Turkey’s Hope Being Dashed

UI – Part 264 – Turkey’s Hope Being Dashed

The Next Saudi Arabia

Will Turkey become a Sharia compliant Country – the next Saudi Arabia? Is this what the people voted for in the most recent election? Dawa is a tactic in Islam whereby change of a society takes place gradually, surreptitiously, and in many cases unknowingly until the last minute. Recip Tayyip Erdogan has successfully launched a political Party with an anti-corruption message to infiltrate a secular government and reinstate Islamic ideals. After WWI, Mustafa Kemal, known as Ataturk, instituted reforms that relegated Islam to a religion not a structure for government, separating Mosque and State. The veil of the Burqa was removed and the dress of the Nation became modern. The corruption that became the foundational theme of Erdogan has come full circle and is displayed by cronyism on display throughout his arena of influence. As Prime Minister Erdogan had the ability to put into effect using personnel that agreed with his quiet encroachment tactical changes that are moderating Ataturk’s accomplishments. Turkey is basting in the drippings of a new Sharia oriented blend of autonomy, religion and control.

Erdogan as President

As President of Turkey, now a distinct possibility, a decade of Erdogan’s rule could change Turkey, returning it to a darker age, a time more in the 7th Century than in the 21st. The process could entail elevating ulema to positions of both religious and political influence. If this is what the people of Turkey want, then so be it. But if not, then the question becomes one of what to do. Are the main street elements about to be put under the sword of Islam or will they fight back? Is the black flag of Islam emblazoned with the Shahadah about to be moved from the House of Erdogan to the House of Turkey’s Parliament? Has Erdogan compromised the military of Turkey to become forces for his objectives?

Are the Christians in Turkey, and others, about to discover what little religious freedom they now have will be curtailed even further?

It has been reported by many press agencies that Erdogan is supporting jihadists aiding in the Syrian conflict. Is this a philosophical support for Islamism that will translate into a device for control in an Erdogan Presidency? Will dissidents in Turkey find their fate as similar to that of people under Ahmadinejad, Rouhani and the Khomeini in Iran? Beware of the wanton desire to impose the will of man (Erdogan) on the people of Turkey under the name of Allah.

So Much for Hope

In a recent article in World magazine (April 19, 2014 issue), ‘No More Turkish Delight’, the author (Marvin Olasky) writes, “…ancient traditions backed up by dictatorial religion are hard to topple, and those forecasting the growth of freedom in Muslim countries may have to follow those words by saying ‘April Fools.’” A 100 year run of freedom in Turkey may be coming to an end.   The residents of that Country that have enjoyed this period should say ‘Thanks to the ‘father of Turkey’, Ataturk, for what could have been. Erdogan will not be the father of a free Nation, but the Warden of a Prison of caged Muslims if allowed, enabled, and supported in becoming the next leader of this Country.

So much for hope. We must all pray for the people of Turkey whose innocence is being subjected to an evil among them.

Grace and Peace.





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