Who Protects You? – God or Allah

UI – Part 214 – Who Protects You? – God or Allah


I am the good shepherd.  The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.  The hired hand is not the shepherd who owns the sheep.” (John 10:11). 

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10)

Consider these two verses from the Bible.  Think of your life, your future.  How do you seek protection?  Who protects you?  Is it God?  But is it the true God who has made provision for your safety and eternal life?  Jesus was a prophet, all agree, and he brought to earth the message of God, making God known so humans can have a relationship with him, made possible by his incarnation. His divine nature was made known upon his resurrection as evidence for his man-God presence on earth.  Reality can be accepted or not.  Reality is no less real if it is denied.  It becomes a philosophical conundrum.  If not accepted it is denial.  With witnesses, hundreds, to an incomprehensible miracle (as all miracles are incomprehensible) taking place when Jesus crucified came to dwell among his closest followers for over a month, overcoming death after sacrificing his life for the transgressions of all mankind, we are faced with reality.  Accept this truth and you will be changed.  Do not accept this truth and you will be fighting God until the day you die.  There will be no foundation of support below you in your darkest hours.


The thief is your subconscious that may be conditioned by the spirit of darkness to deny the reality of the resurrection as well as the life and death of Christ.  It is also the scholars, authorities, false teachers and persons who argue for the superiority and strength of those who only come to steal, kill and destroy faith in the Risen Lord, or God, that collaborate with the devil in dispelling truth.  They may work to make moral truth known, but diligently condone antithetical actions for pleasures obtained, making an escape from an eternal future their imposed substitute reality. Their framework of excuses enables immoral behavior to be acceptable as they impose their god, their will, human will, upon their flock.  They can argue there is a reality of human existence sans a supernatural being as that which cannot be understood or scientifically proven cannot be real. They can also argue their moral compass is from an opposing point of view, limited to a god as they describe, for their purposes and to satisfy those over whom they compel obedience. They impose human rights as they wish, not in equal measure as God would. Miracles are non-existent.  

The thief works as a force of evil to turn your heart and mind from God towards self, an ethical and moral life modified from the Bible without direction or purpose, except as that purposed by the individual, not God.  The Bible offers a compass for living that is righteous and acceptable to God, but impossible as an act of only being good.  It must be accompanied by the Grace and Mercy of God through the ultimate sacrifice of his human element – Jesus.  As sinners, everyone of us, tattooed with the human stain, we must experience the trial of His judgment through education and experience to then decide for ourselves the life we choose to live, either saved by his sacrifice and made righteous in His eyes, or unworthy and subject to His wrath on Judgment Day.  We are given a very short visit on earth to make up our minds, be guided by the truth, and live.  Or we die, never to experience the Joy of an eternal rebirth.

Moral Values

It is most interesting that the Quran, the Scripture for the masses of Muslims, offers no additional or original moral values, accepting that which God put forward through the Book of the People (The Bible).  The Bible is the basis for life.  It contains nothing that requires alteration.  It cannot be disputed as a guide to a moral character and life acceptable to God.  It makes for a body of followers capable of peaceful co-existence with a common bond of fellowship as brothers in Christ.

Thanks Be to God for the Life he gave to those who believe and can now experience his forgiveness, his support in good times and bad, his unconditional love, his honesty, and his guarantee.

Live in Christ

Live in Christ so eternal death and spiritual death will not pass your way.  You too will overcome physical death as did Christ, resurrected with the body of believers.

Grace and Peace.

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