Exporting Terror – Not New for Islam

UI – Part 469 – Exporting Terror – Not New for Islam

News reports recently have discussed, or presented the argument to their readers or listeners, that ISIS and Al Qaeda, as a result of recent defeats in their theaters of war, are exporting terrorism. Evidence is provided in attacks in America, in various European Countries and cities, as well as in parts of Asia. I believe I can say the media is right, but not in suggesting this is something new. Islam has been exporting terrorism from day one; in fact for 1400 years. 

Muhammad recognized to be victorious in his gaining supporters for his monotheistic ideology he had to commit acts of violence. Part of it was in retribution for treatment he received, persecution, when he first began to proselytize in Mecca, and then against those in his new hometown, Medina (Yatrib at the time), when they found his habits of raiding caravans to enrich his campaign, and his self-proclaimed prophethood on a par, or as the last, with the Biblical Prophets, objectionable or offensive.  We know that those who believe in Islam fight in the cause of Allah (Sura 4:76). Muhammad even said, “I have been made victorious with terror,” recorded in the Bukhara Hadith, 52:220.

What is New?

maxresdefaultHow is what is taking place since the 7th century any different today?  Islam grew after Muhammad’s death as imperialists gaining territory for Islam. Nation’s boundaries were readily ignored as Caliphs, one after another, raided cities to the West, North, and East of Arabia. Unsuspecting, ill-prepared citizens were overcome and forced to yield to the invaders, often required to convert to Muhammadianism or die. They became subjects of the law imposed by the Caliphs and for those offered protection they paid a tax and submitted to the Islamic authorities, recognizing them as superior. They had to prostrate themselves to the new authority in total obedience or become victims of their vicious, barbaric and terroristic tactics. So what is new today?

Where the Muslims dominate, as majorities, they have little more to gain other than to insure the residents are pure Muslims, living under the thumb of their scholars and leaders; they are as watchdogs, policing their habits, their dress and their obligations. Where they do not dominate they see opportunity, in Europe, in Turkey, in Russia, in America, and elsewhere to Islamize over time and flaunt their cause as a religion, a conquering invading army for Allah. The objective is clear. Their hatred is even openly expressed and avowed in their texts, their tenets and their doctrine. Liberals cannot believe a people can be so crazed, hate filled, racist (think about how Islam feels about Jews, Christians, gays and lesbians), and intent on killing infidels, but they are. This fact cannot be ignored.

Exporting terror, their hatred and hate filled, Islamic doctrine, teaching and leadership inspired to do so, for a supernatural power never seen, but put forward by a zealot self-proclaimed Prophet, has been as a 1400 year non-stop Crusade.  Those having allowed it accept that their god, like the Biblical God, must be a loving God. Not so! Their god is a tool; a useful distraction for those seeking justification by an authority greater than themselves. Muhammad was brilliant in purposing Allah as the ethereal entity that justifies what the inhumane Islamists are doing. If they succeed it is all for Allah; if they fail it is their fault. The Quran says that is so.  Sura 3:165, suggesting, ”your misfortune is your fault.”

Facilitating Islam is Not Wise

That last statement applies to our liberal politico’s mindset.  They want to appease, to embrace, to co-exist, to welcome the Islamists. As facilitators they are almost as bad as the Islamic propagandists. What they are doing by not resisting Islam is opening borders to the invading imperialists. The outcome may not be as expected and it will be their fault. If the Islamic terrorists succeed it will to to Allah’s credit.

By saying that all of a sudden Islamic terrorism has become an export item, the liberals are showing their complete ignorance towards understanding Islam.  The Islamic world produces very little.  They have oil and needed the help of non-Muslims to extract it, thanking Allah for making that possible (Allah’s Will). They also have violence and terrorism.  The tactics of conquest are learned from the example of all of Islam, Muhammad, and have been taught, used and exported since the 7th century when this ideology and method of imperialism began.

No thank you Allah.  No thank you Muhammad.

Grace and Peace.

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