The Good News of Christmas

Why Christmas?

It is the Good News for everyone. That is why. And God did it. Only God could and He did.

Wake Up to the light of God’s glory shining upon you.

No longer are we to be separated from God. Quoting Mark Dever[i], pastor of Capital Hill Baptist Church, “…in His amazing love He sent His only Son to live the life of perfect trust in Him that we all should have lived. We have no reason not to live that life, but none of us has lived it. Jesus lived it for us, and He died on the cross as a substitute, a vicarious sacrifice, taking all God’s right wrath against us for our sins, bearing it completely, exhausting it. Then God raised Him from the dead, showing that the Father accepted the sacrifice of a Son. All of us who repent and believe are those for whom He has died, and for whom forgiveness is available.”

No sword had to be wielded to demonstrate God’s love or wrath. He did it for you and me. This is His gift of which we are reminded each Christmas. But know each day the gift keeps giving.

In Love we are embraced by God.

Jesus 01

Grace and Peace this Merry Christmas Day.

[i] Source: World Magazine, November 29, 2014. Pg. 29.

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