Islam & Europe – The Hidden Camel in the Room

UI – Part 326 – Islam & Europe – The Hidden Camel in the Room

Woefully below the reproduction rate needed to sustain an economy Europe needs immigrants.  Those that promote Islam as an ideology for the entire world, with a world constitution as Sharia Law, see the opportunity to finally take Europe for Islam.  They will move there, having an open invitation by the leaders of the EU and those Nations needing their populations to grow.

Since Muhammad’s death Islam leapt upon the scene as an imperialistic fanatical opportunistic ideology having Allah on the side of their military generals and the authorities they planted as they plowed to the West into Jerusalem and then across northern Africa and into Spain.  Constantinople was a target from the outset, with letters sent by the 4th Caliph to the Byzantine leader warning them that the Muhammadians were coming.  The borders of Southern Europe and Western Europe found Muslims invading their turf.  Parts of Eastern Europe had already experienced the takeover of territory.  The tactics used were as barbaric then as IS employs today which awoke the slumbering monarchies of France, Spain and Austria to resist.

In the 700’s Constantinople was vigilant only to fall in 1453 as the Islam plan cared little for life and more for conquest. It was only 80 years after Muhammad’s death that the Kings of the armies of Muhammad (referred to as Caliphs), as military imperialists, met resistance.  If not stopped the advances of Islam would have paved the way across the Bosphorus into all of Western Europe. At the time Constantinople was the largest Christian City in the world.   Lives would be lost as the offensive continued, which it did, and after 700 years Islam succeeded.  The seat of the Ottoman Empire was moved to Constantinople.

In 732 Frenchmen met the Muslim invaders and sent them packing, back through Spain, in time, into Morocco and areas they retained along the north African Coast of the Mediterranean.  It was the Battle of Tours (or Poitiers).  Central Europe was safe then.

The persistence of the Muslims continued.  The Ottoman Empire grew to the East of Europe and made attempts to invade Western Europe more than once.  The land of the Balkans today provided the pathway but timing was not in their favor as rains softened the soil and the armies of the Turks bogged down and met defeat at the Battle of Vienna in 1683.

There was no oil to fund armies, buy equipment, build mosques and madrases, or lobby politicians which would have made their imperialist intentions and exploits easier.  The Ottoman Empire grew and faltered and by the end of WWI was no more.  French and British colonialization helped to develop resources and modernize areas occupied. Except for the Arabian Peninsula where the House of Saud and religious Wahhabists kept their people under the control of Allah (and the royal family), much of the Muslim world was experiencing change.  After WWI places like Turkey, Afghanistan and Iran became more modern in dress and thinking than Islamic.  Middle East nations were defined and born. Oil changed things.

How the trend for a freer Muslim world reversed, and when, is a subject for study and future discussion.  But it has changed.

Today the borders of Europe once vigorously defended from Islam’s imperialism are seeing pockets of Muslims occupying cities in France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.  The percentages are low relative to the total population, but high in areas where the like-minded concentrate.  Amsterdam is 24-25% Muslim.  Bradford England is 32-33% Muslim. Birmingham is 27%. Belgium has large concentrations (17-18% in Antwerp, 25% in Brussels).  Paris is 12-15% Muslim in the metro area.  Other cities can be named as well.  The numbers will continue to increase. It is a problem when the culture of Islam becomes paramount to that of the Host Country.  It is a problem when the leaders of the EU and its member states allow multiculturalism to become the standard and not the nationality of the Host. The same applies to America. Diversity may be a popular theme, but not when one culture expresses superiority and is taught, repeatedly, they must, if not today, in time, focus on local changes to law and practices (like Halal food) to accommodate a world order under the black banner of Islam.

After WWII Germany, Italy, France and the UK needed workers and invited Turks, Algerians, Moroccans, Pakistani’s, and others, emigrants from the fallen Yugoslavia, to their countries.  At  some locales corporations established cities to house the needed employees.  They left their homeland for the opportunity of gainful employment, but also in many cases to escape the oppression and inhumanity reigned upon them and their families.  Xenophobia from residents in the host countries often created discomfort and caused the immigrants to insulate themselves.  But they did work and in most areas they were and have become, as generations grew, fine employees.  Their ranks have expanded and the faces of non-indigenous persons appear more each day in drug stores, at the wheel of a taxi, as mechanics, store clerks, public service workers and more.

In America the history of immigrants offers a fascinating story of cultures leaving homelands for various reasons.  It was the earliest years of this new Nation that the arrivals came to escape religious persecution, bringing their Judeo-Christian values with them.  At the beginning of the 20th Century the Ellis Island arrivals came for the opportunity, a free nation with jobs in abundance.  Many cultures came, but none from a land where a theocracy stifled their ability to speak freely or offered but one way of living, Islam.  Over a few decades these migrants became americanized, the parents wanting their children to speak English and be American. They did not insist the Irish, French, German, or Italians refuse to adopt the ways of their new home.  They brought color and vibrance to the new world and created a melting pot of persons under the Constitution of the United States.  It was the Constitution itself that provided protections and the security that made them feel safe.

But where there are migrating Muslims we are discovering an outside third party influence, a cloud of hatred from the fires built on camel dung from the 7th Century in the form of the tyrannical, militant, self-proclaimed Prophet Muhammad.  Reminded by scholars of Islam in mosques and madrases placed in concentrated areas the past is brought to the present. Islam always wanted to conquer Europe for Allah.  Islam’s Quran, the Scripture that is the foundation for the government and law of this ideology, always cried out demanding a world All for Allah.  The ghost of Muhammad and the warning of Allahu Akbar has a psychological impact on those that escaped poverty, oppression, Islamic police and violent atrocities labeled punishment for abuses to the skin of the envelope that  embraced every person birthed from a Muslim mothers’ womb. Cowering as the plague of Islam invades their new home concerned for their lives they remain true to the laws of Islam and not the freedom, laws and constitutional protections of their new country.  They may adapt economically, but not socially or as a national.  They are reluctant to speak out and declare they are now a Frenchman or German or a Brit and they have embraced the common laws of their new homes and no longer Sharia.

The host country must be active in protecting their immigrants and making them proper citizens of their new home, not global citizens with most of their bodies trapped in a culture of control where dissidents are readily removed from society.  The host country needs to understand Islam and resist the overtures of organizations such as the OIC (Organization for Islamic Cooperation) who intends to protect Islam as Islam when not in an Islamic land.  Beware the Islamization of your area that politicians and leaders enable by their political correctness and ignorance of the facts. Host leaders must insist where an ideology with a theocratic structure appears that sedition and subversion do not follow.  Any attempt to alter your Constitution to accommodate Sharia is sedition and subversion.

Understanding Islam is needed more each day.  We cannot be dismissive of the global intent.  It must be addressed.  It is as a termite infestation that takes you by surprise when parts of the homestead suddenly crumble.

Consider a modern day Battle of Tours. It was then (732AD) a decisive turning point in the battle against Islam (the Umayyad Caliphate). Wikipedia refers to it as “a struggle which preserved Christianity as the religion of Europe.”  Needed this day is a battle using social media, the Gospel, and Christian leaders to awaken the hearts of Christians and others in Europe who know their history but are asleep at the meaning of God’s love to the preservation of the free world.  Judeo-Christian roots are much stronger than the roots of Islam; the only difference is Islam’s armies are plowing the fields of Christians and Jews, uprooting and destroying their heritage and beliefs, while greedy secular politicians and uninformed leaders falsely seek diversity, blind to the hidden camel in the room.


Grace and Peace

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