Egypt – Political Islam – Obama/America – Egypt’s Future

UI – Part 213 – Egypt – Political Islam – Obama/America – Egypt’s Future

July Surprise – Egypt

At the end of June and early July (2013) the uprising in Egypt erupted anew.  The Arab Spring that succeeded to host free elections resulted in a political team, lead by Morsi, whose intentions were less oriented towards the people of Egypt as a whole, and more to re-establishing a presence for the Muslim Brotherhood and the goals they had established in the very beginning.  The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has had a history of growth, then debate and restraints imposed on their intentions.  They are clear – a Caliphate, a world all-for-Allah, and Sharia Law for those living under the black banner of Islam.  The goals of the Muslim Brotherhood mirror those of the Wahhabists, with significant Saudi financial support, and a political order more religious than economic.  The economy of a nation lead by the Political Islamists is secondary, possibly even lower in the order of priority, than the theocratic order of society.

In more clear terms the economy of a nation led by Political Islamists (Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Saudi Wahhabists on the Sunni side, and Khomeini Imam’s, Hizbollah on the Shiite side) is of less importance than control of the people by Sharia Law.  It is all for Allah, and little for the people.  Growth and prosperity are of little importance.  As Morsi demonstrated the economy was ignored.  It would be interesting to learn the extent to which his personal bank deposits in numbered accounts in Switzerland grew?  Political Islam and a thriving Economy are incompatible.

The people of Egypt want to see their wonderful Country restored to succeed in business, tourism, economic development and opportunity (jobs).  The youth clamoring for independence and a chance at a modern lifestyle spoke out in Tahrir Square, the military of Egypt heard them, and now there may be a second chance.  But they need a leader.  They need a person capable of representing their desires, their want for freedom, and a balance of the culture of their youth, their faith, and modernity.  That was lacking before, and may be now.

Political Islam

Political Islam is the ultimate, the pinnacle of religion and governance.  It is not mosque and State; it is all mosque.  The capital of the nation under Sharia will be as a mosque, the followers to obey and respect the 5 Pillars, the tenants of Islam above all else.  But can religion and politics succeed? No, I say, no.  They are destined to fail.  To maintain, as has been demonstrated in most Middle-Eastern countries dominated by the political Islamist elite and their ulema (scholars), requires oppressive acts.  There is terror within as well as terrorism without the boundaries of those areas dominated by the black flag emblazoned with the crescent moon and sword or the words of the Shahadah, the authority of men acting as gods, demanding respect and strict obedience to live a life without any consideration for the history of the world, beneficial scientific discoveries and developments.  All is conducted in the name of Allah as if this is what god wanted.

If Muhammad is the example, then understand how his methods dovetail with Political Islam.  I am about to quote from a reply to a discussion piece on Islam and Muslims that have left this religion/ideology at (July 4, 2013) by a person with whom I am not familiar – Saleem Smith.  He wrote, “Muhammad preached his religion for 13 years and garnered only 150 followers.  But when he turned to politics and war, in 10 years he became the first ruler of Arabia by averaging an event of violence every 7 weeks for 9 years.  His success did not come as a religious leader, but as a political leader.” Thus the example that Muhammad represents.  The underlining of  ‘violence’ is to make clear his methods, then those of Al Saud when establishing his monarchy (that became Saudi Arabia) with Abdul Wahhab as his religious leader, his interpretation of Islam applied, then those of the Khomeini’s when they returned from exile in Iraq to become more involved in the politics of Iran and to curb the desires of the people to be more westernized, and the actions of Al Qaeda, and certainly the Morsi Egypt attempt, they among other Middle East dictators reflect on Muhammad and his need for violence to achieve order on his terms, not Allah’s.

Political Islam is not a case of mind over matter, but a case of men-over-others.  Know that it exemplifies Islam as a political model, not a faith based religious movement, but a demonic overthrow of the minds of the people subject to the sword of Islam. For those who live in constant fear, believing they are protected by Allah, they will realize one day their fear is not god, but the sword of men who are taking advantage of their culture, their heritage, for purposes other than as god planned.

The evolution of Islam for the Sunni and the Shiite, and the myriad of related factions and offshoots, is as political, even moreso, as it is religious.  The religion of Islam is less a faith based society of believers as a structured oversight board, a counsel of religious and political leaders acting as if god is on their side, knowing what they have achieved (politically) is to their benefit, the people are their pawns, and the rewards they attain for themselves is not Allah’s will but their own.

