Islamic Industrial Revolution – Not Happening

UI – Part 445 – Islamic Industrial Revolution – Not Happening


Communism does not regard capitalism as good for the masses. It argues capitalists take advantage of the poor and lesser nations to utilize their skills and access resources for the needs of industry. But consider the residents of those living under communism verses capitalism. Russia and China compared to Japan and South Korea. The U.K. and USA are the targets of the opposition yet their average income per resident, literacy rates, education levels, inventiveness, and ability to manufacture for export as well as domestic use is far greater than the non-industrialized, less free trade or non-capitalistic nations. Look to Israel in the Middle East then wrap your mind around what other desert nations and the Arab & Muslim entities that surround Israel have achieved. For a few if not for oil they would remain Bedouins surviving from oasis to oasis and tent to tent, raiding neighbor as a means to improve their status. If they wait for Allah alone to provide they must be patient and probably unworldly. For those with oil the riches they enjoy are as Allah Wills, products manufactured in other nations, food stuffs from afar, and the limo in which they ride a reward from Allah. For the most part those who serve in the Muslim world are the non-Muslims.  They are willing to work.

Socialism finds its outcome as communism. Where the government has total control, the autocrat a ruler, the people are not called upon to be constructive or inventive as there is no incentive.

Prosperity in Islam 

The lack of prosperity within the borders of Muslim nations, absent oil, can be attributed to the decisions in government as well as their ideological Islamist advisers. The ideology of Islam itself does not seek productive societies.  Look at the population. They are not educated and the system is not focused on achieving higher literacy rates or graduates from middle or even high school levels. In most localities women are restricted from learning, severely limited in what they can learn or the age beyond which they are permitted to be schooled. Where there is schooling that of a curriculum of Islam, memorizing the Quran, fills most classroom hours much more than literature, mathematics, or the sciences. Military training is more common than athletics. A focus on enemies of Islam prevails over creative independent thought. Learning to develop a skill or to be prepared for employment is uncommon. IT training, a mechanic, an accountant, a health care worker, a welder, a baker or chef, a waiter or waitress, a fireman, a writer or journalist, a builder, construction worker or brick layer, an Uber driver, a carpenter, furniture maker, a tool & die specialist, a screw maker, an extruder, a clothing manufacturer and on and on is just not on a curriculum list or even encouraged. These Countries with Islamic autocrats or kingdoms, advised by religious scholars, do nothing, or at the most very little, to advance the productive or service quotient of their economies. They are backward and will remain so until a progressive leadership emerges. It does not appear that will come from a base of Islamic autocrats or theocrats. They are too selfish, too hate filled, and too biased.  They are fearful of losing control and their roles compromised by a revolutionary force. More of their population may be objecting to the status quo and no growth or opportunity, but the establishment sees that as a challenge and threat to their power, their authority, their position and their lives.

For Nations to be creative and prosper intellectual freedom must be possible, encouraged and highlighted. This is not happening in Muslim Nations. Using the common approach to the Quran, Muhammad and Allah, as well as dictators, acceptance without question or doubt of what is recorded or said is demanded. Follow the rules, Islamic Law, or severe chastisement (words often repeated in the Quran) will apply to the individual. Thinking is not permitted. As yet no recent Muslim leader has emerged to open pathways to the God given ability of all humans to learn, understand, discern, opine and express new concepts in the Muslim world. The Christians that speak out are subject to punishment for proselytizing, sharing what they believe.

Reform in Islam

Islam and Islamists prefer fighting, even war, to reform.  Whether reform is ever possible is a question as resistance, whenever modern elements creep into historically Muslim majority nations, from the fundamentalists, led by the Imams and other religious scholars, the ulema, also lurks in the background.  The requirements of the Quran and the example Muhammad place devotion to the jihadist elements of Islam at the forefront of actions by the Islamists.  Allah comes first, the Pillars of Islam, and what follows is seldom transformative in making an Islamist State or majority population anything other than archaic, backward, impoverished, uneducated, joyless, hopeless, and oppressed.

