UI – Part 137 – Islamic Imperialism

UI – Part 137 – Islamic Imperialism

Islamic Imperialism

Who in the world is overtly attempting to expand territories and control greater numbers of people?  For what purpose? Imperialism is considered an effort by a given country to expand its influence by incorporating captured, or overthrown areas, into its own, under its flag and government.  However when religions grow, they generally do so independent of the governments of areas in which they spread.  Not the case for Islam.  Under Islam the governance of an area, the law of the land and the life-style of the people is to be Islam, under Islamic Law.  Thus in Islam the application of Imperialism is to achieve, as is the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood, one world order, the Umma, all for Allah and under a single world leader or most influential Islam scholar, the ulema to all nations.

Population Statistics

The largest Countries by total population are China and India, with the United States a distant 3rd.

Here is a list of the top 10 by Population (numbers rounded – 000’s)

  1. China                          1,340,000
  2. India                            1,210,000
  3. United States                 313,000
  4. Indonesia                       238,000
  5. Brazil                             191,000
  6. Pakistan                         178,000
  7. Nigeria                           162,000
  8. Russia                            143,000
  9. Bangladesh                    142,000
  10. Japan                              128,000

Land Area of Countries

These numbers may surprise you.  By land size we have the top 10 in square miles; Russia has a commanding size advantage over others, much of which is snowbound tundra, with Canada, China and the United States following with similar land masses.

 Country                       (# miles)

  1. Russia                         6,602,000
  2. Canada                       3,855,000
  3. China                          3,722,000
  4. USA                            3,718,000
  5. Brazil                          3,288,000
  6. Australia                     2,970,000
  7. India                            1,269,000
  8. Argentina                    1,074,000
  9. Kazakhstan                 1,052,000
  10. Algeria                            920,000

World Muslim Population

Muslims comprise approx 23% of the world population, 1.6 Billion, living predominantly in the Middle-East.  Indonesia is the largest Muslim, and 4th largest total population. Indonesia,Pakistan and Bangladesh are in the Top 10 by total population and predominantly Muslim. India because of total numbers also represents one of the largest Muslim populations, although only 13.4% of their total population.  The split of Pakistan and India in 1948 resulted in the migration of most Muslims to Pakistan.

Muslim Population (Est. 2009)

            Country           Muslim Population     Muslim %       Muslim/Total Muslims

  1. Indonesia       202,867,000                 88.2%                  12.9%
  2. Pakistan         174,082,000                 96.3                     11.1
  3. India               160,945,000                 13.4                     10.3
  4. Bangladesh    145,312,000                 89.6                       9.3
  5. Egypt               78,513,000                 94.6                       5.0
  6. Nigeria             78,056,000                 50.4                       5.0
  7. Iran                   73,777,000                  99.4                       4.7
  8. Turkey*            73,619,000               ~98                          4.7
  9. Algeria              34,199,000                 98.0                       2.2
  10. Morocco*           31,993,000              ~99                         ~2

Arab Muslim Population

The largest Arab Muslim countries are Egypt and Algeria; neither is in the Top 10 by Population.  Iran would consider themselves Persian mostly Shiite, and are notably absent from this list (source: Wikipedia).  Iran would be 2nd if considered Arab with 74 million Muslims.  Afghanistan, also Persian, with 29 million people, would be 7th.




         World ranking

1                                                                        Egypt



2       Algeria



3       Iraq



4       Morocco



5       Sudan



6       Saudi Arabia



7       Yemen



8       Syria



9       Tunisia



10       Somalia



The top 10 Arab Muslim Countries add up to about 306 million people. That is 20% of the Muslim population.  If you includeIran&Afghanistan, we are closer to 410 million or 25%.  Terrorist activities appear to be from people based in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and Yemen.

Islamic Objective

The goal of Islam, at least the most fundamental, the Islamists, is spreading the Ideology  (the religion) of Islam and the constitutional elements they believe should be born out of the Quran – Sharia Law – country by country.  The use of terrorist tactics, outright war, and cultural insurgency (Dawa) are common practices that historically have eliminated hundreds of millions from the ranks of non-Muslims and moderate Muslims.  It is notable that more Muslims have been eradicated in the name of Islam, the fundamentalists at odds with the more moderate or objective sects of Islam, than non-Muslims.  That trend may not change immediately, continuing as it is in places where the Arab Spring sprung and the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi’s are at work making the water pure by their standards.

Most recently the Islah group in Yemen has an army that has been killing other Muslims, members of sects that are not of the same persuasion as the Islah party.  Islah and the Muslim Brotherhood have a close affiliation.  They were to be peaceful.

The West is clearly a target.  Success is evident already in Europe and Great Britain where the presence of Muslims and the call for Multiculturalism, a politically correct (but negative) approach to diluting established standards of a society, is advancing. Some changes in thinking towards support for a multi-cultural environment are being seen.  It only makes sense if you live in a country to be part of that country, speak the language and learn the history. If you come to France or Germany, even the UK, is that not because you wish to be French, German or British, or at least enjoy the freedom, opportunities and advantages that they offer.  If so, then seek to be a citizen of that which you prefer.

