UI – Part 142 – Quran Burning & The Wrath of Islam. Arab Spring Failing

UI – Part 142 – Quran Burning & The Wrath of Islam

The Flowers of Democracy are Wilting

The Arab Spring was expected by observers of events from outside the region to be the emergence of the flowers of democracy.   The youth movement sowing the seeds has found the ground upon which their plantings deposited to be less than supportive of a productive new society.  Instead the weeds of Islamist fundamentalism are sprouting.  Fertile soil is being impregnated with poisonous elements allowing the restraints of Sharia to curb any positive change.  Caretakers that were incarcerated for the bad fruit they produced have been freed and now find an outlet for their limited forms of fertilization.  The fields that will bloom will be unified in appearance, taste, and quality.  Fences of barbed wire will prevent invasions from sources that might encourage more opportunistic growth, plus watchdogs will walk the plantation to insure any intruder is eradicated.  Allah forbids a new encouraging type of healthy bloom will be discovered.  It will have to be located and destroyed.  Nothing new is allowed.  The methods of the 7th century will remain the methods of the 21st century.  The research and development labs will be limited to those engaged in the study of what has been revealed with only new restrictions, regulations and laws allowed to keep the garden from seeing more light than is allowed.  The gardeners of the new fields will be the Islamic police.  Beware if you grow, pick or smell a flower that is not permitted.

Arab Spring Gushing Now with Islamism

A torrential storm has descended on Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya, and now Syria.  The rivers are exceeding their banks with Islamism and the desire for constitutions predicated on Sharia Law.  Was this the outcome those that braved their lives desired?  Or was the objective only the right to free elections.  The concept of human rights and freedom as a whole, couched in terms of democracy is not what is occurring.  The incompatible nature of democracy and Islamic Law are taking precedent.

Was this foreseen?  Arab Spring Springs A Leak. – Part 123 posted in October 2011.


In Tunisia, the most secular of the Springs, the Ennahda Party is showing its teeth.  Kept at bay under the deposed leader (President Zine El Abedine Ben Ali) this organization, led by Rashi Ghannouchi, a self-proclaimed student of Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini, is leading an anti-America campaign.  America is labeled by Islamists repeatedly as the Great Satan.  I personally see more demonic practices exhibited by Muslims; call them radical if you like, than Americas (or Westerners).  Christians do not behead those who persecute them.  Christians do not kill Muslims if they burn a Bible.   Maybe it is civilization vs. heathenism.

Islamists need targets to hate and in addition to Jews and Christians, America is the largest and most identifiable and notable.  A good discussion on this can be found at:  http://www.maghrebchristians.com/2012/02/24/arab-spring-brings-the-decline-of-secularism-in-tunisia-2/

Freedom of speech is under attack.  That is nothing new in established Islamic Counties like Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.  The objective of the Ennahda Party is an Islamic State.  Even the specter of doubt towards the religion of Islam or God, caused by the airing of the French cartoon movie, Persepolis, was condemned and the owner of the TV station that broadcast the film is on trial for blasphemy.   The film depicted God as a cartoon character.  The man’s house was attacked, firebombed, by an Islamic mob.  Attacks on the media, suppression of speech and expression, are becoming more frequent.  This is being done to prevent any criticism, of government, religion, the violation of public morals (objectionable photographs), and more.  The Salafi’s in particular are heard shouting, “Allahu Akbar’, the Wahhabi doctrines (from Saudi Arabia) being employed.


In Afghanistan they did not need an Arab Spring to become militant.  A country historically reserved and willing to be overrun by outsiders, to include the Russians and the Taliban, they are now showing signs of becoming more religious, at least to the extent of the most intolerant aspects of Islam.  The Americans helped them escape from the traps of the Russians and the Taliban, only now to be vilified and hated.  The American military is training locals; helping with the infrastructure, working to rebuild an economy, yet the thanks they receive is in the form of insiders with keys or combination lock access armed with weapons used to kill those only wanting to aid Afghanistan.  Every American in Afghanistan would prefer being at their own homes, in their own beds, with their families yet they are sacrificing for a nation whose ideology now appears distorted by the claims of Islam –  hate has arisen and the hatred of Islam worn, possibly tattooed, on their sleeves or arms.  The catalyst may have been the burning of already desecrated Qurans aided by a weak apologetic President Obama, but it is the Islamists using the conditions precedent to compel others to rise up for Allah and share their hatred with the world.  It is on stage for all to see.  It is not pretty – and it is not godly.  It is a wrongheaded ideology encased in its own venom.