Political Islam has corrupted the Biblical God for their purposes and uses God as Allah to achieve their ends.  Just as did Muhammad.  His success was not attained as a prophet preaching to the people of Mecca, an attempt at proselytizing peacefully and sharing the gospel, which for him did not work (because his message was not clear or his leadership neither compelling or inspired), but as a military and political dictator first in Medina and then when his army was large enough, sated too with the spoils of victory over weak and unprepared opposition, in Mecca.  This was not the progress of a faith in Allah, but that of a conqueror whose lack of success using the words of his Allah had to be converted to the use of the sword, beheading those who would not comply with Muhammad’s dictates.  Oh yes, and this was as Allah willed? Or as has been suggested by many others who doubt Islam, the work of Satan.

See article on reaction of Islamists – Killing a 19 year old boy –


For many Americans Obama is on the wrong side when it comes to Islam.  He is weak and non-assertive.  He bows to the politically correct to not offend or to garner votes and popularity.  To truly lead is not a beauty contest.  Not all terrorists are Muslims.  Not all who commit heinous acts of violence are Muslim.  But for those that commit acts in the name of Allah, the shout Allahu Akbar heard in advance they must be profiled for what they are.  And those whose hatred for non-Muslims, even their Country if not under Sharia, who have been brainwashed into believing a world All for Allah is the only world in which people MUST live, causing death and destruction to unsuspecting citizens, they must be profiled for what they are.  The collateral damage from profiling is significantly less harmful than death to innocents.

Obama and prior Administrations of the United States have had difficulty grasping the role of Political Islam.  Islamic Fundamentalism was viewed as a passing or temporary religious fever.  If the Fundamentalist’s objectives fit with America’s at the time to curb Communism or the threat of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons, or other WMD’s, or impacting the protection of Israel or democracy in the Middle-East, America would provide support and seek assistance in achieving America’s goals.  America never anticipated, which has happened repeatedly, the financially supported and militarily armed Islamic Fundamentalist, one day Sunni, the next Shia, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Syrian rebels, or another Islamist entity, turning on America.

Support the Christians

I have made note recently America should have supported the Christian groups within the borders of Middle-Eastern nations allowing through them for aide,  education and opportunity to be provided the residents, Muslim, Christian, Jew or otherwise.  The political leaders would seek out the Christians for their financial support instead of America.  Maybe they would have known better than our political State department, CIA, FBI, and whatever covert operative agency engaged in the areas, and their appointed bosses, how to deal with the Fundamentalists and what to expect.   Deception is inherent in Islam.  Obama is now showing too how easily he is deceived; and that lack of wisdom, that penchant for political correctness, a divisive nature in seeking personal achievements, is making him appear weak, feckless, and ill prepared to deal with the travails of the world, even those in America.  America is a strong nation with a weak President.  That is not a good combination either.

God on Your Side

May you discover that God is on your side.  You can deny this, but it is a fact.  He sent Jesus Christ to demonstrate to the world just who God is, the Father remaining unseen except for the human incarnation, the Son, He provided.  Jesus is not of human blood and DNA, but of divine elements.  He became the New Covenant for the covenant breakers we all are.  God enabled thru his incarnation the re-establishment of a right nature between man and God.  Forgiveness of sin was provided, punishment meted, for those who can and do believe.  Your will is whether you have a heart for God or not, whether you deny the facts of history, the miracles of Christ, or not.  Believe in Christ your savior and be Saved for eternity.  You have the mind, the independence and the ability to discern, God’s gift, and if applied it will reveal the truth.  Only when suppressed, when restrained in your ability to think clearly, when living in fear of man, not God, when under a demonic spell, and when willing to suffer the possible consequences political dictators can order, under Sharia as an example, can you be otherwise denied or prevented from living a life for the True, the Biblical God.

Future for Egypt

We can only pray that Egypt’s future will find a leader who has a love for all the people of Egypt, not just Muslims, or Islamist Fundamentalists.  When I say all the people it includes Christians, Jews, gays and other affiliate groups.  We can only pray the leadership will be selfless, and loving of the history and culture of this great nation.  The leader must represent the youth and modernity.  Times they are a changing and nowhere can a nation hide from events taking place to bring people out of the darkness into the light of a more tolerant world order.  We can only pray the appointed or elected leader wants Egypt to become prosperous and participate in the world economy.  Egypt needs a leader with counsel and administrative positions that focus on Egypt’s economy, infrastructure and job opportunities above religion, relegating religion to be practiced in mosques, temples and churches without government intervention.  We pray Egypt’s new governing body is objective and open to new churches, the practice of other faiths, protecting and encouraging their development, as well as in keeping the heritage of Islam.  We pray the new Administration has ears to hear, minds to discern, and a heart for the common good.  May they not see their personal wealth an objective more important than restoring the wealth of this nation.

Grace and Peace

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