members of Congress, such as Nancy Pelosi (CA), Luis Gutierrez (IL), Adriano Espaillat (NY), and Raul Grijalva (AZ), who openly oppose the Law they pledged to honor and uphold with regard to illegal immigrants.  They are prone to hold in high esteem and want to protect Dreamers, while those who immigrated legally and earned their citizenship are given no credit, not even considered ‘dreamers’ by this bunch of self-indulgent Social Justice Warriors (SJWs).  These SJWs seek attention, having little regard for actual citizens of our great Country.

Insecurity of the Left Needs A Target

Do the Democrats reflect a penchant for insecurity? To make themselves more secure, they need an object around which to gather.  From their proclamations, protests, and participation in riots, what rises to the surface is hatred for Republicans. Trump is the face they put on their intense dislike.  The hatred becomes a crutch making them more steady in their unified effort to destroy an enemy of their making, an enemy fairly elected by the people of the USA.  The enemy of the Democrats is not the enemy of the millions that elected President Trump.  The target of their hatred becomes their identity. This is much like the Islamists who target Christians and Jews as nonbelievers towards whom their Quran instructs them to have enmity and hatred until they are either eliminated or become subservient, in some cases having to pay tax (jizya) to their Muslim superiors.

For the Democrats their religion is their Party mantra and desire to rule over, as a nanny, the minorities, who they label as victims, in need of their support, their handouts and their protection.  It assumes those they cater too cannot fend for themselves.  The ‘nanny’ is needed to care for the dependents.  The Democrats are wiling to make you a dependent whether or not that is your personal desire; at least convince you, you are in need; repeated often enough so you and others think what they are saying is true.

The Republicans, the Independents, and the ‘deplorables’ are lovable, capable persons, as are the vast majority of Americans. Those who lead among these political factions believe citizens of our great Nation can achieve great things without the government holding their hands.  They give We the People credit. The ‘deplorables’ are the backbone of America and have sacrificed, fought for, defended, and made America great.  They are patriots. They stand for the flag and our anthem. The Democrats want and take the credit; the Republicans give the credit.

The insecurity of the Democrats compels them, their leaders and cheerleaders, to find fault and to demonize those they position on the Right.  The Democrats being on the Left, reflect just the opposite of the Right.  But they have taken the term ‘opposite’ to the extreme by seeing it only as ‘opposition.’  They fail to grasp any common elements between the Left and the Right.  As an example, in a recent WSJ (5/9/17) opinion piece, “A Philosopher Gets Pilloried” (by Jillian Kay Melchior), she notes how a cabal of liberal educators reacted to a published scholarly article probing and mildly criticizing the ‘lefts’’ willingness to embrace gender politics.  The article caused “a spasm of fury” just by “asking questions.” “More than 500 academics” (liberals) implied in their rebuke a potential bias towards “white and cisgender privilege.” ‘Cisgender,’ by the way, means ‘relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex.’  Jillian Melchior concludes “the progressive left’s reaction suggests their ideas can’t withstand even the most basic critical scrutiny.”

Most reasonable persons know well there are common areas of thought to all Americans, Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative.  We are Americans.  We love the freedoms our Country provides and strives to protect.  Why can’t we focus on what unites us together instead of seeking division at all costs?

Being Free Not Free

Freedoms, however, may not be as free as the ‘me’ society wants to believe.  To be free and maintain our freedoms we must defend our Constitution, our history and the intent of our Founding fathers.  We must also consider the feelings of others, as relationships are important.  Relationships suggest no one is alone, no one operates solo, each side of the relationship must yield to some extent to the other side. In so doing complete freedom is impossible.  We believe in common law, applicable laws for everyone, regardless of race or religion.  We are constrained by our laws, or at least should be.  Human rights, equality of male and female, are an imperative to our society. They are not to be abandoned or any violation condoned, even if an ideological sect expresses a want, need, requirement, for their own laws, as dictated by their own tenets. (Islam is an example)

Secularism – Rhetoric of ‘No Hope’

During the 20th century and into the 21st century the Democratic Party has become the Party of the secularists.  They seek to erase God from the public square.  As a modern society they profess that we do not need God, that God is a myth, a supernatural creation, unnecessary in framing how American’s live their lives. This leads to altering the moral and ethical values to live by, creating chaos and confusion.  Not all Democrats are secularists, but many are atheists and on university campuses liberal philosophies abound.   ‘Freedom’ and ‘free choice’ become the terms used and made useful in how Democrats apply them.  However this orientation masks the intent of the Democratic Party to control the masses they seek within the framework of the stated protections of the Constitution and the extent to which they can modify this valued document or mitigate its effectiveness. The dark nature of the heart of the liberal Democrat tells their constituency,  “they are living in dark times, there is little hope, joy is diminishing as the global polluted clouds increase, as our water becomes less drinkable.  Work is tedious, our lives will not be better than our parent’s.  Being a loving patriot with national pride is wrong when the rest of the world has needs, just as our poor and less successful have needs which the Right does not address adequately.  Borders are barriers, as there are barriers in the workplace that make personal growth opportunities an illusion.  Islam is a religion of peace, ignoring its ideological imperialistic hateful expressions from the tenets of Islam alone, thus enabling terrorism as a norm.  Privacy is a thing of the past as cyber-terrorism invades all rooms.  Disease will reach pandemic levels outpacing NIH’s capacity and that God will not be the answer.”

Oddly this rhetoric of ‘no hope’ engenders a live-for-today attitude, with followers more intrigued by ‘do as you want’ than becoming educated and knowledgeable of history, even current events.  Having a strong foundation in history, being informed, would cause them to think and act, versus just live for today.

Only a Democratic government, those they seek as Party advocates are told, can provide the solution, the hope and joy that people need in their lives. But that is a prevarication.  Join the Party, become more secure, help us sow the seeds of discontent by planting thoughts that engender hatred toward the Right, the rich and the successful.  They, the ‘others,’ are the problem for which the Democrats are the solution.  Believing sacrificing current benefits or pleasures for a greater purpose or future security is averse to the majority (the liberal victimhood) who need what the liberal left, the robotic liberal policy wonks, the “lib-bots,” can provide and assure will always remain, at a cost to the prosperous (right and white) as necessary.

Self is Not the Answer

Seeing ‘self’ over God is not the answer, and never will be.  For the ‘self’ there is no one to turn to in time of need.  And the government, whether Democrat or Republican, even Independent, is not the provider of your comfort either.  We are all flawed individuals.  We are tempted by what provides pleasure, makes this life easier, gives us comfort, satisfies desires, and accomplishes all these things without stress, trial or hard work. That does not mean there will be no guilt or shame. Life is not paved with easy solutions, but hard and difficult choices. Life’s road is rough and filled with potholes.  We are free to choose, indeed, and God made that possible.  At the same time we, humans, knowing God, disobey God and when the laws are broken punishment is to be had.  God’s laws and common laws may at time overlap, but for the most part common laws do not cover all of Gods laws.  God is left to be the judge.  Judgment Day — well, you know when that is.  Actions must have consequences.  They must also have purpose, as people need a purpose, otherwise why are we here on earth?  Are we purposed to serve the Party?  Are we purposed to serve our Creator?  Are we purposed to serve only ourselves?

Grace and Peace

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