Muslim = “Innocent”; Infidel not “Innocent”

UI – Part 240 – Innocents

 General Definition

The term ‘innocent’ needs clarification.  Most think of the application of this word in terms of ‘guilt.’  If not guilty, then innocent.  Pluralized the word refers to a group of people. ‘Innocents’ are those free of liability, guilt, or blame.  If harmed in any way they are the ‘Innocents’ caught in the cross-fire.  From a military point of view the ‘Innocents’ may be collateral damage. 

Islam’s Definition

In the Muslim world the Innocent are Muslims.  Jews and Christians, Infidels, to include pagans, are not among the INNOCENTS.  If those factions, the non-INNOCENTS, are caught in the cross-fire, the damage is Okay.  That is Allah’s Will.  If one not an Innocent is killed, that is the Will of Allah; just one less infidel.

When you apply a dictionary definition and view the explanation from a Muslim perspective you may see more clearly:


1.   Uncorrupted by evil, malice, or wrongdoing; sinless

2.       a. Not guilty of a specific crime or offense; legally blameless

           b. Within, allowed by, or sanctioned by the law; lawful.

3.       a. Not dangerous or harmful; innocuous

           b. Candid; straightforward

4.        a. Not experienced or worldly; naive.

           b. Betraying or suggesting no deception or guile; artless.

5.        a. Not exposed to or familiar with something specified; ignorant

            b. Unaware

6.   Lacking, deprived, or devoid of something

7.   A person, especially a child, who is free of evil or sin.


The ‘evil’ the Muslim sees is learned from the Quran and the scholars of Islam.  Evil is inherent in anything that is not Islamic.  Muslims do not accept the Biblical reference to Original Sin, the corruption of man in the Garden of Evil.  Nor do the Jews. Muslims claim they are born without sin; Christians are then evil since they accept their sinful nature. Jews are evil because they do not accept Muhammad as a Prophet.  The evil ones are the infidels, by Islamic definition standards, and are thus not among the Innocents.


From this there is a cautionary appreciation one must have for the use by a Muslim of the word.  If you are not Muslim you can never be Innocent or among the Innocents.

Grace and Peace

2 thoughts on “Muslim = “Innocent”; Infidel not “Innocent”

    1. Women, yes, but the children need, as I understand, to be raised as a Muslim. This applies to women that are Christian or Jewish, of the Abrahamic faiths. Others are to convert. Inheritance becomes a question too if they do not convert. Where Sharia Law rules then conversion is recommended. For a Muslim woman an Imam will not marry unless the husband is Muslim; if not Muslim the man must convert first to be married. A secular marriage may be possible, civil marriage, in a secular society, but frowned upon. That is the little I understand.

      If the Muslim woman wants to marry badly enough, loving the Christian man, then becoming a non-Muslim may make sense, except for the issue of apostasy. Independence becomes the issue. Study the Bible, try to understand and compare, and see Isa (Jesus) as the Savior, dying for the sins of mankind and spiritually restoring those who believe – reborn in the Spirit of the Lord. Joining in love and matrimony and sharing the faith is a pathway to a happier marriage, less complications. God’s love shared only strengthens the bond engendering a family foundation that loves God and neighbor above all else and makes for peace and harmony that is the music of equality and respect for each other.

      The Islamic Laws of marriage are manmade and most restrictive when it comes to love. God must be first, not the potential to shame or dishonor a parent. Pray and seek answers. Let your heart decide, the spirit of the Lord guide you and the blessings fall upon you. Christ died to forgive our sins, freeing us to decide rightly having the Holy Spirit as a guide. Seek out the one who assures your salvation, let your heart be opened and your voice will speak of a hope and joy as never experienced before.


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