Liberated Liberals Labelled

UI – Part 478 – Liberated Liberals Labelled

Who We Liberals Are

Speaking as a Liberal: Come on over. We’re having a pot party. Get down with your friends and neighbors and let’s smoke and toke and joke and poke. All is permitted here. We have been liberated. We are no longer subject to being controlled. We are allowed to find our truth and go with it. Without restrictions we can dress as we’d like or not. Topless if you prefer. The sexual revolution is our major first step into modernity without God. And we discover our morals as we proceed. Don’t want to hurt anyone, mind you, so join the fun and the freedom. It is about pleasure, human pleasures. Fun sex, public or private, shared or not. Wives or girlfriends may arrange for trysts, and the guys can too. Group sex is no longer taboo. And if your protections do not hold up, well abortions are covered by our government insurance, or mandated to be covered if by other insurers. We are free.

On campuses we just allow those to speak with whom we agree. Those that practice life liberated as we are join the movement for greater community support and funding for the causes we endorse. Same sex, same-o,  same-o, it is up to you. Nobody will fault your choices.  More free stuff not less. Also if voices speak with words you prefer not be heard, there are safe spaces, rooms, areas where like minded liberated liberals can wear their labels without any liability for anyone’s truth.

Education, smeducation. We learn what, where and when we’d like. We seek a tabula rasa. Who cares about history? We will make our own history and erase the history that does not conform to the norms our community adopts. Our norms represent those of our collective group. We agree to the standards. What universal moral codes?

Let those who want drugs have drugs. It is their choice. It is all about choice. Government can oversee the quality to insure drugs used are good ones. Same for MaryJane.  And the government can provide rehab centers if we exceed limits and become dependent or even overdose.

We like the Democrats. They consider tax-payers ‘deplorables.’ When it comes to the Budget the Dems fight for our rights to have as ‘have nots’ what the ‘haves’ have.  Make it known that if we, the victims, the dependents, the minorities, are not addressed, cared for and provided for,  there will be epidemics, human rights catastrophes, impoverished persons on the streets of your cities, undernourished babies, and at the least protests by masked liberals. In fact there will be more poor children as we will not get the necessary women’s health care we must have, to include abortions. Our health care is a right.  Getting fed is a right. How we spend our welfare dollars is a right that should not be controlled. Once an entitlement is provided it must remain, in fact increase every year. Temporary is only temporary until made permanent. The programs sponsored by Democrats are intended to get larger. Why should we be drug tested to receive welfare payments?  And ID’s, what is that? Why must we carry or present an ID to vote? That is racist.  We need cell phones to be able to call in for jobs.  Why should we have to do work that is not suitable to our condition? That is what is wrong about the GOP. They hate the needy. Who cares about debt? It should be about the welfare beneficiaries, the food stamp users and the jobless. Our wants must prevail, and that is what the Democrats want for our votes. We like that. That is America, the richest Nation in the world. Progressive, socialism for the masses at its finest is what we want, and we want it without God, at least most of us do.

The GOP calls those representing our wants (ah, our needs) and who challenge their proposals as using  ‘demagoguery.’  We say it makes sense and is fair to us. After all it is about us, is it not? We need more of ‘us’ to insure we get what we want. US is us, or should be.

The other day I was in a small town in CO, leaving a store where I was able to use the ATM machine to get cash from my food stamp account, having a toke and in my own world.  Can you believe a homeless man was holding out his hand,  believe it, this guy gestured as if smoking too. ‘Get your own food stamp money,‘ I thought to myself and simply avoided him.

Good for America

The liberals are trying to tell everyone what is good for the Country.  Oh yes, and in the telling the stories vary, as well as the characters telling the story.  It is an inimical platform. There is Clinton, Schumer, Pelosi, Obama (Michelle too) and in days past Reid. Do you really believe they believe what they say?  Consider their personal objectives. Power and money. Look at the Clinton’s and the personal treasury they have built for themselves. And now Obama is doing the same. They enable protests that exceed limits of civility.  They fly in large private jets and travel with multiple vehicles to climate-control gatherings. Respect is not a byword; it is what they lack.  They protest for protest sake, to be heard, to be made relevant, if that is possible. The paths they put down are askew and scattered. The liberated liberal landscape is as a large tract of land whose surface has been scraped bare and naught but dirt appears upon which they drive their off-road vehicles, having no main arteries, laying many tracks as is the direction they want others to follow.  What is good for the Country when their proclamation is pursued would lead to a demolition derby of conceptual wrecks for which acceptance is sought before any revelation or understanding, even an attempt to understand, is available? If every politician knows what is good for the Country, then who really knows, as we know from recent experience, only raises the question, “does anyone really know?”  But then you need to consider there may be one source to universal knowhow, at least as a primer, a guide, to ethical and moral values.

