Abraham’s Descendants – A Message

UI – Part 263 – Abraham’s Descendants – A Message

Man of God

Abraham was a man of God. Abraham was God’s friend. The Biblical details of Abraham are provided in Genesis. He was Abram when Ishmael was born, then renamed by God and informed he would be the Father of great nations. Ishmael’s mother was Hagar, the maidservant to Sarai. With his wife, Sarah (renamed too) they were the parents of Isaac.

God – The Focus

God is the focal aspect of the faith of those who claim they are descended from Abraham, whether from the seed of Ishmael (Ismail) or Isaac (Ishaq). We accept the Mosaic Laws as divinely inspired and a proper guide for living. In all we do we see God as our judge. God also makes provision for our Salvation. If we love God we want to be with him forever, in eternity, and wish to serve him in the Celestial City, be obedient, and accepted.

God’s Love – Allah’s Love

God, I believe, loves all mankind living today – the believers and non-believers. It is not an automatic that when born one follows God. It takes development, understanding and acceptance. What becomes evident with age is the creativity that encapsulates our lives. Seeing the truth that surrounds requires a selfless realization that we are not alone. There are those who disagree, who doubt to excess, and who are captured by the enticements of false gods, demons associated with Satan, that grab hold of the selfishness within to deny God and live as they prefer. We know, though, putting yourself in God’s shoes (or sandals), that God, as the parent of mankind, would love unconditionally those he created (all of us) in his image. The good seed or the bad seed you (God also) would love. Saying God only loves those who love him (as in the Quran – Sura 3.31, 3.57, 22.38[i]) cannot be true. It is not reasonable.

God makes those who do love him aware, his spirit flowing as water over the Niagara, of the need for a Savior. Jew, Christian, and Muslim cry out for salvation. If the objective is a life eternal with Him, to be saved is a requirement. Scripture suggests how that is achieved.


The ‘how to’ question (How to achieve Salvation) is answered when we observe the life of Christ. Jesus is the example of perfection – a life without blemish that would meet the standards of righteousness God requires. At the same time knowing Jesus we realize we cannot meet those standards. No one is righteous.

In summary thus far:

  • Love God
  • Seek Salvation
  • Need a Savior
  • Conform to the Life of Jesus

God in Our Lives

The obstacle is clear. Without God’s intervention we cannot conform to Jesus life. Yes, he can be the example, but we all fail because we all sin. Whether you believe in Original Sin or not; we all sin. With sin comes judgment that denies access to the Celestial City.

What to do?

It is not what you can do; it is what God did for you. This is not a President John Kennedy comment, “Ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country.” It is beneficial, a gift, a gift from God. What you do you do after you accept the gift; And it is how you do what you do, or do not do, after you accept the gift; you do it out of thanks, and what you do is good.

Jesus Divine

Jesus was God in human form. How else would God appear and be understood? That is why he was perfect. How else could he be perfect? But then he took it upon himself to suffer the severest chastisement we deserve for our sins; all of our sins. Muhammad never did anything like that. He killed before he would die for the transgressions of others. For those who love God he proved he loves mankind so much he was willing to die, walk the last mile, be tortured and then be crucified – the Romans form of execution for crimes.

There are those who believe God would not die for us. But there are many who know well the truth. Jesus became the Savior for us all. He became the likeness, the image, of godlike perfection and gave believers the pathway to follow. He was the new Adam. Jesus is the Gate through which our journey to the Celestial City begins in earnest. God provided for our salvation. It is not by works. It is not a constant series of mistakes, asking God for forgiveness, seeking repentance and being forgiven. He gave us the example to follow. Perfection is desired, but not possible for humans/mortals. Living each day, however, growing spiritually, staying on the Narrow Path, is what is asked once you understand and accept God’s gift in Christ. You are forgiven, although mistakes will be made, but the intent is to be better, be more like Christ, and repenting when you stray from the path.

It is the ‘good news’ of Jesus Christ. So be transformed knowing the spirit is in you, be thankful, and begin a journey to being as Jesus, as Isa, and having the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, as your guarantee and Christ as your advocate. How great is that. How great is our God! Know that Jesus was divine, as he was God made manifest on earth so we could know him, establish a relationship, aware it is possible and change our hearts. With confidence the guarantee of our salvation has been given to us. The work that follows, the good we do, the life we lead, will be filled with joy and hope resulting from our belief, not as a requirement for our acceptance.

The Seed of Abraham

We may all be in the line of the seed of Abraham, but those in the line of the seed of Isaac have been made aware of God’s plan. Many prophets forecast the coming of Christ. Moses did not speak of Muhammad, but of Christ.[ii] Jesus did not speak of the Counselor to follow as Muhammad but as the Holy Spirit.[iii] The Bible is not in error. Why or how could God make such a mistake? God does not err, nor lie, nor deceive; it is neither possible nor plausible unless you are in denial. From Leviticus (19:11) “Do not lie, Do not deceive one another.” From Malachi (3:6) “I the Lord do not change.” Once Christ died and rose again it was made clear that his sacrifice was for all mankind, everyone no matter race, lineage or location. He died for the sins of everyone, his severe chastisement (punishment) taken for you and me. He cleansed us in his blood. Believe and be a party to his everlasting hope.

If you can see the Gate (to the Celestial City), can reach it and are able to enter, you will be on the path as a follower of the one who has Saved you.

Thanks Be to God. It is thru Christ, not works compiled, but the good you do because you believe and are thankful. You will be monitored.

Grace and Peace.



[i] Sura 3:57 – And as to those who believe and do good deeds, He will pay them fully their rewards, And Allah loves not the unjust. S22.38 Allah’s love is conditional. “Surely Allah loves not anyone who is unfaithful, ungrateful. S3.31 Allah will love you if you love him, follow him. (conditional)

[ii] Deuteronomy 18:18.

[iii] John 14:15-16, 26,15:26

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