Jesus is

UI – Part 249 – Jesus is

Recently my wife and I enjoyed a sermon series on “Jesus is”.  There is a website: where you can enter who you believe Jesus is. Fill in the blank (______).  As ‘Jesus is LOVE.’  Or ‘Jesus is GRACE’.  Do it yourself by going to

Everyone has an opinion.  For Muslims the site could be Isa is ( ____).   For many there would be negative comments, such as ‘Isa is NOT THE SON OF GOD’.  Or ‘Isa is NOT DIVINE’.  But there would also be notes such as ‘Isa is PERFECT.’  ‘Isa is BORN OF THE VIRGIN MARY.’

Understand Truth

Understanding the truth of who Jesus is, or was, is a worthy exercise. The result of which can be quite enlightening, eye-opening and wonderful.  I would fill in the blank with RISEN.  Jesus is Risen.  For me this was a wake-up call to the reality of the Lord.  Witnessed by hundreds the resurrection of Jesus, the Christ, was proof of the truth he shared with his disciples.  He became the Temple that was to rise again after three days.  Jesus’ life has been attested to by many persons, both witnesses and researchers and not all Christ followers, such as Josephus. The time, place, the circumstances, and the affirmation of prophecies told in the Old Testament provide credible evidence of his existence, but it is his resurrection, that there is no grave, that confirms his divinity.  Add to my blank, Jesus is DIVINE, GOD INCARNATE.

Once you know Jesus you can better understand the reason God came to earth, lived in human form, and died to provide forgiveness for all who believe.  As sinners, and who can say they are not sinners or never sinned, we are bad persons since each sinful action is a crime against God.  Crimes deserve punishment.  Some people require less punishment than others, but being punished allows us to be forgiven.  Our crimes may never come to light in the societies in which we live, yet God knows.  To that all would agree.  Civil law outlines criminal actions against society that require punishment, the police out to get you, and once meted-out and conditions met the offender is free of his past.  But another crime is possible; another sin.

Earthy Matters

What takes place ‘under the sun’, referencing Ecclesiastes, is earthly matters, but what takes place in that Eternal Place is another matter.  If we seek Eternal Life, His Kingdom is open to those who believe and are righteous.  But to be righteous we must be forgiven of all our sins.   ALL is the operative term.  To achieve that end a sacrifice was needed, the punishment, so that total forgiveness was possible. God provided the Grace we need by sacrificing his only son, a substitute for you and me, so that we may live a life knowing we have been saved for His Kingdom.

Honoring God

What we do in life we do not do to earn God’s favor or to gain His love.  God loves all.  What we do knowing he died for our sins we do because we have been forgiven and we love God and want to do it for Him.

It is that simple.

It is not by works that we are saved, but by the Grace of God.  Blessings.


Grace and Peace.



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