Satan and the Arabian Peninsula

UI – Part 292 – Satan and the Arabian Peninsula

The Scourge

In less than 10 years after Muhammad’s death (632CE) the scourge of the invaders from the militant forces born out of the birth of the self-proclaimed Prophet’s ideology, as jihadists, began. Northern Africa, Persia, Syria and the Iberian Peninsula felt the unexpected onslaught of thieves proclaiming Allah as god, at the same time plundering, raping, and killing established inhabitants. The Arabian Peninsula was the base for Muhammad, but in subsequent year’s territory beyond was ripe for plunder. The law imposed by Umar, the 2nd Caliph, precluding the rebuilding of churches and synagogues or establishing new worship facilities other than mosques continues. Jews and Christians, as People of the Book, were given dhimmi status, called to be subservient and pay a tax for protection. If one dhimmi killed or persecuted a Muslim the entire village was subject to further ravaging and random killing by the invaders, those who conquered and became the authority. This practice continues, exemplified by the terrorist organizations that have evolved from the loins of the Muslim Brotherhood, engaged in battles throughout the Middle East and further East (Afghanistan and Pakistan), equipped with weapons from numerous wars left unprotected by cowards called protective forces for the likes of Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

Wanton Terror

ISIS (or ISIL or The Islamic State) practices what was successful for centuries by the likes of Umar, subsequent Caliphs, Malik and his sons (700), the Abbasids, the Ottomans, the Turks, the Berbers (in Spain), the al Saud family (in partnership with Abd al-Wahhab, their Islamic religious leader), Amir Timur (conquests of Persia, India, Afghanistan and Iraq), and more where massacre or enslavement of the conquered and the taking of their property was enjoyed. Monks were killed, Monasteries raided. Churches burned to the ground or converted to mosques. Populations were decimated. Productive societies came to an end. Fields of grain were burned. Prosperous economies were ruined. The jihadists were as the plague, but the intent was not as a disease for which there was no cure, it was selfish ambitious, blood thirsty marauders, with black hearts acting as rabid dogs wanting more and more. Campaigns against Muslims and non-Muslims were intense and complete with brutality beyond comprehension. Thousands buried alive. Devastation was unparalleled. Timur wrote a diary indicating he proceeded in his efforts out of a desire to lead a destructive expedition against infidels. It was impulsive.

We need a cure for Islamic hatred, terrorism, insanity, and rage to end this killing for Allah crime.

Guided by Qur’anic verses such as 9.29 – “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and his apostate, nor acknowledge the religion of truth even if they are the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued” … and 66.9 – “…Make war upon infidels and unbelievers, and treat them with severity.” From the book, The Legacy of Jihad, Islamic Holy War and The Fate of Non-Muslim, the author/editor (Andrew G. Bostom) wrote, “Timur added a taste for religious murder. He killed from Qur’anic piety. He…symbolizes that advanced form of primitive slaughter which is murder committed for the sake of an abstract ideology, as a duty and a sacred mission.”[i] Timur went after India and areas today that are associated with the old USSR.


It is as if the desert of the Arabian Peninsula was the Hell from which Satan was able to anoint a leader of his own to fight God. Muhammad created an army, demonic in nature, to purge the earth of God’s people, those saved by Christ’s sacrifice, Jews, and others considered pagan (worthless), taking their possessions, their land and wealth as a reward. They were justified by their Allah. Why do they wear black? It is a symbol of the Prince of Darkness. The battles between Satan and God, the fallen angel and the Supreme Being, and the Father of Lies (of Evil) and our Creator continue but with today’s Islamist forces doing the devil’s bidding. All jihadists are sinners.

In Mecca, where only Muslims can gather, they dress in white.  This symbol of purity worn by a Muslim is oxymoronic.   Do they stand together as pure murderers, peaceful haters, or justified barbarians?


ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda[ii], Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Nusra, the Khomeini (Iran), Ansar al-Sharia (Libya)[iii], AQAP, AQIM, AQ in Yemen, Hamas and others are either giving Islam a bad name or bringing into focus for the rest of the world the true picture of this ideology of hatred and opportunity to kill, plunder and devastate that has been on-going since 632CE. There is no love of neighbor in Islam.


Jihad is a Holy War that abuses the term ‘Holy.’ It is a means to dispense Satan’s hatred towards those that remind him of his eventual demise. Yes, he is strong. He will devour the weak if permitted. He will take advantage of the unsuspecting. He will laugh at the good-hearted, the appeasers, and those who seek peaceful settlements. He relishes the nuclear option. He is evil, evil, evil and proud of it. Those that wield the sword of Islam and the black banner associated with it are oblivious in his intent. They are conditioned, brainwashed and taught to hate. They are rabid dogs.


The world needs to come face-to-face with this evil. It has been thrashing around in the Middle East, the (Maghreb), Spain, Asia Minor and parts of the USSR for centuries. But the devil wants more; it desires a world all for Allah. Ahah Allah! Is this what Muhammad intended? Or is this the result of those who took over his forces for their personal objective and greed. The avarice and greed progress under the banner of a supreme force, as if they are anointed by God. They are not. Anointed by Satan, possibly, claiming to be anointed by Allah and suggesting Allah and God are the same. There is much similarity between Allah and Satan. There is little between Allah and God, particularly when measured by Love.


God loves even those who do not currently love him; he waits patiently for them to know him, making himself available. Muslims convert by force, not out of love, but out of a want for control. No patience. No attempt to educate. No allowance for independent thought or freedom of conscious. There is no love in Islam. Allah suggests an ability to love, but only those who first love him. But then even that is conditional.

God’s Work

The work of political Islamist militant terrorist groups is not God’s work. It has reached a point where the world must resist. This is not a new phenomenon. Humans with accepting personalities who always want to see the good in others and who cannot accept the evils of elements of mankind wear blinders to the truth of the historical practices wrought under Islam. They are comforted by hope and distraught by the inconceivable lack of mercy by those acting in the name of Allah. Consideration might be given to invading the Middle East in a imperialistic style, taking control of the lands the Muslims have conquered and restoring them for a productive, peaceful, humane society where peace and the love of God prevails. Allow Muslims who converted under duress to apostatize and seek the God of Love, or their own choice of a path to follow as residents of earth today.

In the past 1400 years millions, upon millions who today claim to be Muslims have adopted a heritage, culture and lifestyle from a past of forgotten turmoil engendered by the ravages of examples of Muhammad and his successors. Yes, it would be a pluralistic society, but God would be given a chance, as well as the inhabitants to discover, be educated and learn for them the opportunity that exists for their salvation.

Grace and Peace.

[i] The Legacy of Jihad, Islamic Holy War and The Fate of Non-Muslim, Edited by Andrew G. Bostom, MD, Foreword by Ibn Warraq, 2005, Prometheus Books, Amherst, NY, pg. 79.

[ii] From Wikipedia – Al Qaeda is a global militant Islamist and Wahhabist organization traceable in formation to the Soviet-Afghan conflict in the 80’s. Osama Bin Laden one of the principal founders.

[iii] led by a one-time Guantanamo detainee – Sufian Ben Qhumu

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