UI – Part 141 – Wake Up to Islamic Fundamentalism

UI – Part 141 – Wake Up to Islamic Fundamentalism

The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. (James 5:16)

There is much at play in the World. Conflict appears at the forefront. Most military engagements today involve Islamic Fundamentalists. If the Muslims’ were at peace with their own, let alone Israel and the Western World, battles in Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Nigeria and Somalia would not be on-going.  There would not be fitna’s (civil war) in Muslim areas between the fundamentalists and the moderates.  The in-roads in Pakistan by Osama Bin Laden’s followers should be of concern to everyone. The re-grouping of the Taliban in Afghanistan and reestablishment of a base there must be watched by the entire world as that was the base from which 911 was initiated.  Growth in Islam in European Countries should also be a warning. The growth of Islam and the application of Sharia Law in the courts of justice in the UK are disturbing.  We cannot remain politically correct about Islam.  Islam and Islamism is all the same.  


We need to know more about Islam and understand the goals.  The Muslim Brotherhood’s objectives have been made clear.  The Objective is Allah for all, the Quran is the guide (plus Laws written by a multitude of scholars these past 1400 years), the Prophet is a focus for leadership (and he was a war-monger), “Jihad is our Way”, and dying for Allah is of great merit.  This way of thinking, in my view, is diabolic. 

 C.A.I.R. has made statements in America suggesting:  Islam is superior and will be dominant in America.  Equality with other religions is not a consideration.  They too see the Quran as the Constitution that will be and should be “the highest authority in America,…Islam the only accepted religion on earth.”

 The Christian God and Allah are not the same. A former radical Shi’ite Muslim was quoted in a recent book as saying, “If Islam is so peaceful, why isn’t there even one Muslim country that will allow freedom of religion and speech?”  Decifering the logic of Chrsitians (God) and Muslims (Allah) suggests clear differences.

 Arab Spring Leaking

What the world saw, labeled the Arab Spring, was to be a revolution resulting in freedom, free elections, choices by Muslims in the respective countries with respect to their constitution and elected officials.  The outcome has been an increased presence and activity by the Muslim Brotherhood[1] directly or via various sub-groups or spin-offs from that organization.  The young under 25, which my understanding populates over 50% of the middle-east, were the catalyst for change.  They are not however politically adept in making the change they wanted to happen. 

 The education of the young Muslim is being conducted in madrassas equipped with texts prepared by the most extreme of Islam, the Wahhabists, and taught by scholars that inflict a daily mantra of hatred towards Jews and the West.  The West is anything where democracy, freedom, secularism and religious freedom is openly conducted. 


The Islamists take advantage of religious freedoms to deceptively infiltrate and cause the Ideology of Islam to grow.  Mecca had freedom of religion prior to Muhammad.

 Why do so many Muslims want to move to America or countries where pluralism exists?  They do it for the freedoms.  But then the fundamentalists follow and apply coercion, guilt, fear and dogma to quiet the outspoken, to quell concerns expressed by the media using threats of harm, even death, to those who might object of anything Islam.  They challenge anything critical of Islam that the media publishes.  If the halls of a college are filled with moderates you can be certain there are fundamentalists present taking names, pictures and preparing their jihad against those with open minds. Closed minds, restricted thinking, fearful followers are preferred.   Know their practices, those of Taqiyya, Kitman and Da’wa.   Where in a Muslim dominated country is there freedom of religion – proselytizing for a faith other than Islam is strictly forbidden?


We must not encourage or embrace multiculturalism.  If you choose to live in a new country then adopt to the ways of that country.  Melting pot countries, America the most glorious example, welcomed all people, all cultures, all races and offered legal immigrants the opportunities they only prayed might be available to them.  Those that came in the past wanted to be part of America, no longer part of what they left.  They made the effort to learn the language, the history, abide by the legal system in place and become citizens. It was hard, many had difficulty with learning a new language, but their children did not.  Traditions of the past may have been retained, their ancestry highly regarded, the positives of their past lives remembered, and the horrors never forgotten.  But the objective was to be an American.  They were proud to be an America and sing the Star Spangled Banner.

 Multiculturalism has changed that, allowing immigrants to cloister together and become a microcosm within a new world.  That should not be embraced as it only leads to divisiveness and tensions between sub-groups.  The goal is to be as one nation. In America that is one Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for All.  We must speak with one language.  Have common signage.  Learn in one language.  Have our laws focus on the common good.  Speak English everywhere.  Multiculturalism has diverted attention away from the requisite of oneness.  That is the case in Europe and the United Kingdom.  What is happening there can happen in America, and anywhere that enables the requirements of entry into the new world to be watered down and controlled by an Ideology that does not espouse that of the area to which emigrated.

David Jeremiah

May I recommend the book, What In The World Is Going On?[2] by Pastor David Jeremiah of Shadow Mountain Community College, El Cajon, CA. It will enlighten readers about events in the world and biblical prophesies. The Islamic threat is discussed in an objective fashion. Christians are asked to pray for Muslims and he suggests “Muslims are not beyond the reach of God’s grace.”  If they have access to the Word they will see the Light of our Lord and, though it may not be easy, find a pathway out of the darkness and involuntary acts of submission under which they are kept.

Grace and Peace


[2] What in the World is Gong On?, by David Jeremiah, Thomas Nelson Publishers,Nashville,TN, 2008.

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