Preserving Christianity (1 of 2)

UI – Part 432a – Preserving Christianity (1 of 2)

Radical Islam

It is interesting to note that many of the events in the world today are generated by a small number of an ideological group that cites god, as Allah, as justification for their actions. With over 1.5 billion Muslims the political Islamist, the fundamentalists, and the radical Islamists have become the front line for Islam.  If they represent 15% of the Muslim population that is over 225 million devout followers that take the Quran to heart in the many directives contained within to fight the non-believer, to behead or otherwise dismember those who resist. They carry out heinous acts of terrorism, apply horrific inhumane barbaric evil torturous methods against those they hate, as well as innocent bystanders. From the Quran they are emboldened thinking they are on a mission sanctioned by god, “you slew them not but Allah slew them, and thou smotest not when thou didist smite (the enemy), but Allah smote (him), and that He might confer upon the believers a benefit from Himself.  Surely Allah is Hearing.  Knowing” (Sura 8:17). So that makes what they do OK?

For those who are not Muslim, the Quran reminds the adherents, “Surely (they are) the vilest of beasts, in Allah’s sight, are the deaf, the dumb, who understand not” (Sura 8:22).  Non-believers are beasts. So they are to be extirpated! And how is that done?

“I (Allah) will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve.  So smite them above the necks and smite every finger-tip of them” (Sura 8:12).  When the enemy has no head, or no hand, they cannot resist the advances of Islam.  The army of Allah, such as ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, Boco Haram and Al Qaeda are self-designated to carry out the instructions of their god. The moderates are not doing their job, their part in Jihad until the world is All for Allah.

Weapons at the Ready

The Christians and the Jews are in the crosshairs of the weapons of the Islamists, those who lead, who teach and who guide all Muslims.  The 1.275 billion moderates keep their mouths shut and the liberal world believes they are peaceful.  But I believe they are scared, apathetic, unaware, or ripe for radicalization.  As a Muslim they are constantly reminded they too are part of Islam’s force for territorial conquest for their manmade god.  Radicalization is not what it sounds like.  Radicalism in Islam is a return to the truth of Islam.  The reform that is taking place in Islam today is that of ISIS and al Qaeda, those that are leading followers to the words and truth and directions in their Scripture.  They are following the Quran.  The sword of Muhammad is being held high and the reflection is the light of Allah shining ready to behead any, including the moderates, that are not loyal.  More Muslims are dying at the hands of the Islamists than non-Muslims.  But that does not make the Christian or the Jewish people safe.

Freedom of Religion

The Quran has many disturbing as well as intriguing passages, here’s another, “And the Jews will not be pleased with thee, nor the Christians, unless thou follow their religion. Say, surely Allah’s guidance — that is the (perfect) guidance.  And if thou follow their desires after the knowledge that has come to thee thou shalt have from Allah no friend, nor helper.” (Sura  2:120).  But the Jews and Christians will not kill you if you do not follow, even if you proselytize, as is the case for a Muslim.  Israel is not a theocracy.  It is more secular and its doors are open to all faiths.  Christians do not have a theocratic nation.  America is not a theocracy.

Jews share their faith.  What is wrong with that?  They believe as they do and want others to hear and decide for themselves. Christians share their faith and love of Christ. Christians have the joy and hope the Lord made possible as a gift from God.  Understanding the Christian viewpoint is worthwhile as it may provide a truth that leads to salvation without the intimidation of a Muslim bureaucracy and religious province filled with zealots and Islamic police.  What is wrong with that?  Well, for a Muslim there is a great deal wrong with that.  As the paragraph above notes.

But what is really wrong, along with apostasy laws, is that Muslims who are exposed to the freedom living under Judaism and Christianity will find, for the most part, a much more objective thinking faith. A faith for which they can decide for themselves whether or not to follow.  It is voluntary.  A Muslim can even volunteer to be an atheist, fed up with the fanaticism of Islam, feeling all religions have similar fundamentalist imperfections which do not comport with universal human rights respecting all persons.

The only way to have true faith is to believe because you believe, not as a requisite to continue to live. And when you believe you want to live a life as a follower of the example of your faith.  That is Moses for the Jew.  That is Christ for the Christian.  As you know it is Muhammad, the warrior, for the Muslim. Neither Moses nor Jesus Christ were out to kill those who oppose their faith or choose another way to a life eternal with God. There is freedom as a Jew or a Christian.  There is no freedom as a Muslim.

