The Power of the Mosque

UI – Part 272 – The Power of the Mosque

 House of Worship

Having a location where the gathering of members of a given faith meet is essential to all religions. They are called Houses of Worship. Jews go to their synagogues. Christians go to their churches. Muslims go to their Mosques. For the Christians and the Jews their places of worship are just that, places of worship. In some cases there are schools, private schools teaching kindergarten to 12th grade education in conformance with national standards, but they are part of the faith based campus. Mosques are different.


In some cases the Mosques are large and referred to as Islamic Centers.   This is in truth what they are intended to provide, a place to worship their Allah, to study their religion, and to listen to leaders who aide in the interpretation of Scripture. The emphasis in any teaching conducted at a Mosque is on the Quran and Islamic scholarship. They become a school, or Madrassa, as well as a house of worship.

 The US Federal Government frowns upon non-profit Houses of Worship going beyond the boundaries of their religion. The Government does not condone announcements from the lecterns recommending support for certain or specific political candidates. This would place the tax-exempt status of the non-profit religious center at risk. This may have evolved in America from the concept of separation of religion and government. However Muslims, at least where Muslims dominate, are living in areas where a Theocracy tends to prevail. The constitution of the land is founded on the Quran and laws are imposed and punishment meted based upon Islamic Law.

A recent blog posting/article, by Vijay Kumar: (re-posting from Aug. 7, 2013), titled THE MUSLIM MOSQUE: A STATE WITHIN A STATE, should be read. It addresses the Kaaba in Mecca, once a temple where over 360 idols where kept and worshipped by visitors of the various beliefs. It was a peaceful co-existence of many views, all in the city of Mecca. Muhammad forced change. The article speaks of the Quran as “a totalitarian constitution. It demands submission by anyone within its jurisdiction. The (Quran) governs all mosques everywhere in the world.” There is no allowance for religious freedom or as such tolerance for any religion other than Islam. The article addresses what it terms the “fallacy of the moderate Muslim.” The article concludes:

“Once Islam has established itself sufficiently in any nation, it seeks to overthrow any existing regime or constitution or law, and replace it with Islamic theocracy. Even the most “moderate” Muslim is bound to obey Islamic law, and so is bound to fight if ordered to fight:

“When you are called (by the Muslim ruler) for fighting, go forth immediately.” —Hadith Sahih Bukhari 4:52:79:Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas

All Islamic mosques have Islamic leaders (rulers) who can call Muslims for fighting, and as such are satellite headquarters for spreading Literal Islam’s political doctrine of world domination and totalitarianism—no matter how many “moderate Muslims” they serve.” (Read the whole article here)

Mosques/Madrassas in the USA

Since 1970 over 1250 Mosques and Madrassas have been built in the USA. During that period if there have been 5 churches built in Muslim dominated countries I would be quite surprised. The statistics show there were 1,209 mosques in 2000 increasing 74% to 2,106 in 2010. Young Muslims in America are not regulars. There is a concern they are losing their faith. Blame is given to America’s freedoms that are spoiling the young Muslims from their need to be dedicated to Allah and the Rule of Islamic Law. But as Islam grows in the States the youth will be empowered to act according to the superior nature they are being told they possess as Muslims.

From a Government Report[i] (CRS Report for Congress: Islamic Religious Schools, Madrasas: Background, “During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, in the era of Western colonial rule, secular institutions came to supersede religious schools in importance throughout the Islamic world. However, Madrassa were revitalized in the 1970s with the rising interest in religious studies and Islamist politics in countries such as Iran and Pakistan. In the 1980s, Madrassa in Afghanistan and Pakistan were allegedly boosted by an increase in financial support from the United States, European governments, Saudi Arabia, and other Persian Gulf states all of whom reportedly viewed these schools as recruiting grounds for anti-Soviet mujahedin fighters. In the early 1990s, the Taliban movement was formed by Afghan Islamic clerics and students (talib means “student” in Arabic), many of whom were former mujahedin who had studied and trained in madrassas and who advocated a strict form of Islam similar to the Wahhabism practiced in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries” (Here’s the Report)

 The Power – Allah’s Rifles Aimed at The Great Satan

The latter reference to the Taliban as students emerging from Islamic schools (madrassas) should be cause for concern over madrassas everywhere. With Saudi support and the indoctrination of students to Wahabbist ideas and the strict and hateful nature of Islam towards infidel, Americans need to be aware of what can take place. Those who were once trained as mujahedin to be educated and to fight the Russians (1979 into the 80’s) became their own force to be dealt with. Thus, Mosques and Madrassa in the USA can be foundations, ground zero, for the forces against the West that Islam desires to then use to strike down the Great Satan. What is taking place within the walls of the Islamic House of Worship in America?

 Beware those who dislike Freedom will position themselves to take your freedom away. A world all for Allah can only be a world of dismay, hatred, violence, chaos, and confusion. There will be no hope and no joy.

 The Mosque’s Power is Hatred of Freedom and Brainwashing

The Mosque is a Power center for Islam and Islamic Fundamentalism. It can make warriors of students. It has – the Taliban. It can make demonic hate filled boys and girls of impressionable youth, persons who minds once open are then closed to the beauty of the world. They will be conditioned by Pavlovian ulema to avenge those who love other gods, even the God of Love.

Hope and Joy

 The Christian God is the God of Hope. “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 15:13 NIV). God has provided a life on this earth to be joyful, to enjoy your work, be happy in what you do, and take pleasure in the Lord and what he has made possible. You can have fun. That is not what the Khomeini says, but then that is not what Islam offers.

 Believe in the Risen Lord and rejoice in the joy and hope that will fill you.

 Grace and Peace.                             


[i] Islamic Religious Schools, Madrasas: Background, by Christopher M. Blanchard Analyst in Middle Eastern Affairs Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division.Jan 23, 2008

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