Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas 2017

Oh, how we grow as the years pass-by to understand more about ourselves and the world.  In America we are indeed blessed, yet so many seem to ignore, forget or are simply clueless to the benefits we have as citizens in this free Nation.  I respect those that want to open our borders, the door to what we have achieved, to share with everyone on the outside looking in, aware of the opportunities presented every individual in our Country.  We are but 350 of 7,000 million people.  There are 3X’s our population, as a minimum I suspect, that would enter tomorrow if we allowed them.  But can we accommodate them all?  Can our culture adapt readily to a changing profile of who we are?  Unfortunately the answer is obvious; NO.  What to do?

Yes, we need to be and can be more selective in our acceptance of immigrants.  We need to focus on how a new arrival, wanting and invited to stay, can help us.  We know we can be a benefit to them.  The intent is not to be political at this time of year, but to offer perspective on how we are so fortunate to have been born in the United States, or to be otherwise a legal resident.  It is most discouraging to hear so many complain about our President, our Government, and America in general.  We are the most generous and helpful Nation on earth.  We give in time, treasury and resources, yet are labeled the Great Satan or hear shouts of ‘Death to America’ from foreign nations, with many of our citizens in accord with the attitude.

The divisiveness that is seen daily needs a solution.  That is provided through the Bible.  Look around and know that God exists.  It cannot be proven that God does not exist.  The face of a newborn is proof enough that He has blessed every one of us, and he loves every one of us.

Let us reflect carefully on our foundations, our constitutional protections, and love of God in this season.  Honor, know, teach and proclaim the truth of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection as we wish each other joy, hope and happiness this Christmas.

October celebrated the  500th year since Luther posted 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany (October 31, 1517).  It was the beginning of Protestantism.  Those who accepted Christ as savior were told by Luther that for the Christ follower there was no requirement, there was nothing to force a person to believe in Christ.  There was no compulsion in religion. In a sermon he reflected his thinking as to the Word of God, “In short, I will preach it, teach it, write it, but I will constrain no one by force, for faith must come freely without compulsion….I simply taught, preached, and wrote God’s Word; otherwise I did nothing….I did nothing; the Word did everything….I did nothing; I let the Word do its work.”

Thus there is nothing for you to do, no sacrifice you need to make, no penance, and no required prayers.  Christ did for you what many tell us all we need to do, but it has been done.  So it is not what you ‘do,’ it is what has been ‘done.’   We celebrate Christ’s birth, but must also remember his life and sacrifice, the Grace of God.  We are all sinners cleansed by the punishment Christ suffered as our substitute. Those who believe in Christ are justified in their faith in Christ, and made righteous in God’s eyes. His resurrection and ascension brought light into a dark world to provide the joy and hope convicted Christians take comfort in every day.

Make this a year to remember all the blessings you have been provided and that without God, if left alone to achieve on your own, the outcome would not be the same.  Thanks be to Christ, our Savior.

From our entire family, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Grace and Peace

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