Use Violence – Get What You Want

UI – Part 496 – Use Violence – Get What You Want

The recent protests at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is an example of the tactics used by Islamists, that includes Muslims, to make inroads into civil society to gain momentum for the cause, All for Allah. Using mob actions to demand security procedures to enter the Al Aqsa mosque be removed was too much. The Israeli police cooperated only to the-al-aqsa-mosqueexperience further escalation in violence against Jews. The Muslims claim the Temple Mount is theirs, forgetting thousands of years of history before the mortal Muhammad ever even appeared.  It was captured when the first Caliph Umar entered the city and terrorized the residents, mostly Christian at that time.  Demands were made that the citizens accept the invaders and their ideology, convert, or die. Death for non-conversion was not as much a practice at the time, as attempts were made to gain favor with the locals, while at the same time, as victors, taking command.

Muhammad’s dream and story (Mi’raj) where he was transported on a white Donkey (Buraq) to the Temple grounds to rise thru 7 stages to connect with Allah in heaven gives rise to Islam’s claim. The journey from Mecca to Jerusalem is known as al-Isra, “the night journey”.

It was the 5th Umayyad Caliph, abd al-Malik, in 695, that built the Dome of the Rock, on th-20the Temple site, claiming Jerusalem for the Muslims. There was a competing Caliph at the time, al-Zubayr. He controlled the southern regions that included Mecca. Some scholars have postulated that the Dome of the Rock was to redirect the attention of Muslims towards Jerusalem, from Mecca, as the most holy place. That would ensure Malik’s command over all Muslims. Malik controlled areas that would today be Syria and Egypt, with tentacles west into Spain.

Al- Zubayr controlled the region including Mecca and Medina. Zubayr’s claim was as a Sahaba (Companion) of Muhammad, having been with Muhammad and later died, knowing Muhammad, as a Muslim. Sahaba are classified as Muhajirun or Ansars.  The Muhajirun were supporters of Muhammad in Mecca, before he left, exiled to Medina. They accompanied him to Yatrib (Medina). The Ansars were those who welcomed Muhammad in Medina.

As we have come to realize it is a common practice of Muslims to react violently when they disagree. Discourse has similar attributes as non-stop talking, often loud and offensive in its own right, with responses to inquiries ignored for a preferred rhetoric or proclamation. Bombs, knives, swords, guns, bullets and stones are the vocal chord of the Islamist to push an agenda of self-defined superiority, reactions to cries of persecution as little as a spec of sand tossed required. Those, any, who discuss Islam in a fashion that challenges a Muslim to even think and provide an answer becomes the aggressor, his associates or countrymen as well, their necks fair game for the bloodthirsty cadre of Muhammad examples and Allah’s forgiven.

There is no love of neighbor in Islam. God is Love. Allah is not, but requires to be loved. To not love and obey Allah as a Muslim is to be a heretic, no better than an infidel, but far worse as death awaits if outed by the vigilante Islamist police watchers. Every Muslim is taught, commanded, to spy on each other to maintain the cabal and movement towards an all world order of lemmings following Muhammad and the never seen Allah. Those that see the cliff they are to jump off will be exposed and die, if not otherwise protected, as they turn away from the path of destruction they are culturally bound to pursue, even commit jihad to preserve.

Grace and Peace

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