UI – Part 176 – Temptation (III)

UI – Part 176 – Temptation (III)

 Infidels, Islam and Temptation

Are those who do not believe in Islam tempting Muslims to cause harm?  Proselytizing is interesting as Muslims view those who attempt to convert them to another faith  a tempter.  Such activity might change the minds, the thinking, the focus of Muslims and must be prevented,  removed or stopped.  Exposure to thoughts counter to Allah or the dictates or life of the Messenger Muhammad,  the directives in the Quran, the interpretations and teaching of the ulema are verboten.  No independent thought is permitted when it comes to alternative religions (or Ideologies). Even if a person simply preaches from a location and discusses personal beliefs, if Muslims are nearby and the discussion is not in support of Allah, then ‘hate’ is suggested, or proselytizing.  Even if the preacher had no idea if a Muslim was nearby, or within earshot, encouraging them to listen.  If the words of a non-Muslim suggest to a Muslim to alter their course of religion, in effect tempting them to be an apostate of Allah, then it is the preacher that is in the wrong. That is wrong.  The preacher is simply saying what he believes.  Freedom of Speech.

As a Blogger I do encourage Muslims to find an alternative religion.  Moderate Muslims confound me.  They do not take the Quran as a whole, choosing those parts that are, in fact, more biblical, less prone to war or hatred.  But the Islamists insist the Quran as the words of Allah spoken by Muhammad are to accepted in their entirely.  The frequent calls for jihad, war against the infidel, are to be understood and practiced.  The world All for Allah is to never be forgotten.  Pluralism is not encouraged.  Jews are hated and yet historically when Muhammad lived no Jew ever caused physical harm to the Prophet or his companions, yet Muhammad had them displaced and as for one tribe, extirpated (killed via beheadings and buried in a ditch while he watched).

Muslims seek to blame not themselves, but others.  If a male Muslim is tempted, and succumbs, it is not his fault.  Where is the logic?  No – it is the fault of the one doing the tempting.  How selfish!  How wrong!  How obviously distorted!  Is this what Allah said, Gabriel related, and Muhammad recited?

The Quran as Authentic

From the time messages were first relayed to Muhammad and then put to paper in final form 25 to 30 years went by.  If Allah is God, then there must have been some static, distortion or misinterpretation along the way as from Allah to Gabriel to Muhammad to many Companions, even Zaid, and then to Uthman (3rd Caliph after Muhammad’s death), and putting to paper it only makes sense changes took place; the messages could well have been altered.   From heaven via an angel and into the mind of a man resting in a cave, then on to companions to repeat and share, Caliph’s to collect and impose their thoughts or constraints – the Quran was developed.  Should we not question the accuracy of the information, and if not, why not?  The words of the Quran are those of Muhammad through 3rd parties, some, as in the Hadiths, a century later.  The records were developed many years after Muhammad’s death and after several of the reciters were killed in the Battle of Yamama.

The words recorded that comprise the Quran were after:

  • years of claimed persecution on the part of Muhammad for wanting a monotheistic society (with polygamy at home),
  • an army of followers rewarded with the spoils of marauding caravans (5% to Muhammad),
  • the takeover of Mecca as retribution (vengeance satisfied) for causing Muhammad to leave out of fear for his life for disrupting their culture,
  • additional revelations while in Medina,
  • defeat of those who initially protected Muhammad when asked to assist in settling wars between Arabs and Jews in Medina,
  • multiple wives (more than 4) including one who had not even attained puberty,
  • Muhammad’s unexpected death with no provision for succession,
  • a battle between Muslims and those compelled to Islam that revolted after Muhammad’s death, wanting their freedoms restored, and
  • the loss of many reciters (Companions) and the need to gather all Qurans drafted and have one text that represented a consensus for Islam.

Does all this suggest that Allah was in control?  Or is man’s hand more prevalent in the final document than the truth.  Is the Quran authentic as the word of Allah?  Temptations are noted and the blame cast upon others, never those of this developed ideology.  Even the Bible is criticized as corrupted by man.  Yes, the Bible in the form of the Quran was corrupted by men.  It is not the Bible that is in error; it is the Quran.  The blame for temptations alone makes clear the men composing the Quran were directing their own program, excusing their own weaknesses to temptation and blaming all but themselves.  It is not the infidels, the People of the Book that are at fault.  The People of the Book were inspired by the flawless word of God.

Temptations of the Men of Allah Exposed

The temptations of the men of Muhammad’s history and their submission to him are reflected in the tenants of the Quran.  It is a defensive mechanism using Allah, making Allah as God (the Trinity or the God of the Jews is not Allah).  It is the shield of Muhammad and his followers for their own transgressions, interpreting them into a tribute, called holy, to their subjecting entire nations to Allah and the example of Muhammad.   The call, the jihadist war cry, “Allahu Akbar!” before opening fire or wielding the sword, or flying planes into tall buildings, is a call to allow Muslim men to be tempted as they will and control as they will and lead the life they prefer in deference to the true God.  The true God would stifle their wants.

An interesting note.  Isa, Jesus as referred to in the Quran, is said to be perfect. With this I would agree.  Now consider the heresy of claiming the perfect Isa a liar.  The Muslims do so by denying Jesus own words and statements.  They are biblical and true.  How then can man even suggest the Word of God, the Bible, was corrupted by men.

Seek Freedom

May we all find in freedom the pathway to Salvation provided by the true God?  The sacrifice made for mankind, the saving grace of God and his mercy, have been demonstrated and contained in history that extends for thousands of years.  The Bible has recorded events as they occurred.  There have been many witnesses.  We are all mindful of the presence of God and those that choose the Way are assured by the Holy Spirit living within as a reminder and guarantee of an eternal future.  Only in denial can we find an excuse for the temptations which we selfishly accept.  Knowing we cannot avoid all transgressions God has provided forgiveness.  We are to be thankful for his forgiving nature and the ultimate act of forgiveness.  We are all God’s people and a product of his creativity.  We cannot substitute another as god.  It would defy His commandment to’ have no other gods before me’, and that includes man placing himself on a pedestal of judgment as god, especially when judging religious customs and practices.

Leave it to civil authorities to judge the most heinous of crimes, man against man, one witness equal to another, with equal rights for all assured.

Leave it to God, Judgment Day, to weigh our lives, our practices, our beliefs, our faith, and make the final decision as to whether we have defied his commandments, not our mothers or fathers, but our Father In Heaven as he made a record in the Book of Life.  Only then will we know whether we are destined for eternal fire or eternal glory with Him.

Let man not be your judge, but God.  Find a culture that embraces God, not man, and follows the ethical and moral principles provided in the Bible in the Constitution they live by.  The Commandments of the Bible are adhered to in the Quran, an example of knowing the Book (Bible) that is flawless.  Let the Bible not be corrupted by any other document, as then it would only be the weakness of the human nature in denial of the true God reflected.

Let your strength be in the Lord.  Stand-up for what is right.

Grace and Peace

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