Multiculturalism can be observed in the use of more than one language, by restaurants and food emporiums catering to food requirements of ethnic groups, not voluntarily but by regulation, and concentrations of cultures that refuse to adapt to that of the local area – and the government going along with it.  It is also notable in expressed outrage, calls for hate crime legislation, laws against anything said that might be divisive towards a segment of the population, even though no harm is done.  The legislatures are acquiescing to such demands.  Courts are also showing how they have been impacted in judgments made; judges have (inadvertently, I say) used laws, religious or from international circles, that are not of the Constitution of their homeland.  Most often cases involve family matters, but regardless when the application of law is of an Ideology different from the Constitutional Laws of the land in which one lives, it is wrong.


Influence from the most fundamental Islamist schools is found in many non-Muslim areas.  A percentage of oil revenues are being applied to establishing schools, texts and methods for educating the young that strongly favor the most Islamist ideals.  The madrassas are the mosques and education centers for teaching the Islamic ideals.  Non-Arab areas such as Indonesia and Pakistan are engaged in a torrent of attacks effectively targeting smaller cities to establish model Islamist areas.

Recent reports of a Christmas Day act of violence against Christians in Nigeria are important to note.  This Country is half Muslim, but the hatred towards non-Muslims prevails as vicious attacks occur all too frequently.

The Imperialism is not to expand the territory, but to expand, by the sword (i.e. military or terrorist attacks) and dawa, the world All-for-Allah.  It is a diabolic approach to growing one’s faith. (I see it more Ideology than Religion).

Eyes Need to Open, Minds Need to Understand

The World needs to open their eyes and minds to events that are taking place.  Independent thought must be encouraged.  People need to mature and understand their need for clarity of judgment.  Analyze the words of your faith, the laws of your countries, even the local laws, and the convictions or proclamations being promoted.  Look into the hearts of the leaders, the media darlings, and decide for yourselves whether what is being said or supported matters to the human race as a whole.  Are human rights being denied – yours or anyone else’s?   Are the leaders in it more for themselves or do they truly care for the People?  Islam is not a People oriented Ideology.

Change is possible when the People represented, not the representatives necessarily, realize they are the victims, they are being used, and they are being taken advantage of for the benefit of the Imam, the President, the members of Parliament or the legislature.

Manufacturing – Jobs

It is not the manufacturer, or the productive elements of a society that cause harm, as many politicians attempt to portray.  It is the lack thereof.  The members of a society that want to work can only be a benefit to society as a whole.  It is a creative, industrious nation that progresses and builds a culture that can be good for everyone.  When a nation becomes subject to the whims of a government influenced by Scriptural Laws, then it is doomed, it will be relegated to an impoverished state to rely on crumbs offered to sustain and control the masses.  Why in the Arab Muslim world is there so little manufacturing of the goods and even the services used?  Is it Allah that provides, the Will of Allah that makes the weapons, the automobiles, the health care system, the safe water and safe foods available for the locals?  If there was not a third-party source for, nor the funds to purchase, the goods and services now used in places like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, the Emirates, and Dubai what would happen?   If oil had not been first discovered and developed by non-Muslims where would the money be today to spread Wahhabism?

If the Arab Muslim world were to run dry of oil, or alternatives for oil discovered, what would be the outcome for the countries noted?

Jobs are essential.  Indolence or lack of opportunity leads to stress and dependence, if not on the government, then on habituates. Yemen men seem to survive on Qat.  Qat is a stimulant that just about every other country in the world prohibits.  If there was work, manufacturing, opportunities to be productive, then the focus becomes one of self-worth, growth of an economy, better life-styles for family and friends, and a more cordial and cooperative society.  Without it you have the Occupiers, the rebels, the ‘me’ population crowding about with hands held out for the crumbs the government can provide – in exchange for their vote of support.  Also you have youth that can be recruited to do the bidding for causes they are trained to support, they are paid to support, their families are rewarded if they support, and they are convinced what they are doing is for religious purposes, even if killing or suicide are involved.  Allah can provide if you hate those you are told and convinced to hate and carry out missions against them.  Who are you really helping?

Pray for a Free World – All the World

Pray for a world where the conscious mind can know when it is being brainwashed, or used by others to do their calling in a destructive manner.  The Rights of each individual must be fully embraced, as one would want for themselves.  Kindness, love and a caring attitude of one human towards another is that which needs to prevail.  Only a loving God can do that, and those whose eyes are open to that loving God, who are no longer blind to the truth, will know it is not a command to love god but a voluntary act for the One who came to save all mankind.

Pray that people will learn and understand Islam and the negative impact creeping Sharia has on all people, the common person.  If the objective is to grow Islam for a world order all for Allah, the imperialistic goal is to conquer each nation, country, area and take control by changing their constitutions to that of Islamic Law.  Allow then the scholars of Islam to inform the nations of the methods they are to employ. Enable the Caliphate to then be reborn as the umbrella that shades the world in Sharia.  The Caliphate can be the Thumb of Allah in the hands of man.

Resist what is uncivilized, the hate and the suppression in Islam.

Grace and Peace

One thought on “UI – Part 137 – Islamic Imperialism

  1. Amen Brother…Of course, you know it is written, but, you are a great watchman, and people should become aware of the attempt to spread “Sharia” law everywhere, just as more need to learn the things they are hearing, seeing, and about to unfold on the world stage…IS INDEED Written…Bless You,
    People will be saved through your words…I firmly believe that.
    Teach On Brother..


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