Muslim Immigrants and Host Countries

UI – Part 321 – Muslim Immigrants and Host Countries


Due to Low B many Western Countries need immigration to maintain their economies.  Birthrates need to exceed 2.11 per couple, according to authorities on this subject.  Low B means low birthrates.  European Countries fall well under this figure.  Greece is as low as 1.3.  America is slightly over 2.  Without the 2.11 figure families would not be replacing themselves and in the future the workforce to support retirees would be smaller, when it needs to be larger.  The solution is either technological advances to increase productivity without the need for people, or more people, thus importing bodies. Immigration is important.

In recent years, since the 70’s or so, Europe has experienced immigration from many Muslim Countries.  America has also, but flows from Latin areas have contributed significantly as well.  The question is how do the host countries deal with the influx.

It is my opinion Host Countries (HC) are going about it incorrectly.  We hear world leaders talk about Multiculturalism and Globalization.  Fine words for those that seek to be an authority over as many as possible.  Many have said Obama wants to be the first President of the World. What each term suggests is many cultures living side-by-side each, though, maintaining their cultural heritage.  This then detracts or waters down the history of the HC.  Nationalism, or taking pride in your country, gives way to a broader identity – for the European Union (EU) it is with the collective body of Nations that comprise the EU.  America has a make-up of States, but has been nationalized as a Country, the residents identifying first with the United States of America before their State.  However States attempt to create an identity of their own.  The HC concept is to insure one’s identity is not diluted.

Host Countries

With a focus on Europe the problem with Multiculturalism is the impact it is having on member Countries and who they are.  France would prefer, I suggest, being French, and those in the United Kingdom, British, Germany, Germans.  At the EU headquarters in Brussels, however, a more global identity is the direction being taken.  To whose advantage is this.

To no ones surprise it is the organization that wants most to keep the flock of Muslims in tow.  The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) sees increasing numbers of Muslims in the EU as they emigrate from the Middle East, Turkey, Pakistan, and North Africa, primarily.  They appear to have a twofold agenda.  The first priority is keeping the Muslims as Muslims.  That is exercising as much control over this ideological body of persons as possible with the long-term goal of Islamization of the whole of the EU.  The second, related to the first, is preventing the truth and history of Islam to be told in these lands they seek to conquer which might engender the Muslim immigrants to convert to another religion or no religion at all as well as threaten the Nations consciousness to the point of saying ‘No’ to more invaders from those areas.

HC’s must insist those who choose to live in their land become knowledgeable of the history and creeds of their new home.  They are not to bring their past with them, but embrace their future.  The future is in the HC.  There they will speak the language, accept and understand the laws, be educated in terms of the core values of the HC, and adopt the culture.  They are to be citizens of the HC, not try to make the HC a different place, a place acceptable to a third world mindset.  It is an opportunity for the immigrant which includes washing away their troubled past for a freedom never before enjoyed, to include employment.  They left what they left for a reason, then the HC must insure these new arrivals have the new beginning they sought.

There is one flaw in all this.  It has to do with social benefits, or welfare.  The HC must be careful no to become a financial beacon, a draw for entitlements for immigrants.  In so doing incentives to be citizens of the HC and live by the new rules of law will be mitigated.  The benefits more the neon marque for coming than the opportunity.

Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s Strategy (OIC)

The strategy the OIC employs attempts to protect resident Muslims from persecution, even the slightest bit of ‘mischief’ that would make the Muslim uncomfortable.  Restricting freedom of speech is necessary.  Negative comments to the ideology of Islam, their founding Prophet and Allah, are unwanted and the OIC has requested laws be promulgated making intolerant actions towards Islam or its people crimes to be punished.  The OIC is applying dictates of the Quran.  Scrubbing clean, if that is at all possible given current events, the true history and practices of the imperialistic ideological barbaric conquests of Islam is also a component of the OIC program.  They wish to control what is said, or taught, about Islam in schools, even the media, to shine a light on Islam totally contrary to the facts.

Islam views the earth as Allah’s territory.  They do not occupy it all, but intend to.  The claim that it is rightfully theirs according to Muhammad, Allah and the Quran justifies the effort.  Those who resist become the aggressors.  Stopping what Allah intends, defending the evil of the infidel from the progression of the believers in Islam only causes death and destruction that can be avoided.  Just let Islam’s ideological conquest proceed and all will be well.  Well that is not the general view by those who have any sense of the reality of what has transpired these past 1400 or so years since Muhammad began his militant approach to create followers.

The OIC likes the entitlements made available in HC’s, especially the EU, considering it a payment economically productive nations and the infidel workers are making to Islam, a jizya tax.  Such money makes it possible for the Muslim to focus on their holy duties.  Such holy duties supersede work. A homegrown British Muslim cleric, Anjem Choudary, calls it the Jihad Seekers Allowance.  To him  it is right for the British to pay, to work, and to enable Muslims, as the superior sect, to receive the sums and think about Allah all day.

The Imam’s have realized that Islam can progress around the world without conflict, as emigration to the West makes inroads possible.  They must just preserve their ideological thinking and the army of Muslims being planted knowingly or not in new lands.  As the numbers increase organizations like the OIC and subgroups, many born our of the Muslim Brotherhood, will work diligently to maintain progress and eventually have the laws of Islam, Sharia Law, used to modify Constitutions and lessen freedom empowering Islam and the All for Allah doctrine.

Caveat Emptor

Beware the surreptitious approaching hoards of Muslims that are as puppets on the strings of the OIC and its militant as well as political arms.  They see the treasury of foreign lands as sites of conquest.  But as they proceed, a reflection into the mirror of history, there will be death and destruction, economies will be ruined, fields producing fruits and vegetables will be left fallow, despotic authorities will emerge, dissenters will disappear, be beheaded, and imprisoned, women will be oppressed and covered, Mosque and Madrases will erupt with Imams to teach children to hate the infidel and a black flag will fly over the capital of a fearful and desolate world.  Bribery in the form of political contributions or support for personal causes, from the wealth of oil that Allah made possible (actually the British and the Americans), will be used to encourage EU leaders, America’s leaders, to include Obama and many in his administration, as well as persons of influence and authority in areas not currently dominated by Islam. The funds are to acquire political support, create guilt on the part of those called Islamophobic, and to change the lexicon of permitted words and exclude terms towards Islam. All will be utilized to address and include the policies of the OIC in the legal structure of welcoming Host Countries.

Therefore every HC must preserve who they are, where they came from and insist all new citizens think as they do, not as they are told by the zealots of Islam.

Silence is not an option in dealing with migrating Islam and the example of Muhammad they promote.

Grace and Peace

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