Islamists are Muslims. Are Muslims Islamists?

UI – Part 302 – Islamists are Muslims. Are Muslims Islamists?


To me an Islamist can be defined as a follower of the rigorous devout practices of Islam. As a strict adherent to this ideology the Islamists prays 5 times each day, and consider the example of Muhammad, his sayings and dictates from Hadiths selected by the scholars of Islam most respected by their Imam. In addition they apply Sharia Law, mostly of a Wahhabist structure, as the Islamic policemen themselves. Those they decide are infidels, to include other Muslims that do not agree with their interpretation and or application of Islam, are subject to severe chastisement at their hands. They are the judge, jury and executioner. They act for god, their Allah, carrying out Allah’s will.  But whose ‘will’ is it really?  Consider the Quran as the source of Allah’s Will.  But you will not find a requirement for prayer 5 times each day in that Scripture.  Nor will you discover the Shahadah, the confession of acceptance of the ideology of Islam. Thus the role of humans, man, in the conditions precedent to being a true Muslim, is most apparent – it is not all Allah’s call.

Council on American-Islamic Relations – CAIR

An organization such as CAIR, a close affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood, operates freely in the USA.  They have supported terrorist organizations; make confusing defensive claims about Islam and Islamists which obfuscate the truth of their goals as well of Islam itself.  Are they Muslim or Islamist?  CAIR does not like the term Islamist, even though it has a politically correct aspect inherent in the term, as referring to political Islam, that Islam that wants all countries to operate under Sharia Law and exist as a Theocracy governed by Allah and the dictates of men whose authority is as god itself.  CAIR makes a feeble attempt, transparent, to defend American Muslims against the actions of the likes of the violent contingent that has become the Islamic State. When we see such brutality, the indiscreet publicized beheadings of innocent victims, the massacre of hundreds of Muslims as well as Christians and Jews living in the territory they conquer in the name of their interpretation of Islam and their god Allah and self-proclaimed 7th century prophet Muhammad, are we not to understand that is Islam?  They carry the Quran, they quote Suras, they site the example of Muhammad, they cry out Allahu Akbar, and they proceed to destroy villages, economies and profit from their plunder while delighting in the killing. They want a world all for Allah now.  CAIR wants the same, but has chosen a slower approach.  It is a cloak covering their true intentions.  They are the same.  They are Islamists.  CAIR is fundamental Islamism in a Burka.

Islam Emergence

Emerging as a ghoul from a grave, a zombie, Islam arose from the arid desert of the Arabian Peninsula.  It was a diverse culture of warring tribes.  They had little purpose in life but to survive in the sands and boiling temperatures of a barren land.  When there was little else to do, the young, the ambitious, the strong and the bored decided to raid their neighbor. The elders were enablers. Ghazu (raids) was the industry of the desert. The DNA of the Arab has become the DNA of the Islamists.  Their thirst for blood, revenge, vengeance, marauding, raping, pillaging, even beheading, and taking what spoils (possessions) they could was satisfied as if a game played on a board of shifting sand.


When one tribe was defeated the members either died, were killed, or joined the survivor. It was as a merger of corporations, but in their circumstance life and death was involved. The Islamists today, as those that joined the tribe of the Muhammadians, continue to exploit ghazu.  When overwhelmed by the raiding party, if Muslim upon Muslim, any loyalty of a Muslim, as national pride, is most often left behind if it is obvious they will be defeated.  They will run, concede, convert or die.

The Iraqi army, equipped and trained by the Americans who were charged to defend this re-constituted country under the leadership of al-Maliki, a Shiite, after Obama withdrew the American forces (December 18, 2011) did their daily patrols until threatened by ISIS.  They wanted the job and the pay, but were not willing to do what was required (no National pride as an Iraqi) when needed. They ran.


Islamists are more political and associate with god, their Allah. The question I ask, noted by their historical actions, are active devout Muslims godly in any possible way?

Love Not

Islamists love not, except possibly themselves.  To covet (male oriented) is permitted – Sura 3.14 – “Fair-seeming to men is made the love of desires, of women and sons and hoarded treasures of gold, silver and well-bred-horses and cattle and tilth.  This is the provision of the life of this world. And Allah – with Him is the good goal (of life).”  Allah may be preferred, but it is the attractions to the male libido that go along with being Muslim for the Islamist.  And as for the word, ‘tilth’, Sura 2.223 makes it clear, “Your wives are a tilth for you, so go to your tilth when you like.’ Muslims are told they own their women and as a possession can enjoy them when and however they want.  This applies to Muslim women, to non-Muslims anything is possible.  They can be slaves.  They are treated as such today by the Boko Haram and members of IS.  Certainly there are other areas of the Muslim world where non-Muslims are enslaved. The practice of enslaving the enemy or those captured was learned from the desert heritage of the Arab.

The Practice of Ghazu

Muhammad may have become a believer in one god (monotheism), but he never relinquished his desert culture and practices.  He was impatient and found ghazu more useful than persuasion, both to enlarge his following and add to his treasury and army. To the extent he modernized the peninsula from which he came forth, the tribe he formed is now stuck in a time-warp. That is certainly true for the political Islamists and the terrorist Islamist and any who support their actions, cause or progress.  CAIR would be included in that group.

Not All Muslims are Islamists

Not all Muslims are Islamists, but they have potential.  They are certainly targets for CAIR and other supporters.  They can seek help from Islamic organizations in exchange for a more devout character and expressive posture towards their ideology.  For those Muslims that want to separate themselves from the Islamist they need to think about separating themselves from Islam.  God is out there.  Their god may not be Allah.  What is truth?  Discover for yourself and find salvation and freedom from the demonic practices of the Islamists.

Grace and Peace

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