Muslims & Forgiveness

UI – Part 330 – Muslims & Forgiveness

Love and Forgiveness

God (Biblical version) loves unconditionally.  His door is always open to those who accept their sin nature, repent and seek forgiveness.  But then there is the call to ‘pass it on.’ As God has forgiven, you need to forgive others, those who have wronged you as you wronged the Father (God).  So forgiveness is conditional.  “If you do not forgive man their sins (trespasses) God (your Father – Allah) will not forgive you.” (Matthew 6:15)

Allah (Quran) does not love unconditionally.  Allah’s love depends on your love. “If you love Allah….Allah will love you.” (Quran 3:31)  So know that a Muslim having any doubts whatsoever, even a question seeking answers about Islam, the fundamentals of Islam (to include treatment of women, apostates, heretics and infidels, etc.), by Allah’s standards, is neither loved nor a ‘true’ believer. Thus infidel status is attained, even for a Muslim.  How many Muslims live a lie?


Muslims are taught they are born without a sin nature.  The concept of Original Sin is viewed as Christian and not applicable to a Muslim.  They are born sin free.  However as they grow it certainly appears they develop a sinful heart.  Their example, Muhammad, certainly succumbed to bad habits bringing pleasure, a habitual response to temptations of lust, adultery (justified by him, but redefined to enable certain forms), murder, vengeance and a lack of forgiveness. Hate towards non-believers, non-Muhammad-followers, is expressed in the Scripture of Islam and goes on and on and on.  Anti-Semitism, the call to extirpate all Jews, is an obvious lack of forgiveness.  As a picture of hatred, Islam’s attitude and teaching towards Jews is everlasting and without a will or desire to forgive.  The hurdle that is too high for Muslims to overcome was the view of the Jews living in Medina in the 7th Century that ‘we know the prophets (Old Testament) and Muhammad is no prophet”.

How many Muslims can articulate why they hate Jews?  What is perpetuated today by organizations such as the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) and support groups promoting Islam and attempting to cleanse its history and curb free speech under the label of Islamophobia, is Israel’s presence as a State in the Middle East,   Tensions with Palestine and the call for a separate State for Palestine is raised as a justification for Arab, Muslim, European and Western differences and the persecution of Islamists. They suggest there would be peace among Muslims, the Middle East, and the West with Israel either no longer in existence or when Palestine is granted status as a State.  That Israel will not cave to demands from Middle East potentates and continues to stand tall as a democracy in the backward lands dominated by majority Muslims and their demanding dictators is a problem.  They perpetuate their claim on this area and their resistance to a people representing less than 0.2% of the world’s population (0.9% of the Muslim population).  In Israel and among Jews there are no laws that call for beheading, a lesser status for women (2 votes = 1 vote of a male in Islam under Shari’a), stoning for adultery, and persecution, severe chastisement (even death), for heresy or apostasy.  In Israel there is freedom.  Under Islamic Laws (Shari’s) freedom is anathema.

The Bible makes a most logical statement, “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” (1 John 1:8)  This verse provides insight into the ideology of Islam.  Allah is referred to as the ‘Best of Deceivers” (Quran 3:54); this as a guide to making deception okay.  A claim of being sinless is a classic self-deception. Can anyone, any Muslim, point to one in the history of Islam who was or is without sin?  Allah is prepared to forgive those who sin.  Why should a Muslim ever sin if pure at birth? What corrupts the Muslim? Freedom is a corruptive influence, one that exposes Muslims to impure elements. Sure, blame the infidel, the Islamophobe, anyone but a Muslim, for causing them to turn from God (Allah) and commit crimes against God (Allah).

Even in a Muslim Country where there is 100% Muslims and Islamic Law is the Constitution sin is rampant.  The leaders, religious and in authority, are frequently reported as acting out of character when behind closed doors. When out of Country they are seen and reported drinking, gambling and participating in activities with ladies of the night.  Women readily remove their Hijabs or Burkas and hit the malls and most expensive shopping districts to spend and indulge. It was Satan that made Adam and Eve lose their spiritual purity.  They were without sin, but tempted (deceived) by the serpent demon and fell victim. Today Muslim fundamentalists claim Adam and Eve as their own – Muslims.  How the circle is ever connected.  Are they not the progenitors of the Abrahamic faith?  The deceiver in the garden was Satan.  Why is Allah the best of deceivers?  Is it Allah that engenders sin, as did the serpent?

Followers of God are described as children, innocent and humble. This is true also for followers of Allah.  But, as a deceiver Allah can make people trip and fall.  If as a Muslim you are tempted and fall, commit sin, is not Allah the cause?

The Lord says in the Bible, “But whoso shall cause one of these children (followers) that believe on me to stumble, it is profitable for him that a great millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should sink in the depth of the sea.” (Matthew 18:6).

Either Allah is the cause for the nature of the Muslim or blame another when it comes to fighting the infidel.  Islamists claim the cause for war between Islam (the Holy War – jihad) and non-Muslims is resistance towards allowing Islam to progress unimpeded.  In so doing the act of deception is perpetuated.  Blame the Islamophobe for the action of the Muslim feeling persecuted by those who express doubt, question of criticize their ideology and deny its presence in their midst.

But note this, the Quran makes clear when a human errs, it is the human’s fault, not Allah’s. (Quran 3:165)  But the good they do, that is to Allah’s credit.

How Can a Muslim Forgive?

What is there to forgive?  Justification for actions of followers of Islam, jihad, as terrorists or infiltrators, are due to third part interference or obstacles placed in the way of Islam’s taking the world all for Allah? Third parties are the Islamophobes; they are the aggressors that engender Muslims, Islamists, to respond.  Those infidel third parties simply will not lay down and let Islam proceed and progress to take all territory of the world for Allah, for Islam.  The Quran says it is theirs.  All should then open their gates to the hell that is seen in currently dominated Muslim nations.

Resistance to what the Quran expresses, along with the Hadiths and example of Muhammad, compel Muslims to act.  Those that do not are heretics. Slowing the inevitable raises the sword of Muhammad over the necks of those who stand in the way. Islam preys on the innocence of others; it embraces the optimist, those seeing good in all things, those accepting  moral principles and a healthy regard for others, thus imparting relevance to any resistance towards Islam as a religion or ideologically defined way of life.  How can anyone that objects to Islam be anything other than a heretic, a hater, a racist, an intolerant person, or ignorant of what must be.  The fault for all that a Muslim does by word, act or deed to stop any resistance towards Islam’s progress is on the non-Muslim, whether what is claimed is truth (by historical standards).  That which the imperialistic Islamists have conquered, those they vanquished, where allowed by Allah, and the ones that died were the enemy and thus responsible for their own death at the hands of Muhammad’s sword bearer.

Where is the forgiveness?

Grace and Peace.

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