Culture may dictate for some, who define culture as their own, or what they prefer.  The Federalists were a Party at the beginning of our Republic.  They were elitists that preferred the British style of genteelism, who believed it was the aristocrats, the educated, the connected and the socially established that could only lead.  Those of the lesser, and for America that at the time included slaves and native Americans, as well as the frontiersman, farmer and laborer, also the women, did not have the qualities to govern.  Voting was restricted and elections of officers was by committee, as established or selected, and not by a popular casting of ballots.  It was the culture of the Federalists that then lost to Thomas Jefferson, who in his own right was a maverick, not without his own views of human rights and God’s role.  His expansionist policies sought opportunities for Americans, as he defined them, to win the West at the expense of the native American.  Although casual and less prone to Federalist airs, he himself had personal cultural influences and surrounded himself with personnel that were in accord with his views.  Opposing political parties were at odds then as they are today.  As implacable as the Democrats are to Trump, so too the Federalists were to Jefferson.


We cannot neglect history and what can be learned from the past.  Is the person who is aware of the past considered a person of culture?  What is human nature but an expose on the past as inherited by their family, tradition, environment as well as the oversight that provided legislative cover for their safety, the views of those who have and currently govern, influencing standards to obey and live by?

But is there scandal hidden for which truth must be found?  As if hidden truth, even fake truth, or news, is but gold, or pixie dust for the opposition.  Impeachment we hear of Trump, but with no facts to support such a penalty to date.  Regardless the cry is to impeach immediately, we will find the fault, the corruption, which must be there, after the fact.  We demand it.  We will not be quieted down.  We will shout, shout, shout and even throw empty chairs, start fires, break down doors, interrupt speechmakers until the trial is held and there is a conviction.  Then we will provide the reasons.  No mea-culpa ever!

Social Norms

What is the good society? Where is the good society? Who of culture today provides the right definition of society and what is good.  What is bad? If anything? Hollywood? Professional Sports?  Elizabeth Warren? Black Lives Matter? The Tea Party? Christians? Atheists? The Senate?  The House of Representatives?  The President?  Who will, or might, consider the other side, or the fact for America to lead we need all hands on deck, Democrats and Republicans working together.  Is that such a novel thought?  Is the one most cultured appalled at what they see happening in America’s society today as the secularists, the sans God collection, heading in so many different directions, with no consideration of the past, that what leads is not from what happened, but from what will happen?

Moral reform has been part of the secularist agenda, but it is a question of whose morals. Recently the Gallop organization polled over a 1000 persons asking about morals in America. Eighty-one percent (81%) rated U.S. morals as fair to poor. So much for secularists in charge of moral reform. This reflects a trend away from biblical ethical and moral values with God as overseer to morals as agreed upon as a community of sharers, users, and well intended.  It is a cabal of secularists seeking an escape from the guilt from their own disparate pleasures and an inherent awareness of the Creator and his omniscience.

What is right?  What is wrong?  What is good?  What is evil? Somethings are the way Tim-Keller-Making-Sense-Of-Godthey are, ‘cause they are.’  Who says?  “Secularism continues to lack even a rudimentary explanation of why moral obligation exists if there is no God,” writes Tim Keller, his book, Making Sense of God, pg. 184).

Secularist/Liberal Progressive Motto

If there was a motto for the secularists it might read, “The body is not a temple, it is an amusement park, so enjoy the ride.”  Poignant, yet disturbing.  There is no purpose except to indulge.  To take of life what comes your way and fulfill fantasies and desires.  This is no more.  It is a merry-go-round without a getting off point.  From the fun parks that have those rides that leave their boarding point and immediately enter through a black door as the ride first approaches or strikes, into another world, the unknown, scary, unexpected, popping up and lighting objects to behold, you advance through obstacles and sharp turns enjoying the delights.  But then you come to the end.  There another door presents itself in the pitch black darkness of the world you are in. What is on the other side?  More of the same? Or a life beyond what you can only image. A life for which there is hope?

Universal truth exists.  Universal human rights exist.  Universal standards exist.  Where?  Why? An awakening is needed to provide the platform upon which all should stand together in unity as to right and wrong, good and evil.  They need to be taught from the Book that provides the answers.  Tim Keller asks, “Where can we turn in a secular society to find shared moral sources we can agree on?” (pg. 181)


The book that provides the answers is the Bible.  The intent in this suggestion is not necessarily one that leads to Christ, to make student’s Christians.  The Bible has greater value to the universe as a whole.  It defines and provides the path, makes the direction clear, opens eyes and clears the air, if for nothing else, how to live in peace with your neighbor.  The foundation for ethical and moral values for everyone, liberal and conservative, Jew, Muslim, atheist, secularist, Christian and others are clearly defined in the Book of the People. The Bible, its ethical and moral values, for the most part, are the basis for the Quran. That book, the Quran, was used to then incorporate one man’s definition for living, fighting for a one world order that was most beneficial to the person, the male, and the example to a contained following.  The followers are subject to a sentence of death if they choose another leader, God, or path.

Let not the liberated liberals label the standards which our Creator has already provided.  The standards for moral and ethical behavior are not derived from their experience, self wants and desires, not even their defined truth. The standards already exist.

Do not deviate from the path of peace.

Grace and Peace

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