How can a revolution of any nature that leads to a productive self-sustaining economy in a Muslim nation be possible?  Beware Turkey, as Erdogan has begun the Islamization of that democratic modern cultural majority Muslim country.


Industrialized nations result from economies where the residents are free to believe, to think, to have ideas, to invest and to build businesses and products and profit from their intellect and abilities.  Where is that possible in the middle east and other majority Muslim locals, be they Sunni or Shiite? When they immigrate those who feel the warmth of freedom, as the love God, will find work and the ability to make money liberating.  But others will remain in the cultural mindset and malaise of an All for Allah, Allah can provide confinement.  They will seek a revolution for Islam before they seek to adapt and adjust and enjoy the hope and joy of the western, capitalistic, world.  Yes, it is not perfect.  But then what is and what surely isn’t.

After This Life

As a works religion to achieve salvation a Muslim must earn Allah’s approval for the gates of Paradise to open. On earth there seems to be less of a call for toil and growing one’s wealth or making more from what the Lord may provide.  They have a head-in-the-sand syndrome that just waits for Allah to provide.  An afterlife in paradise is a life much better than the indolence on earth, which through Islamic studies, obedience to the example of Muhammad and Allah, via the dictates in the Quran, can be easily attained dying for the cause. The cause or objective is achieving a world All for Allah.  That has little to do with profit (other than the prophet), or improving an individual’s life on earth or making life better for their families and offspring. Hating the infidel, killing the infidel, fighting the infidel, sensitive to persecution for being a Muslim and reacting, violence is permitted, and committing all resources, time, energy and treasure to jihad is all that is required. Sura 9 of the Quran confirms that.

Making a living is less the requirement than making oneself worthy by dying for Allah. Where in such an environment, with the governance so committed to Allah alone, can an industrial revolution and freedom for the people of Islam ever be attained.  It is as if one is born dead to the world while living for Allah, not just death for leaving the religion.  Oddly enough apostasy is the only way out of the doldrums of an Islamist’s existence, other than the battle cry of ‘Allahu Akbar’ and the unknown of the afterlife (A Muslims salvation is never assured).

Finding Jesus, not Allah, will reveal God’s desire for men (and women) to work, to achieve, to live a life, yet still honoring God in the way they go about their lives. It is not through work they gain god’s approval.  God made that possible by Grace, taking the punishment for the transgressions of us all, and through faith in Christ we are saved, and assured of salvation and a life eternal. Christ followers do not go through each day as haters and/or killers of the non-faithful, but as examples themselves, their example Christ, of what is possible as a Christian, as a servant of the Lord.  Through freedom man can exercise his God given talents and make the world a better place.  As commanded in Genesis God told man his job was to ‘subdue’ the earth, to make it work, to make it better for everyone, not to sit back and just wait for Allah.

Making Muslims Free, Making Muslims Productive

With Islam as the primary focus of the Islamist theocracies a blindness to economic progress prevails. The level of devotion to Allah’s Will suggests ignorance towards what the people really need.  In secular Muslim countries there is a greater willingness to find outlets for people to be engaged in work. Yet Islam is still the state religion and requires the cultural addiction to it.  The apostasy laws still apply.

Industrial revolutions come from free industrious people.  Industrial revolutions in Muslim majority nations cannot happen.  First they would need revolutions that will enable the moderates to take charge and remove Islam as a component of government, separating mosque and state. Eliminating apostasy laws would be wonderful and certainly free up the creative and independent juices of every citizen. Only when the legislated daily focus is not on praying to Allah or killing infidels or mounting attacks on those who resist the growth of Islam can progress be possible.  When people are free to worship as they please, free to make personal choices, to actually have doubts and ask questions, to be educated and have access to libraries, will they become productive members of their societies as well as the world.

Grace and Peace.

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