The Virtual Wall

UI – Part 516 – The Virtual Wall

Greatest Nation

America remains the greatest nation in the world. This is not a statement of pride, it is a statement of fact. It does not stand alone because others have every opportunity to become great on their own. However they need to improve upon elements within their social structure to enable such growth. Capitalism is a problem for many, yet it’s what they don’t understand about capitalism that would make their feelings change. Capitalism is the bridge from poverty to wealth,  from mediocrity to excellence. To cross the bridge there is a challenge, and the challenge takes effort. Effort must be applied to improve upon individual skills, knowledge, and to adapt to social changes that provide an element of conformity into the system that is on a pathway to success. This is not a negative thing, when I use the term conformity. It is a recognition of action one is willing to take and a mindset to achieve. In so doing if one wants to change the system they must first become part of the system, succeed in the system, and Then make changes from the top.

Citizens as a whole need fight for, protest to attain as necessary, a system of government and  business, that rewards ability, not the elite or wealthy. A meritocracy is a goal for all, not a plutocracy. Socialism is not the answer as that puts government, the plutocrats, in charge and removes opportunities to succeed through hard work and knowledge gained.  Capitalism can be regulated to allow the greatest of chances to start businesses, to climb the ladder, and attain levels far above what may have been the original status one may have had at birth, culturally, or as a result of the environment in which they grew up. Oddly enough one pathway out of the ghetto, or the rural dead zones and even urban blighted areas is the military. It can open eyes to possibilities, create incentives to improve, impart skills and talents useful in and out of the division of service, and create future opportunities to be more than a person ever imagined. Besides in can instill patriotism and love of Country. The education available is far better that what our many liberal institutions provide today.

Mobility Factors

There are factors detrimental to social mobility. Areas lacking variety of opportunity can stagnate personal advancement. They do not provide a pathway to achievement, unless someone figures out a way to make the area more productive, discovers resources that are of need by people outside the region, or the disadvantaged resident moves. So there’s a need to move, relocate, for those that want to succeed, from depressed areas to successful areas. You got to go where the water flows abundantly if you want to drink in and taste what you may only dream. In some cases that takes moving from a rural area to an urban area. Where there are concentrations of people there’s more opportunity. Education becomes essential. It’s finding that leader, that store owner, a creative mind and becoming part of their team. That provides a way to climb the ladder to potentially the highest rungs.


America needs to do the same thing when it considers immigration. It’s got to vet the emigrants for their ability to contribute to society and climb the ladder. Advancing and benefiting using what you know, what you learn, how you apply yourself and so forth is offered everyone in America. We want people that are educated, that seek opportunity, bring skills to the table, are objective and can help society. They need to be financially stable as not to be an immediate burden or cost to the US.  America can have a virtual wall built by being accommodating and welcoming only those with unique talents that can make America greater. We can easily compete with other countries for the same people as we have an attraction already that yields an advantage.  If there is an Edison out there, not a citizen, and we can provide the environment in which Edison can flourish, that is what we need do. He can become a citizen as a legal and help America prosper. So we don’t accept anybody and we don’t accept a chain of family members. If one individual meets the qualifications to live in this land of opportunity and then succeeds they then can try to find a way to bring others to join them, but they too must be able to meet certain qualifications. The only exception might be in the case of a marriage. You can have a husband and wife but you don’t need their entire family, the cousins the aunts and uncles and the extended family to be part of what we allow to emigrate.  Immigration is a numbers game. An increasing population enables increasing demand and continued growth of an economy. We can grow through the birth rate, but if not sufficient, by accepting foreigners. But it is not an entire family, community, we want or need. We must welcome the cream of the crop. That is what then becomes the wall. We allow those people we select, we choose, through a door, not over or under the wall.  Once admitted they can be productive, having purchasing power as well.  They will not be a burden, a welfare recipient. That will make America great again.

Create the Wall – Real or Virtual – Both


America can have a virtual wall built by being accommodating and welcoming only those with unique talents that can make America greater. We can easily compete with other countries for the same people as we have an attraction already that yields an advantage.

The State Department is the engineer that can create the virtual Wall. A physical Wall on our southern border makes sense too, to prevent the illegal burdensome emigrants from arriving and clogging the pipeline supplying the best and brightest as possible to enjoy the tapestry that is America.

Grace and Peace

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