A World Ruined by Human Foolishness

UI – Part 455 – A World Ruined by Human Foolishness

Perfect World

What would a perfect world be like?

Visuals. Heaven. Hell. Earth. What does each word bring to mind? Have you a preference. Immediately I would say Hell is out.

Now consider how you have lived. Has your life contained more virtue or more vice? If you had two large clear urns in which one contained white marbles for each virtue, the other black marbles for each vice in which you participated, honestly, which would contain the greater number of marbles?

Another thought experiment. Think suffering. Think happiness. What has been more prominent  in your life?  Happiness or suffering? When considering the two emotions can they be related to virtues and vices?  And if so, was there ever guilt or shame associated with the virtue or vice, if so which one more that the other?  Was there ever a feeling of guilt or shame, even being over-stuffed as a result of indulging?  For me vice too often generated regrets. Where there was guilt after committing a measurable vice, accepting a temptation so attractive, so beguiling, so sweet, did that remain as a happy experience, post the event, or did it cause suffering and regret?  And consider also suffering to third parties. What is most likely to make others suffer from choices we make?  The answer lies in the realm of a virtue or a vice, and certainly the issue of self?

The question I have always loved – When eating ice cream late at night, the household quiet and asleep, you are alone, are there any calories in that ice cream?   Guilty pleasures are only labelled ‘guilty’ when caught.

Applying the adjective ‘perfect’ to ‘world’ may only work if there is no guilt and no shame, and thus no ‘vice’ or temptations.  That is impossible.  We are surrounded by temptations.  No matter how hard the Muslim majority, Imam or Mullah controlled, autocratic, Islamic police states, try, imposing every possible restriction on freedoms to make choices, sin exists, and temptations, vices, guilty pleasures are accommodated. As privately as possible choices adverse to the policies of the anti-freedom Islamist sphere of influence occur, principally to avoid punishments, as severe as beheadings or stoning or smoting hands and feet if caught, which in public is more obvious.  The punishments may be far more severe than the crime itself, as dictated by the inhumane spirit of certain self-righteous men acting as if they are Allah (or Muhammad), yet the crimes against the tenets of Islam happen.  If the autocrat drinks alcohol or gambles or engages in pornography outside their domain, for them it is like eating the ice cream alone late at night.

The Evil of Humans

We are all walking through this world, fallen and sullied by the evil of humans. It is what appears to be a natural condition in everyone, religious or not, Christian, Atheist, Muslim, Hindu or other.  There is a God. It is impossible to argue otherwise. If God is good, then how has evil been allowed. Certainly not the first time this question has been asked. God is good. Humans are not. And it is conceivable a good God allows evil for what in the end will be a good result. God was good when humans were created in his image. God was good to give them free will. God wanted humans to use their freedom to love him as he loves all. But, as a child with a parent, there can be a moment, if even an instant, of rebellion. In that spec of time a crime against the parent, against God, happens. For God it only took one act of disobedience by one man.

Is there something better than life on earth? Are we made for that something better and going through a trial to determine if we are worthy? In all the chaos that surrounds as indifferent as many seem, as faithful as many are, there is a longing. There must be a better place. For rich or poor there are empty holes that need filling, but what is it that ultimately satisfies?

That brings Heaven into the equation. It is more beautiful and comforting to consider Heaven than the alternative Earth we know, or Hell that we know only as dark, hot, and awful.

Can the evil in humans ever be stripped away?  Can the sin nature, once a rebel, ever be restored so that the parent accepts their child?  Can humans ever be made right with God?

For Christ’s Sake

Having faith in Jesus Christ, his sacrifice for our transgressions, our God and advocate, opens the path to a heavenly existence. At the same time our criminal past still haunts us, a reminder of who we were and what remains as a stain within us.  I focus here on the Christ follower, the Christian faith, as what was done for us is God’s mercy for the children he loves passionately.  What was done does not stop the sin, but makes us aware, makes us strive to sin no more, doing so with a loving heart for God. We obey him because we know him, are thankful for his saving grace, and seek his kingdom filled with hope and joy. It helps, also, that Earth becomes more like Heaven as the wonder of God’s creation and provisions become that much more colorful, aromatic, visual, tasteful, and pleasing to the touch. We see God in our daily lives, his hand having guided us in the past and guiding us in the present as he leads us into the future.

For those who accept the supernatural, a god, and Allah immediately comes to mind, that has humans act on his behalf, when humans are not god, and impose requirements on earth that strip away any aspect of freedom, and equality for women, they have a problem.  It is not a personal choice they are making. It is not God they are obeying or following. It is man, self-possessed and filled with the evil spirit, more as jinn than as human. The Jinn are created in a fiery smoke filled place. They are physical creatures and can act upon, touch upon others. They could be the Mullahs, Imams and other ulema as imposters, representing more the dark underworld that battles God constantly. It is a jihad against God, seeking an earthy presence campaigning constantly, imperialistic, borderless in nature, as globalists invading unconquered territory.  They are aware of humans and the stain they bare, due to the Father of Lies, that is the leader of the Jinn. The more hearts that can be darkened, that can be hidden from the Biblical truth, kept from a relationship with God thru the Word, the greater will be their success at turning the earth into a morass of Islamic ideological compost. The soil that is fertilized will be a spreading desert of sand with nary an oasis. There will be, if they can succeed, no life giving water.

Human foolishness is a failure to recognize the blessings we enjoy every day just to be alive, to be a part of God’s creation, to never acknowledge we are sinners, and to never be exposed to the Truth, the Word of God, and the answers, the wisdom, the guidance and the hope it provides. Why?  Because it is God, in the Word, in Christ, and available for your salvation, making you right anew with Him.

It is not for Christ’s sake God placed himself in the story, it is for our sake, to make our salvation possible.  Christ died taking the punishment we deserve for our sins so we may be made right anew with God.  Know that, accept that, embrace that and your life will change, as if being reborn with a better view of all that surrounds. You will feel differently about God as well as your neighbor.

Grace and Peace



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