Infidel Lower Class Status Among Muslims

UI – Part 334 – Infidel Lower Class Status Among Muslims


As countries develop it appears the populations become less interested in large families. Procreation continues but with curbs on the ‘creation’ aspect.  Contraception and abortion statistics support prevention. Sex may be more common and freer as the concern for pregnancy is mitigated through science. Modern society is experiencing birth rate declines to levels below that considered a maintenance level for a vibrant growing economy. Such declines burden the workforce who is necessary to support larger numbers of retirees and elderly. Fewer workers are supporting more Medicare and Social Security recipients, and others.  Immigration thus becomes needed.

Muslims by the Numbers

In Europe and Asia the number of Muslims in the respective areas is growing at rates faster than Jews, Christians, other religions and the non-religious. The short-fall in population expansion in Europe is being met by emigrating Muslims from the Middle East, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh and North Africa. As the percentage of Muslims increases so too does the effort by Islamic organizations, such as the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) and HLG (High Level Group), to impose the policies of Islam as exists in their member countries and limit what the educators and media can say. Islamic Law (Shari’a) compliance is sought, as well as raising the consciousness of Muslims to be more serious about their cultural identity and Islam itself, the principles put forward by the Quran, the Hadiths and the Imam’s resident in their communities. Multiculturalism is the theme and cultural equalization the problem.

To achieve the objective a full court press continues to alienate Europeans towards Jews (anti-Semitism), to make the existence of Israel the cause for all Arab-European-World woes, and to cleanse history as to the aggressive nature of Islamic imperialism and the reduction of Christians and Jews to a subservient state as dhimmi.  Other non-Muslims wouldn’t even receive the benefit of dhimmi status or what little protection is offered by the superior Muslim conquerors and overseers of Christians and Jews.  The Muslims become tax collectors from those of the lesser protected (as it were) class.

Islam attempted to overtake Europe in the past using military means only to be stopped at the gates of France, the Bosphorus and Vienna.  Their advances were limited to Northern Africa and Eastern Europe (Constantinople, now Istanbul, Turkey).  At the Battle of Tours (732) the Muslim militants were thwarted and pushed back, their bases in Spain eventually falling as well.  The Ottoman Empire grew but remained in areas to the South and East of Europe until weakened to the point of dissolve at the end of WWI.

However, with the discovery of oil and the wealth created dollars were plentiful and used by the Saudi’s, mostly, and Iranians to construct Mosques and Madrasas (schools) in non-Muslim lands taking advantage of modernity and the religious tolerance that accompanied progress made in human development. A presence for Islam was thus created outside of Islam dominated areas and inside free countries.  The oil and the dollars were used also for influence peddling, the effort to establish the standards of Islam wherever Muslims lived.  Note: Adopting the standards of free nations in Muslim countries was not part of any quid-pro-quo. The need for oil was satisfied in exchange for curbing media attention to the atrocities of Islam’s historical exploits, and cleansing education materials to paint a picture of Islam as more palatable than its reality.

Political correctness was a useful rhetorical tool to glamorize Islam when its truth would have been too damaging to the sensibilities of most humans, certainly any that were not familiar with history. Politicians and figures in power in organizations such as the EU, UN and lobbyists in Washington, DC, could be bought and their voices changed to say what the OIC and similarly purposed groups (to include the Muslim Brotherhood and campus Muslim Student Associations) preferred. Sympathies towards Islam were more often gained through propaganda and not historical accuracy. Lies were being dispensed with regularity.  This practice continues today and in fact has become much improved and more widely spread.  The Islamic influence peddlers (the surreptitious means for the expansion of Muslim dominated territories – they refer to it as Da’wa) become friendly (never friends of non-Muslims) to use approved deceptive practices to now infiltrate and imperialize areas yet unclaimed in full for Allah.

Double Standard

What the Islamists want in the West in not reflected in their countries.  Treatment requested there for acceptance and tolerance and equality for Christians, Jews, gays and non-Muslims is not practiced.  No new churches are allowed.  Even repairing existing facilities is not permitted. No new synagogues are allowed.  Hatred towards Jews, even Nazism, is expressed and encouraged.  No other religion can express what they believe.  In doing so Muslims would feel persecuted. That is how the dhimmi’s are regarded and treated – lesser beings, a source of tax revenue, and constrained or contained in their personal beliefs.


