Lack of Muslim Objectivity

UI – Part 246 – Lack of Muslim Objectivity

Tweet, Tweet

You Tweet, I Tweet, we all Tweet.  Social media is an informative instrument. It enables dialog, discussion, debate and expressions of venom.  Recently I responded to a Muslim, call the source @Z, who upon a review of this website immediately labeled me a “Christian Extremist.”  Admittedly I am a Christian, but do not consider myself an extremist.  I love God and my neighbors.  Not all neighbors are Christian.  I enjoy meals with them and sport.  As friends they do not consider me extremist either.  I feel confident @Z did not explore in depth the more than 200 posts that seek an intelligent informed response to concerns about Islam. Are there not Islam Apologists?  Instead @Z responded as a name-caller.  He could probably get a job with C.A.I.R.


I admit I am a bit of an Islamophobe, certainly by the standards of C.A.I.R. .  Such a posture, or personal label, has come about through research, study, review of the Quran and the history of Muhammad as well as Islam, and commentary from many Muslims who provide feedback as has @Z.  Where I may have been disillusioned was from a lack of response to doubts or concerns I had about the ideology or religion of Islam.  Too often I was informed that blind faith was the requirement; questioning the Quran was forbidden.  Sura 42.35 reminds Muslims, “And those who dispute about Our messages may know; there is no refuge for them.” Thus, blind obedience is necessary; it is evidence of those with correct faith.  It is not a ‘fear’ of Islam that is my Islamophobia, as the word would suggest, but a concern for the reality of Islam.  My phobia is Islam itself.  It has nothing to do with the people, the Muslims, except to the extent they lack objectivity or tolerance.  It is a concern, a phobia, towards this ideology put forth in the Quran, interpretations of a violent nature, the example of a violent Muhammad as one to follow and emulate, and the inconsistencies in the living standards of Muslim authorities and their constituency.   It is resistance to accepting Islam as a valid religion.  I consider it more an ideology with political overtones, not godly ones.  For those that ‘fear’ Islam, it is the potential retribution, the harsh chastisement, towards those who so doubt this religion, as I now do.  Islamophobia can only arise when used as a label by Muslims threatened by those with disputes over Islam and questioned or challenged for the ideology in which they have been indoctrinated or culturally born.

This may be hard for some to believe but I consider myself objective.  My blogs offer the opportunity for response (‘Comments’) that hopefully can open my eyes and those of others to where I have gone wrong; where I am miss-informed.

The Clarion Project

C.A.I.R. has propagandized in opposition to showing a film about honor killing in the Muslim world (Honor Diaries – see Trailer) , not because of its content (so they claim), but because the group that produced the film was anti-Islam. They refer to the Clarion Project as Islamophobic. The obvious question is who would produce such an honest film that was Muslim?

Labelled Islamophobic by C.A.I.R. (The Council of American-Islamic Relations) The Clarion Project has a stated mission (from Wikipedia) to “educate people about the inherent dangers of Islamic extremism, provide a platform for moderate Muslim voices, and motivate people to take an active stand against those who want to deny others their basic human rights.”

This does not sound as Islamophobic to me as C.A.I.R. suggests, but certainly from their perspective any non-Muslim speaking about Islam is unqualified and should not be allowed to object to, raise doubts about or question the practices of Islam, the Quran or the scholars (ulema) of this ideology/religion. (For more goto their website)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Brandeis

In the United States C.A.I.R. recently took steps and succeeded in having Brandeis University (a co-educational, nonsectarian university) withdrawal an honorary degree for the women’s rights advocate Ayaan Hirsi Ali. In a cowardly act by a University one would believe would be a staunch supporter of victims of oppression and egregious human rights violations, this institution of higher learning bowed to pressure from an Islamic organization. C.A.I.R. seems always willing to condemn those who oppose Islam even though the actions they point to are real and totally objectionable – such as female genital mutilation. They have not objected to these heinous practices of their ideology. Brandeis role as an educational institution that would encourage students to stand-up for their rights, to be independent and to express their displeasure regarding unfairness towards others, was reduced to a cowering whipped puppy without a willingness to be a leader for its own students and community.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is correct when she says there is a war against Islam, not against Muslims, but against this violent ideology calling for the extirpation of all peoples not Muslim. When I say all peoples not Muslim this would include moderate Muslims who are not dedicated, devout keepers of the weapons of destruction, or active users of such weapons against the infidels.