A Downtrend

In the Middle East and the Asian nations where Islam is dominant Christians and Jews are diminishing in numbers.  They live in fear, as dhimmi’s.  In Indonesia someone once said to me there is just one Jew.  I do not know if that is true, but it was provided as if Indonesia is a pluralistic nation where there is freedom of religion.   In Iraq and Iran the numbers of Christians after WWII were significantly higher than today. Same for Jordan.  A leading Christian priest in Iraq recently made the comment that Christianity may actually disappear from this land where it had its foundations.  In Egypt the Coptics are constantly under siege, their churches bombed or burned. They have become target practice for ISIS as well as remnants of the Muslim Brotherhood still active in Egypt.  Christians are attacked on the streets of Pakistan walking to church.  In Uganda a recent convert to Christianity was poisoned by her family.  To their surprise she survived (Christ saved her).  The Islamists do not want the Christians in their presence, unless they are useful as slaves, sex slaves, permitted by the Quran.  Barbaric.

But in Europe and the United States Christians and Jews are also under siege.  Churches nocrossare empty compared to years past.  Synagogues also.  The world Christian population (incl Catholics is over 2.2 Billion).  The world Jewish population is less than 20 million.  Even with such small numbers the Jews are hated as if they are a threat to Islam!  Strange.  The majority of Christians and Jews are cultural, not devout; so too the Muslims. Secularism has risen as a non-faith, a non-faith religion, a declaration that humans do not need God.

The progressive liberal left supports the growth of secularism.  They resist God knowing what the Bible says about how to be righteous and accepted in God’s eyes, but salvation is not for them.  They only see this life and their life.  They care little for a life hereafter.   To dust they will return and their soul will not survive in any fashion.  So whatever they can get or obtain from this life is OK.  Go for it.  Smoke it. Toke it. Shoot it up!  Why the need for escape I ask?  What they are doing is lowering their guard, the barrier they have to evil.  They are allowing evil to enter their lives, their communities, their nations and the world as a whole. They have no God to judge what they do. They are allowing a globalist, multicultural, worldview to emerge that is flawed.  But when they are faced with troubles, where do they turn?

Oddly enough, in a time of crisis a vast number of non-believers look to a supernatural power for help, for guidance and protection. If they light a candle, who is that for? What does it symbolize? Can they not find comfort on their own, just as they live for themselves?  Are they hiding the fact, or fighting the reality, that God exists, the creator lives, and the white hat is only worn by God?  He saves. He has that capability.

Followers in Tow

Islam is, to their credit, if I can possibly attribute anything to Islam, maintaining with strength and military obedience, imposing on the cultural as well as devout Muslim, a strict adherence to the demands of the Quran. The scholars of Islam and the political Islamists that have total control over the unsuspecting, brainwashed and caged people, using apostasy laws to instill the fear of Allah, not a love of Allah, maintain a following.  To obey Allah is a legal requirement. For the Jew or Christian it is their option. Islam is not an ideology the masses of Muslims volunteered to accept.  Born a Muslim you cannot leave – or you die.  Convert to Islam and you can no longer return to your prior belief – or you die.  That is control.

Christians and Jews are not controlled.  And neither are the secularists, the pagans or other non-believers or believers in faiths such as Hinduism, Buddhism, or even lesser minor faith structures.  Unless they unfortunately reside in a majority Muslim Nation.  There is a benefit to living in the free world.  It is called free because you can make personal decisions. In political Islamic environments all are controlled by the government and the Islamic religious authorities. Islamic Law prevails as a guardian over the prison for those within the borders. Non-Muslim’s rights are limited, freedom of speech is severely restricted, and the stench of nervousness prevails as no one can openly comment on aspects of the Law, of Islam, with which they have concerns and are subject.

Secularists Impacting Religious Freedom 

The secularists are like the Islamists.  They tend to fall on the liberal, the progressive socialist, the left side, of the political landscape. They fear the proselytizing of the Christian, moreso than the Jew. That may be numbers related.  They object to Christmas, to Easter, to religious displays on public lands, as if they will be harmed.  They squeal as the vampire when confronted by the cross, covering their eyes, knowing the truth will blind them.  The word God creates blisters on their ears as touching a hot stove with their hand. Free will has led the secularists to make crazy claims that a human can be as they see themselves, such as a white woman claiming she is black, a person wearing a white dress claiming it is green, a girl claiming she is male, a boy female, even before puberty, and for some a non-binary. It is the secularist that finds the ‘me’ society as it sees itself, not as it is, altering objective reality, making it subjective. Is it a guilt trip they are on or a matter of personal insecurity?  They want to be something they are not, even something that God did not intend.

….To Be Continued (in two days).  What impact has the cross?  An awakening to God’s grace. Our purpose.

Grace and Peace

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