As the population of Muslims, Islam, grows the call for protection of Muslims and Islamic Law will become louder and stronger while the call for equality of others will become softer and weaker.  Hate crime legislation, with an emphasis on commentary towards Islam in all aspects, has already been passed in many European countries. Muslims believe they are superior. The Quran says so! Thus from a minority to a majority they will impress and exploit their self-professed superiority.  The rights of non-Muslims will be as dictated under the rules of dhimmitude (read more). No dissent towards Islam will be permitted.  Free speech will be no more.  History will be rewritten with only Muslims as the inventors of all the improvements made in the world.  Lies and deception will be continued, a common habit allowed by the Quran to advance Islam.  In fact Adam and Eve will be Muslim.

Dr. Yusuf al-Burhami, a leading cleric in Egypt’s Salafi movement, from a video on 12/14/2013, made a statement that provides how Muslim’s treatment of infidels progresses from when they are a minority to then a majority.  “When the Arab Muslims first conquered Egypt in the 7th century, the ancient nation was Christian and because the Muslims were few in number, Coptic Christian churches were allowed to remain—“just as the prophet allowed the Jews to remain in Khaibar after he opened [conquered] it, but once Muslims grew in strength and number, [second caliph] Omar al-Khattab drove them out according to the prophet’s command, ‘Drive out the Jews and Christians from the Peninsula.’”  This is a warning.  Beware of Muslims in increasing numbers.  They will be compelled to act as a collective body and make their presence more known as their population increases as a percentage of the total in areas where the reside.


Islam seeks Islamization where it is not now the dominant ideology or majority.  This, by example, includes the Islamization of the Bible and the refusal to teach about the Armenian genocide (read about) or the Holocaust (Shoah).  Current references to Islamic terrorism are muddied by factions that vary in their definition of what is ‘true’ Islam, thus distancing them from the more violent and aggressive, but ignoring those undermining the foundations of societies, as termites, using political methods.  Political Islam may be as vile a jihad as Terrorist Islamists as the end game is the same – all for Allah or End Times, take your pick.

The cry of Islamophobia is to create guilt on the part of those who oppose the expansion of Islam.  The Islamophobic are the aggressors is the claim of the Islamist.  Why would or should anyone question, criticize or have a comment perceived as negative towards Islam, Muhammad, Allah or the Scripture of Islam (the Quran)? Those that do are preventing the progress of Islam and are thus the aggressors, the cause of the violence perpetrated in the name of Islam.  It is not their fault Muslims fight; it is Allah’s command to take action against those who resist or deny Islam.

Reading this blog and its many posts will provide multiple reasons why there is a need to be concerned about the spread of Islam.


Concessions asked and at times demanded by the Muslim propaganda machine in free developed areas will diminish the security of a democratic nation.  Israel is a prime example. Pressure can come from within and without such nations.  The work of the OIC makes every effort to convince Europeans that Israel, its presence and disputes with Palestine, are the cause for any Arab-Muslim-European differences.  They encourage ongoing anti-Semitism.

The Part You Play

What is difficult to fathom is the extent to which Western leaders are caving to demands of the Islamists.  They do not understand Islam. They cater to the money that flows for their campaigns. Or they are too politically correct, or wanting of a peaceful society, never accepting the fact the ideology of Islam can be as demonic and evil as it is. How can any human behave as they do, at least those who behead others publically, massacre villages of Christians or non-Muslims, or enslave schoolgirls or line up dissenters to face a firing squad of other Muslims (peers with a different interpretation of ‘true’ Islam)?  They are unaware, or close-minded, to what occurs daily within the boundaries of Islam that never make it into our news cycles.  It cannot be the canvas of the face of all Muslims, so they want to believe.  But what any Muslim’s Scripture, leaders, practices, habits and history teach cannot be ignored.  Whether they are terrorists overt in exercising Shari’a in the extreme (Wahhabism), or covert in progressing gradually, but effectively, convincing Presidents, such as Obama, the end game, I say again, is the same – a world all for Allah and/or Eschatology. Freedom is anathema to Islam!

Know your part. If the Islamists goal are achieved you will be a Muslim, a dhimmi, or dead. The status you have in a free society today will not remain.  Your ability to express your opinion or voice an objection will be severely limited by laws enacted. Your cultural identity will be as Muslims live today in areas such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and so on.  Your personal identity will be totally private as a public admission could be your demise.  Either join them or resist.  Contain them or annihilate them.  But do not let them come to roost in your nest.

Pray for understanding, especially by moderate Muslims, those we are comfortable with, that they too will realize their heads are subject to removal by the fundamental Muslims that are educated, as scholars, in the texts and history and example of Muhammad. Can a leader, a charismatic voice come forward and revolutionize Islam for a modern world?  It will require alterations to text, to teaching, to habits, to culture, and thinking towards others.  The infidel will have to be no more than a neighbor that is tolerated, accepted and even loved, biblically loved.  Possible? Impossible?

Grace and Peace.

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