The Vatican and Mecca

UI – Part 304 – The Vatican and Mecca


Separation of Church and State is often a theme of politicians and certainly atheists who have a thin skin when they hear God’s name.  Anything suggesting Biblical moral and ethical values forming the foundation in America, implying we are a Christian Nation, gives them cold sweats.  Bobby Jindal, Governor of LA and candidate for the GOP Presidential bid for 2016 has said repeatedly, “America didn’t create religious liberty.  Religious liberty created America.”  The call is for Religion to be practiced on the grounds of the religion, not on public property.  That is offensive to everyone, as then the ground owned by governments is only for the atheists. But as a body politic atheists themselves are collectively a religion – just absent god.  Bizarre thinking.  Public property is a place for all, all persuasions, all religions. We must all be able to practice and express our belief in an open forum, and not subject to the possibility of offending a few. Proselytize as you will, with no fear of offending, not even a Muslim.  An Islamist’s view of persecution may not be the same as ours – in fact it is not.  If there is harm, however, physical abuse, then that would be a different matter.


There is separation in a Mosque. Females are separated from the males.  Non-Muslim may or may not be permitted entry.  During prayer-times restrictions for non-Muslims are more apparent. When it comes to the holy city of Mecca (and Medina) only Muslims (card carrying, I suppose) are allowed in the defined areas.  As there was a concern for apartheid in South Africa, separating blacks and whites, what about Saudi Arabia, or the Islamic Fundamentalist claim that Muslims are Superior to non-Muslims (all kinds), demonstrated in Mecca where separation of Muslim and non-Muslim is enforced, policed, and offenders are punished.  So much for a religion of peace.


The Kaaba


Imagine if only Catholics were allowed in the Vatican.  If a non-Catholic was captured, they would be imprisoned and punished.  What would be heard round the world?  Why do we not hear a similar cry about Mecca and Medina.  If Allah is God, Allah is everyone’s God.  So, the Muslim is saying that is not so.  Through the looking-glass held to a Muslim’s eye there is Allah, but if in the hands of a non-Muslim there is no god in the lens, what then.  If there is a different god, for instance the God of the Bible, then the gates of the Holy City are closed to you. You may see the devil or just a kaleidoscope of colors, and for that there would be no Pass provided.


The Vatican

For the Catholic and Christian God is the God of all, and the doors to the Vatican City are open to all.  Just as God maintains open arms for all to come home to him, the Vatican represents that home on the hill for believers, and potential believers. Muslims included.  In truth God welcomes everyone.  It is not a select society.  God’s has made provisions for mankind and he wants all eyes to see, all ears to hear and all hearts to open to the gift of Salvation provided by the forgiveness of sins, the punishment applied, making those who believe in Christ’s sacrifice and divinity his children.


Protestants have a number of denominations but none with a city of its own.  It is a universe of believers, people of faith in the Risen Lord.  All have been granted access.  The requirement is having faith, believing, accepting one’s sinful nature and being thankful for the sacrifice made, the punishment taken, for your/our sins. Thanks be to Christ.


It is only at the gate to the Eternal City that judgment is made whether or not you are worthy.  If your advocate is Christ the doors are readily opened.  Neither the door to the Vatican nor the Kaaba grant access.  They are but representations of the nature of the dogma put forth by the mortals that accept and embrace their god as they have learned.  The Vatican is open to all.  Mecca is not.

A discussion on this was recently posted on Family Security Matters. (See more). It is a discussion between a Muslim speaker at Stetson University and an interviewer.

Grace and Peace.

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