Vetting Immigrants

UI – Part 355 – Vetting Immigrants

Americans from all corners have expressed concern about the immigrant vetting process to be conducted by our Government, with the hashtag, the Obama Administration.  Many suggestions have been put forth as Christian groups suggesting we must be welcoming to all.  There is to be no religious test to entry.  Even Obama made that statement expressing concern over voices that have been raised to stop the flow of Muslims.  The problem is fear the Muslim flow will include members of fanatical political Islamist fundamentalists associated with organizations like ISIS of Al Qaeda. Americans want our leadership to do everything possible with assurances, that we will not have events take place such as the recent Charlie Hebdo attacks in France, as well as the most recent November theater shootings when more than 120 non-Muslims, innocents, were gunned down without mercy.

A friend wrote on Facebook, “I believe that as a “Christian” nation we may be standing at a fork in the road that will forever define whether or not we truly know Christ and live our lives for Him. What would Jesus really do? If He will stand at the door of my heart and relentlessly knock until I come to Him would He not open the doors when those who are in desperate need come knocking?”  What followed was an openness towards all immigrants coming to America.

I can only assume a proper vetting process is a consideration but not one with a box to check religious preference. We are not a Christian Nation, but we were established on Judeo-Christian principles.  We are secular;  we do have high standards of respect for equality, humanity, tolerance and love of neighbor.

Another claim we hear, as we did recently from the Obama pulpit at the G20 Summit in Turkey,  ‘America is a Nation of immigrants.’  We must do the right thing and continue to welcome those in need of shelter.  My defense to this claim is simple.

America has been a Nation of legal Immigrants.  We have matured and have a Constitution and Rule of Law reflective of this collection of cultures since arrivals came to our shores from the 1600’s until after WWII, even the Vietnam War. America has matured. We will continue to welcome qualified immigrants. But, America is now a Nation of Americans with an ideology that frames our freedom, economy and success in the World.

The vetting process should contain a questionnaire.  America is willing to take able body youth capable of working and becoming Americans.  We seek and welcome those that can contribute to our future.  We are not asking disruptive elements to enter and change our culture.  We seek those who want to be here to love America, defend America and become English speaking Americans.  Any tests or questions would be of ideology not religion.

As to Islam America’s ideology in incompatible. Our Constitution is not sharia-compliant. Our freedoms are a problem for the ulema who condemn Muslims who embrace avenues, such as that of a secularist, an atheist, a patriotic nationalist, and a religion other that Islam. Alternatives mentioned lead Muslims away from Allah. If they stay in this Country they must fight to maintain their cultural and Islamic identity, even if it is only a personal jihad. Thus they will be encouraged to remain insular and not assimilate. America as a Nation of immigrants enjoyed the melding of cultures, not the existence of cultures side-by-side each demanding their own code of law.

America has a majority who’s love for this Country is as God’s love for his children.  They are willing to die to protect our ideology, which includes our freedom.  Our military is made up of volunteers that have passion for what we represent to the world.  I must admit my uncertainty as to our President (Obama) having a similar level of passion.  Is he willing to die for what we are willing to die for?  Did he ever volunteer to be a soldier in any of our military forces?  He expressed reluctance to have our soldiers engage in further wars to defend America if they might end up at Walter Read Hospital recovering from physical damage done by an enemy. That was a reason for not putting more boots on the ground in Syria.  The sight of blood is seeing the sacrifice our armed service men and women will make. Is that not something he can accept or comprehend?

In the aftermath of the vetting process we must feel confident that those being invited to live in America will also become Americans as well as an unlikely threat to our security.  Have those who screen the potential newcomers be persons whose covet our great Nation. Their agenda is not political. Those that arrive should be expected to learn our history, our heritage, speak our language, learn and embrace what distinguishes us from another Nation, and what makes America great.  We want them to love America, embrace their good fortune, love America enough not to leave it, love it enough not to hate it, love it enough to love and respect all who embrace our foundations (to include the Constitution and the moral and ethical values incorporated and the backstory of becoming part of the Law of our Nation) and to share that end product with any willing to listen.

The vetting process cannot allow our Nation to fall into the hands of those who want to destroy the fabric that makes us strong.

So many are speaking out against Obama.  He has already played forward the potential for blame should a terrorist event occur in America at the hand of an emigrating barbaric hater of America and its ideals. It is all those who are questioning his decisions or lack thereof. It would be more than a ‘setback’, that is for certain. It is sad when the hat that sits on the head of our Nation is filled with one who disputes the Constitution and the Laws of the Land by attempting many end-runs on the established order.  When Hope & Change becomes a goal to achieve a level of mediocrity and divisiveness embraced by a bitter soul, and encouraged by an even more bitter soul-mate, there is trouble.

We can welcome more to our shores, but it must be done properly. I agree with the many that suggest it is a time to stall and reassess.


Grace and Peace.


One thought on “Vetting Immigrants

  1. Tom, thank you for deeming that my humble thoughts and comments are worthy of quoting in your blog. As you can see from my quote, I highlighted in quotes the Christian part of the description as a “Christian” nation. I do not believe that America is a Christian nation. For that matter, neither is any other nation. America is a nation comprised of Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Atheists, Agnostics, Newagers, and even Satanists, and that list goes on. America is a great nation because we have welcomed those who have sought refuge lovingly and with compassion, and yes, with appropriate processes. We do not have a religious test to determine if people can live here or enter our borders.

    I am not proposing that we bring immigrants into our country without following due process. Due process does not include shutting the door because we are fearful. Due process does not include turning away those who have gone through the process of vetting and deemed worthy to be called an immigrant to America like states are starting to do. Due process does not include proposing that we close mosques or attach those who look Muslim as we are starting to do. Due process is showing the grace and mercy that was shown to our ancestors.


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