The Key to the Kingdom

UI – Part 254 – The Key to the Kingdom


Promises, promises, promises.  “You be a good boy or girl and rewards will flow your way.” Obey what the Lord says about the Quran; this book provides the way, Muhammad the Messenger.  Clearly the scribes of the Quran wrote or compiled from the recall of surviving Companions of the self-proclaimed-Prophet a guide book for Muslims.  Written in the 7th Century, approaching 1400 years ago, this document has been the Scripture for a population descendent from the imperialism of the Caliphs after Muhammad died. He was a mortal, as even he states.  His body is buried in Medina.  A Mosque was built where he died and was buried.


Works is what matters to the Muslim.  I’ve written on this topic in the past. I compare the ‘good’ as described in Islamic culture and literature as Green Stamps, rewards, collected for doing good, even tempted but not proceeding, and more.  More stamps are provided when there is good in the heart of man than taken away for evils committed. “Good is always multiplied and evil is nullified.”[i]

Collect a pocketful of stamps or even a warehouse full of stamps and bring them to the gates of heaven.  God’s Kingdom awaits.  But there is a catch.  According to the book of Islam Allah decides, no matter the truckloads you have to present his Will dictates.  He can say no.  Salvation may be promised, but beware, hear his voice, “There is no guarantee.”  Do you sense ‘deception’ in His voice?  

In fact more than no guarantee there is no KEY to the Kingdom for the Muslim, even the most fundamentalist Muslim, the Islamist has no Key!  The Quran suggests Allah will be just, on Judgment Day, and “as for those whose good deeds are heavy, they are the successful.”[ii]  They are the ones with the largest truck or having the biggest bags of Green Stamps. “As for those whose good deeds are light, those are they who ruined their souls because…”[iii] they did not listen to Allah’s and Muhammad’s message.  This provides Allah much to consider in making this last day decision.  You, the Muslim, are indeed at Allah’s Mercy.

Heaven’s Gate

Come to the gate and wait.  Watch others that approach for whom the gates are opened.  Try to get in their line, and you will be expelled by the advocate.  He knows who has a key. 

The way, the truth and the light to the gates of the eternal kingdom are given those who believe in Christ.  Christ was not a mortal.  Christ was divine.  There is no temple, church or mosque built over where he died and was buried.  He rose, returning to His Kingdom.  Know this.  God provides the KEY.  You want the KEY.  God has given it to you, if you realize and accept his gift of forgiveness through his Son incarnate – God as man.  God could never appear on earth as God; you could neither see him nor know him.  He had to be as man so we could see and know him.  Born of a virgin, even the Quran acknowledges, an impossible act for a human, adds to the miracle of Christ’s life, he who lived and died for mankind.  More importantly he took the punishment we deserve for our sins, our evil; he was our substitute. He freed us to be righteous in God’s eyes, no need to weigh the good vs. evil, and gave those who accept his Grace the KEY.

Sins Forgiven

His sacrifice, his act of forgiveness for our sins, past, present and future (but you must demonstrate your belief in the gift – sins by error – with repentance), are for those who can accept this event.  How crazy to think Christ died, was buried, escaped death, appeared after he died, having Risen, and after 50 days ascended to heaven.  He left us his love, his gift, his example and the KEY. You know the KEY is with you as you come to believe, the spirit Jesus promised fills you, His Spirit dwells within as a Reminder and Guarantor. 


Allah, Muhammad and the Quran provide none of the elements you need to be saved.  Islamists can kill all they want. They turn to Muhammad as their example, a man who in Medina (Yatrib at the time) smote hundreds of men. This is not God’s Will.  Muhammad’s example of violence, best exhibited at the beheading of hundreds and hundreds of the Banu Qurayzah Jews in Yatrib, overseen by Muhammad himself, where he said to one, a captive about to be killed, “By God I am proud I opposed you. He who forsakes Allah will be forsaken.” It was then off with his head.  It was Muhammad who was forsaken as the Jews did not see him as a Prophet.  “We knew, know, the Prophets and you are no Prophet.”  This example for Muslims to follow is but a mortal, a man whose selfish mission to enforce his will upon others, using, blaspheming, God’s name, is difficult to understand.  How over a billion find such an act of violence, no love of neighbor, worthy is incomprehensible? 

God may have used him to gather the people of the Peninsula to believe in God, pagan practices set aside, but the tattoo of sin emerged and took hold of his inner-strength and weakened him to his own desires. Where Muhammad failed was in acknowledging his sin, repenting, accepting Christ (he lived a life denying, yet knowing Christ), and allowing God’s forgiveness to make him right with God.

One WayOld_Key2

Go forth and make peace.  We may not all agree.  Our religions differ.  Spirituality is not a generic equivalent to the way to the eternal Kingdom.  There is but one way.  Offered only by a loving God, not a violent God, loving all who believe and all who do not believe equally, his door is always ajar, having graciously provided the KEY to Home.  You have that key if you want it, if you so desire it.  It is not by good works, but by being thankful, believing, and following the example Christ provided.  He was perfect, not a murderer, but a servant to all.  He suffered for all. You can have a relationship with the true God and find the front door to Home open when you arrive.  No need to knock, or ask, that decision for you to enter has already been made for those who believe in Christ.

Thanks Be to God.

Grace and Peace. 

[i] Quoting a footnote from interpretation of The Holy Quran by Maulana Muhammad Ali, pg 208 to verse (Sura) 4:40

[ii] Sura 7:8

[iii] Sura 7:9

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