 Goal of Islamists

The goal of Islamists:  Take countries, areas, out of the natural order of things and adopt Islamic values.  Should Islamic values and activities of daily life be the same?  This goal is no different from the goals of the Caliphs immediately after the death of Muhammad.  They immediately began an imperialistic movement using their armies and swords to take control of many areas from the center in Medina and Mecca, all in the name of Allah, but mainly for the power of an Empire and the treasures provided for the conquerors.  It was for self- aggrandizement, establishing the laws of Islam as they progressed in order to impose their will on their conquests.

“The Quran remains the soul authoritarian base for legislation, whose early manifestations are the scholars…,” from John R. Bradley’s book, After the Arab Spring[i], “who interpret it so that the state’s function is essentially executive in nature.  To put it in a nutshell:  Islam is the answer to everything, the final authority, and the sole source of legitimacy in government.”


The Muslim Brotherhood is gaining in Egypt.  New offices in the Muqatam neighborhood are quite upscale from where they were headquartered prior to the upheavals in Tahrir Square.  From behind marked doors to a prominent address, their logo emblazoned over the entry.  Their slogan: Islam is the Solution.  Political Islam is underway.

Muslim Youth May Have to Wait

The youth wanting free elections and democracy may have to wait.  They are being marginalized. Will they regroup and strike out again against the powers of the scholars of Islam reading and interpreting for them how they must lead their lives, as well as pray and worship, even choose God?  The Islamists proclaim and make known there is no compatibility between Sharia and democracy, Sharia and freedom.  If you want democracy, if you want freedom, essentially they are saying you cannot follow the Scripture of Islam, thus you cannot be Muslim.  If you are Muslim and that is you wish, freedom, democracy, and independence, you may have to become an apostate.  Just how many apostates can the Islamists hang before they realize their barbarism is not the solution.  Islam is Not The Solution.

Yemen, Libya, Syria

Similar changes to the intent of the movement in Yemen and Libya are being observed.  What will happen in Syria is up in the air at this writing.  The government in charge is showing the world, as has been done in the past in Iran, they will not tolerate dissent.  Even if the cry is for more human rights, that is not what the government wants to hear.  They are in charge, it is their country, the people are under their thumb, the treasure and the resources of the country are theirs and they are not yielding to common sense.  It is an act of selfishness against a rebellion that only wants peace.  It is a demonstration on the methods Islamists employ to control Muslims in the name of Allah (for the benefit of the powerful).

The Wrath of Islam

Infidels, apostates, critics, cartoonists, photographers, and free people are subject to the wrath of Islam, not of Allah, but of those who proclaim Allah as their God.  It is a means to an end that makes no sense.  It is an ideological form of hatred for hatred sake.  It goes to the Quran, Sura 60:4 –

“We disbelieve in you and there has arisen enmity and hatred between us and forever until you believe in Allah alone.”

This statement by itself, a verse of Islam’s Holy Scripture, written in the Quran, a book Muslims become incensed over if burned, insures their hatred is known.

Desecrated by Muslims, Afghans, used to write-in and then pass between prisoners, copies of the Quran, already spoiled by the graffiti scribbled by believers themselves, were destroyed.  Uprisings took place in Afghanistan to object to the burning.  Americans and Afghans were killed.  It was senseless.  Is a human life a fair exchange for the burning of a Quran?  Please tell me if that makes sense to you.  Consider if that is your contention, that for every Christian killed by a Muslim, infidel or Jew as well, a Quran be burned.  This act would serve to celebrate the life of the human exchanged for a book.  This would not be godly, nor is what is taking place in Afghanistan this day a godly act.  Even Allah would not approve.  It is Islamic hatred on display.

Why Hate?  Hate Laws.

Any country with hate laws must consider this text of Sura 60:4, these words that are preached and commanded to obey by the ulema, the scholars and the authors of Islamic Law, as the announcement by the Muslim authorities globally that “We hate”.  Why Hate?  They do it for a cause any logical person will never understand.  I have been trying now for two years.  They say it is to achieve a world all for Allah.  But this is no way to go about a potential peaceful objective in the name of God.  A righteous god would be appalled.

Understand Islam

May the world come to understand Islam.  It is an ideology of hatred.  It is a mechanism for controlling unsuspecting persons so that the ‘haves’ can have more and the ‘have-nots’ can rely on Allah.  The power structures use the believers as their army of destruction, in the name of Allah, to continue the imperialistic ways of the early Caliphs Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman.  They established a pattern, they wrote the laws (Muhammad did not write the laws) and they encourage more such legal restraints be cuffed on the hands of all who follow.

May God find a way to bring more to his temple and guide nations and peoples to the kingdom He established.  It is not the kingdom many men have established and continue to expand in the name of their imposter for God.  Allah may be God, but not in the way Islam has engaged his persona for their purposes.

Grace and Peace.

[i] After the Arab Spring, by John R. Bradley, 2012, Palgrave MacMillan, NY, NY 10010

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