Government and Holy War (Jihad)

UI – Part 306 – Government and Holy War


When you consider how Islam functions you invariably include as the structure for governance a Theocracy. That is the case in Countries where Muslims dominate, except in a few instances.  Turkey has democratic elections (as do many others), but its current President, Erdogan, seems to be making moves to change that.  He has leanings towards increasing the focus of the government on the people’s religion, Islam, and imposing punishment according to Sharia Law (the lite version).  Egypt is new to democracy and time will provide a better view of the outcome of the structure of its government, currently more military than democratic.  Many in the Middle East are monarchies – Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia. The religion of Islam and the Scripture, the Quran, as well as religious scholar/leaders, the Imams, greatly influence the conduct of oversight by the elected or appointed officials. Those Countries in the Maghreb and Asia-Minor, where the Islamic culture dominates vary in the structure of government, yet lean to the code of Islam for judgment.  Much of the determining factor as to a more secular form of government and one that caters to a religious ideology is the constitution or rule of law that dictates.  Iran is a prime example of a country with an elected President, but very much theocratic as the Supreme Ruler is the Khomeini, an Imam, who chooses those to run for the office of President and advices the government as to the rule of law.


In the United States the Constitution calls for a secular government.  Religion is not to be a part of the structure of government, that is, not required to have a religious leader in power, but can certainly be influenced by the majority of beliefs and the moral and ethical values established by the core foundations of those that believe.  Indeed biblical principles were considered when forming this Nation, but judgment and rule of law was established for the good of everyone, the common good, not just those of a given faith.

The question that is suggested in the title to this article goes to the ability of a secular government to come to grips with an overwhelming movement, without boundaries, that has a religious or ideological fervor associated with it?  In the case of Islam, wherein fanatical groups surface such as ISIS, can a secular government declare war against those whose ideology embraces a supernatural power as an inducement to continue their exploits that are targeted at many who they intend to eradicate or convert. If it is called a Holy War, instead of the church as a defender of the faithful, the infidels in the eyes of the Islamist, can a Country defend the rights of the common folks who may be harmed by the programs being carried out and the commandments of those who head the snake of destruction embodied in a defective ideology that has a heart for hatred more than love?  Any country or group of people that believe in freedom, plurality of thought, and tolerance who are not Islamic or even Islamic enough (to include moderate Muslims) would be included in this fight.  The battle is not against a sovereign nation but a borderless ideology.

Without Borders

Communism is without borders, as was fascism.  Nazism attempted to bring under its tent the programs of Adolph Hitler.  Christianity is without borders, but does not attempt to impose its biblical laws on the people, leaving that to God.  Catholicism has a religious head, the Pope, who is the epitome for the conscience of the catholic and establishes rituals, regulations and ceremonial practices, and, except for excommunication, cannot impart punishment for failing to comply as a follower.  Apostasy in any of the circumstances is not subject to the same vile proclamations and punishment as with Islam.  There is greater expression of independence allowed when governments are tolerant of sub-groups, conditioned upon their adherence to common law. Roman Law, the Pax-Romana, may have been the leading example of a Republic form of government whose laws applied to all regardless of faith-base providing security with laws, order and stability intended for all, not a few.  It was a 200 years period of stability and peace (27bc to 180ce) that included most countries today that share the Mediterranean as their sea, spanning from England to the north, Morocco to the South and Iraq to the East.

Imperialism of Islam

The ideological imperialism of Islam since Muhammad, now a 1400 year Crusade, continues. ISIS appears to want to erase the borders established by the Sykes-Picot Agreement in 1916 to restoring a Caliphate (Ottoman Empire ended in 1924) imposing Islamic Law without regard for sovereign nation borders (Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel). Their’s is a Holy War.  They have expressed their intentions to continue to expand their All for Allah world with targets to include Europe, the UK, and the USA.  But the initial objective is to consolidate all Muslim countries under their rule of law (dictated by ISIS and the Caliph, now Baghdadi renamed Ismael), establishing Islamic police to monitor the people and impose punishment on those who do not comply.  In my estimation it will be the Levant at first, then areas such as Iran or Saudi Arabia next, followed by Egypt and Afghanistan, then continuing, if not stopped well before that occurs, to the Maghreb and Asia Minor (to include Pakistan).  They have extended the offer to all Muslim countries to join their Caliphate and support their objectives.

The beheadings of two Americans have stirred the ire of our Nation.  So too a Brit and a Frenchman beheaded will help coalesce more around the barbaric practices of the ISIS fundamentalist Islamist contingent.  But many more Kurds and Iraqi (Shiite and non-supporters of ISIS) as well as Yazidi’s (not Muslim) have seen loved ones cut but the sword of Allah’s army.  There is no tolerance and no love in the heart of the so called Islamic State.  To fight the battle should it take the resistance of other religious or faith-based groups, or the military of a secular society’s government that is imparted with the responsibility to protect everyone equally?

Anti-Islamic Crusade

The Crusades were begun by a Pope, Urban II, in 1095 who felt the Saracens (Muslims)  had progressed too far, taking over the Holy City of Jerusalem (Christians under siege), and wanted it recovered.  It was the Vatican that shouldered the responsibility and blame for the activities of the Knights of Templar.  It was a defensive war against the movement of Islam. The bias on the part of the backing of the Crusades’ warriors made it a religious war.  This activity, a failure in its own right (ended 1291), has become a criticism of the church. The knights were not always proper citizens of Christ and often committed acts of violence as they traveled to their destination for war.  They fought for God and have been vilified for doing so.  But why has the Muslim been given a pass.  They only fight for Allah – their love of war is a daily practice as they fill their treasury with the spoils begotten from their raids.  They kill wantonly as they take over viable economies, taking women and children for their pleasure and to be servants, attributing their success not to their vile nature and the fear they instill, but to Allah. They establish their own man-made rule of law and interpretation of Islam and insist all who are Muslims follow.  As it is not just Christians and Jews the Muslims are taught and trained to despise  and to take the burden of guilt from the church, should it be the secular armies that fight to eradicate Islam?

Is Islam a mental Ebola that can spread and kill?  I say history provides the ‘Yes’ answer.   It is a pandemic caused by the avarice of men who can justify sinful acts in the name of an ideological god, with many governments (including the USA) giving Religious Status to Islam. The political correctness attributed to the many Islamist organizations is beyond the pale of reason.  There is a critical need to fully understand Islam.

How well Satan has fooled the world!  How well Satan has fooled those who are the scholars and/or the religious leaders of Islam? For the political leaders they see the benefits in terms of control and financial rewards from having Allah on their side and allowing them to establish the laws as they see fit, even exercising modifications to what the leaders themselves are subject to, as did Muhammad – the example.  The leaders of theocracies’ are not God’s chosen, but those of the Fallen Angel.

Fight the Good Fight

This fight needs to be fought.  Who will do it?  Who has the stomach for it?  If no one then this Crusade will also fail and Islam will prevail.  You can live under the sword of Islam should you so choose.  If not then request your government to protect you.  Vote those into power that will act aggressively to insure the safety of your freedom and faith preference. Islam is an ideology; it is not a faith.

Grace and Peace

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