Freedom of Speech – America’s Strength

UI – Part 338 – Freedom of Speech – America’s Strength

Muslims and Texas

Since the TX conference where artists gathered to represent their reflection on Muhammad there have been many debates on the topic – Freedom of Speech.

Many in the Media, most recently I listened to Geraldo Rivera, condemned the Pamela Geller hosted event as a provocation. But I have men’s Bible Studies that are also considered a provocation, but not to those gathered. A liberal political gathering directly attacking those of the opposing party is a provocation. However for a Muslim any suggestion, of any kind, that makes them uncomfortable, not persecution, just mischief, create justification for them to respond using violence. It is in the Scripture of Islam.

On a TV program a few nights ago the British born Islamic cleric Anjou Choudary announced his feeling that Pamela Geller, as an opponent of Islam, outspoken and factual, should be killed. What do you see as more hateful than in effect plastering a roadside sign, in this case a Media broadcast, seeking any Muslim who is strong in their ideology to murder Pamela Geller.  That is hate.  That is provocation.

Speech in America

In America we embrace, as we should, Freedom of Speech. Crying Fire in a theater is wrong and punishable only if there is no fire. Immigrants come to America for our freedom, opportunity (jobs) and capitalism. The Media enjoys freedom of speech, but then sides with the Islamists when the appearance of taunts arises. They forget the adage from youth about ‘sticks and stones.’  What is more taunting than Muslims calling for a Catholic school to remove all religious artifacts in their classrooms, as the Muslim finds them offensive, especially if they meet in those rooms. (read more)  Does that suggest Americans that are offended by the presence of mosques should call for their removal as they represent an ideology of hatred, just as if an ISIS flag was flying from the top of each and every dome above this gathering place for the condemnation of infidels. Every mosque, every madrassa, every culture center for Islam is a beacon for those who gather to learn the Scripture of Islam, the Quran, and its call for fighting the non-believer, for reacting violently to criticism or even the appearance of criticism of Islam, the Quran, the Prophet or their god, Allah. They are havens for those being trained to attack speech they consider offensive, not their offensive speech, not their hatred of Christians and Jews.  They refuse to acknowledge the double standard they espouse, one for Muslims and another for non-Muslims.  There is no tolerance, no freedom of speech, in their presentations to the members of their cult of Islam, their ideology of hatred.

Is the infidel justified by the media in attacking Islamic structures and those inside as a response to the provocation and the hatred as the call for ‘death to the infidel’ is broadcast by the existence of a Muslim symbol of any sort?  Is that not provocation? Any Islamic symbol represents an attack on free speech, an anathema to Muslims, and cannot be anything but offensive, a provocation, to non-Muslim Americans.


Hate to one person is not necessarily hate to another, but until the harm is overt, physical, call it what you will, provoke as much as you wish, it may be disrespectful and stupid, but it is protected.  Locker-room talk is often disrespectful to some, funny to others, but it goes on.  What is different about the TX gathering as a room full of like minded adults meeting to draw, even if what they draw may be offensive to outsiders. Muslims meet and express dislike for non-Muslims.  Non-Muslims meet and express a dislike for Muslims.  Both may be disrespectful, but not justification to cause harm to others or for the media to object to one act and not the other.  In Muslim countries they burn down churches filled with Christians.  They are not condemning Islam, just loving their Lord Jesus Christ – and Muslims are offended anyway.

Learn Respect

The foundation where respect is learned, or disrespect is developed, is the family, community or village.   If that base is mired in the muck of the hatred of an inherited ideology, the culture of Islam, are those so trapped then compelled to adopt the ideology, having no allowance for independent thought, and be afraid to leave the so-called religion?  How can there ever be peace or tolerance in such a culture?

Where sensitivities are involved, then the family must be engaged to teach love and respect.  Family foundations with strong moral and ethical values are needed. The government must do more to strengthen the family and the moral and ethical values that are the greatest in teaching proper treatment of your fellow man.  The government has not done a good job in this area.  Charities are a concern to the government out of a fear they will put forth an agenda not in accord with government desires.  In the Government’s view secularism must trump the efforts of Christians or other organizations to be effective, and efficient, in helping others.  But I contend, and give much credit to churches nationwide as well as community groups, where volunteerism is practiced, that they can accomplish more with less money than the government in teaching, training and helping the poor and underachievers to escape the environment in which they have been, it seems, condemned.  They can do more also in bringing the family back together and through their efforts teach respect, love and charity towards others.  This in turn will engender a discourse where freedom of speech will be more civilized.  The Government cannot control what people say.  It can change attitudes and thinking though.

If there was a program where patriotism, family and the community was emphasized, without government intervention, except possibly to provide some useful funding and verbal support that America’s foundations came about because of the freedom of speech and love of country, not the opposite, this Nation and its thinking can change.

Media Taking Sides

As for Islam the Media is missing the content of the message of Islam. They are being soft on the evil in the room and not those who are trying to do what the media should be doing, informing the public and the world of the evil that is Islam.  Islam teaches through the Quran to hate anything that is not Islamic, and to act accordingly to destroy that which is not all for Allah. There is no love, hope or joy, or anytime funny about Islam.  It is to be mocked. To Islam all infidels are candidates for death at the hands of the superior Muslim, those that are guided by their Scripture.  Muslims not so guided are not Muslims; there are no moderate Muslims, not even in the eyes of leaders like Turkey’s President Erdogan.  Islam is Islam.  Wear a cross around your neck in a public square and the Muslim that passes you by will be offended.  For that they can harm you, and are encouraged to do so. By wearing a cross in their presence, by expressing what you believe in the presence of a Muslim, if it makes them uncomfortable in any way, then violence can erupt.  And whose side will the Media take.  Islam is doing all it can to suppress freedom of speech, especially when it comes to expressing personal views that support what you believe, not even condemning the ideology of hatred they believe.

Protected Speech

We need to know Freedom of Speech in America is protected and will not be curbed by Muslims, the police, the Media, Obama or the Government. We must be polite and respectful, but even when that is not the case, the Media cannot intone that some tactic to control freedom of speech is necessary. Balance is needed, but not required.  In the media the liberals should not represent the vast majority of any given outlet’s commentary, unless the aim of the outlet, the newspaper or station itself, is biased.  They need to make that clear.  Same applies to a conservative bias.  And not just the media, same goes for colleges and universities.  If the professorial staff is significantly liberal, socialist, or otherwise politically leaning, it needs to be disclosed.  Greater balance in the educational system is needed.  Today’s youth are exposed to a much greater liberal bias.  Control mechanisms have evolved that prefer social workers are liberal, college curriculums are liberal, even national core curriculums have a liberal, socialist, anything goes structure. Parents need to know to decide where they want to spend the money for the education of their children.  Parents still must have some say in what their kids are taught.

Freedom of speech opened the doors to opportunity but the windows are being closed by those that prefer freedom of speech be restricted to the freedoms they prefer, a bias colored by personal desires and not the common good of everyone.

Acts of sedition or subversion as to the freedom America protects must be the target of the Media, as well as our Nation’s leadership.  There is no justification for anything else. Where evidence of any such actions are present, steps are needed to erase this error from within our borders.  Our freedoms make America strong.  Do not permit them to be diminished in any way.  We will become weak if we allow it to happen.


Pamela Geller – you go girl.  Speak your mind.  It is the American Way.

Grace and Peace

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