C.A.I.R. has an Islamophobia-phobia.  They are the turret’s syndrome nature of Islamic radicalism with immediate reactions to any non-Muslim having concerns about Islam seeking an open forum.  They are afraid, yes they have a ‘fear’, that the truth will be exposed to hundreds of millions of Muslims, non-Muslims made more aware, and their financial flows will be curtailed.  They are paid to complain.  They complain and complain and complain with little justification other than using the black flag of Islam as a blanket over the truth wherever they can.

Recent Posts

Recent Posts have questioned the objectivity of Muslims, or more so their individuality and independence.  Not all, but surely the ulema, or scholars, and many strong natured correspondences on the topic from the Muslim camp are close minded and defiant suggesting a question raised, a doubt, in its own right, is persecution or defamation of Islam.

Responses from women have been more open minded and at times in agreement with the discussions on oppression, human rights, and limits on personal freedom, especially in Islamic controlled areas.  The Al Qaeda in Timbuktu, Mali, exemplifies the intolerance fundamentalist Islamists have towards women.  They entered this area and forced women to wear hijabs and less colorful clothing.  They imposed sanctions on open displays of affection, or even the possibility a man and woman might have a loving relationship (sexual or otherwise).  Separation was mandated.

Many male responders are represented by the likes of @Z.  They negatively reflect on Islam by their intransigent nature.  They are defensive, argumentative, verbally abusive, and provide no explanation for questions asked or doubts raised about Islam.  Their actions or expressions are intended to demean more than explain.  They cannot provide enlightenment to a doubter.  They simply label them as infidels – Islamophobes persecuting Islam.  C.A.I.R. is their political voice.


My Blog expresses my opinions from what I read, experience, from world news, and actions by Islamic Fundamental extremists, commentary from third parties, and the lack of response by moderate Muslims (of which I know there are many) to terrorist or extremist acts or comments. @Z saw fit to expose his lack of objectivity writing, “don’t need answers from a Christian extremist.  Keep them to yourself.” I was not providing answers, unless suggestions to follow Christ fit that scenario.  In response I agreed noting my, “need (for) cogent answers from the ulema,” to which the articulate @ Z Tweeted, “don’t need an imbecile putting words in my mouth.  Please go away.”  To wit, just asking of the Muslim community via a Blog and opinions expressed, concerns raised and doubts posed, makes me a ‘Christian Imbecile Extremist.’  (That is to Mr. @Z as a minimum.  Thankfully there are others more intelligent and helpful in their comments.)

What does that make @Z?  Does he represent all Islamists? All Muslims?  Who does he represent?  Even though I have generalized, to be objective, I will conclude he only represents himself.


Certainly any opportunity at dialog was lost. I do not Follow @Z. Another failed attempt to have an open discourse on Islam.  By the same token the closure of the minds of Muslims, far too many, may too be a failure only protected by “fighting” the infidels, “hatred” towards Jews, Christians and the West (freedom), and cries of “persecution” against those who are only seeking clarification, justification and knowledge.  Al Qaeda as a force represents to the fullest extent possible the faction which engenders Islamophobia.  C.A.I.R. acts to protect groups such as Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and their own extremism.

Even among Muslims there exists concern the scholars (all who might be so viewed) provide answers more as a deflection than attentive and responsive to their inquiries. Any request using words that suggest doubt are often met with a response similar to what follows:  “Are you questioning Allah?”  To which the only come-back might stop the inquiry, consideration for being seen as less than faithful swelling up inside. “Well, no.”  And the scholar then says, “There, now you know.”  Where is the objectivity?

Now You Know.

There are too many cowards like the administration heads at Brandeis in America who bow to the laments of C.A.I.R and other extremist Islamic mouthpieces that want the truth suppressed.   Why?

Grace and Peace.

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