UI – Part 136 – Allah’s Thumb

Allah’s Thumb

Under One’s Thumb

The expression of being ‘under one’s thumb’ conjures up thoughts of total control or dominance.  Being subject to another’s whims is as being under the thumb of another.  In Islam the ultimate authority is Allah.  The Will of Allah as recorded in the Quran is not to be questioned and the directives from the Quran and the Five Pillars of Islam are to be obeyed as a matter of Islamic Law.  Allah’s Thumb stands between Allah and mankind and provides a shadow over all who are Muslim and conditioned to submit to His Will.

Muslim Brotherhood

If the Muslim Brotherhood (‘MB’) applies its slogan, in time and with patience, the world is destined for a return of the Caliphate.  The Slogan: Islam is the Solution.  I ask the solution to what?  It cannot be the solution to the excessive turbulence, hatred and skirmishes, including actual wars, taking place in so many arenas in this world. It is not the solution towards obtaining peace.

Muslims, the fundamentalists, the ulema that espouse Sharia and a world All-For-Allah, are wanting the Thumb of Allah on the necks of all mankind.  Those not of the order of Islam are to be eliminated or reduced to servitude, possibly slaves, acquiescing forcibly to the claimed superior nature of the Muslim. Even those Muslims that are not of the schools the fundamentalists prefer, the likes of the Sufi or the Zaydi, are considered too permissive and subject to being corrected, or reduced to ashes as if they too are infidels.  Where is the peace in that?   Now the MB refers to the Caliphate as the goal of “Mastership of the World.”[1] “All Islamists have the same goal: the establishment of a Sharia-enforcing caliphate.” [2]  It is interesting they suggest Jerusalem as the base for a restored Caliphate.  That is in your face humorous yet ‘for real.’

Not only do the Islamists want to eradicate Jews, they would like to eliminate the Bible and all Judeo-Christian beliefs. Even though the Quran contains much of Biblical traditions, even laws, the corrected copy, as they refer to their Scripture, being the Quran, is to become the Constitution of the Caliphate and each Nation that falls under its dominant positions.  The MB will not use terrorist tactics, leaving that to others, using dawa instead.  The gradual infiltration of all areas making alterations as necessary to allow Sharia to further develop and become the rule of law is part of the Action Plan.

The MB Credo:

  • Allah is the Objective
  • The Quran is our Constitution
  • The Prophet is our Leader
  • Jihad is our Way
  • Death for the Sake of Allah is the Highest Aspiration


Da’wa refers to missionary work to spread Islam, incrementally, to impose Sharia and a caste system in which women & non-Muslims are subjugated.  Conversion is the objective.  Da’wa is not like other missionary work. To advance the acceptance (or tolerance) of Islam, its principles, and to eliminate the competition (freedom, democracy, Christianity, Judaism, secularism, etc), it applies all available means of pressure:

  • political campaigns,
  • Lawfare (legislation),
  • infiltration of the media,
  • scare tactics
  • control of the education system, etc.

Countries or governments that allow for the common good in their civil laws are anathema to Islam. They are the barricades the MB will attempt to break through and establish a foothold for Islamic Law. Where they can establish a stronghold,  with Egypt in play, possibly Libya and Yemen, and using spin-offs from the Muslim Brotherhood and the ulema that apply the philosophy and thinking of Sayyid Qutb, they will enforce the no proselytizing dictates of the Quran.  They will force by fear and trepidation, as the example of Muhammad, conversion or dhimmi status to those not in line.

The Non-Arab Muslim World

Arabs are not the dominant sect of Muslim.  The largest Muslim Countries are not Arab. Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria and Bangladesh are not Arab.  The ulema, the scholars, they too are teaching and proclaiming the philosophy of the most extreme of thinkers, not just Qutb, but Maududi.   Qutb and Maududi have come to essentially the same conclusions.  The application of reason when it comes to the Scripture and other books of Islam used in the political, judicial and civil cases of Muslim are wrong.  Reason suggests permissiveness, which they will not allow.  What THEY define, Allah Wills. Of what Allah Wills, they define.

For those in America and other democratic free countries, for those in the UK and Europe, Greece, even those in more secular areas, even Muslim (Turkey), beware of the goal.  In America we have C.A.I.R., like the ACLU but to defend Islam, an organization some label as ‘moderate’ (the Council on American-Islamic Relations), whose stated objective, made by their founder, Omar Ahmad, in California:

‘Islam isn’t in America to be equal with any other faith, but to become dominant.  The Koran, the Muslim book of Scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.”

That quote speaks volumes for establishing Sharia, a totally unconstitutional system of religion and law in the USA.  It is un-American from my vantage point, yet our Government allows C.A.I.R, MSA, and many other Islamic organizations to practice. The USA allows madrassas to teach hatred and Imam’s, from their lecterns in madrassas or Islamic Cultural Centers in America, to tell their audiences that killing Americans is praiseworthy, especially soldiers, that Muslims who die fighting against America and what we represent (which is freedom) and for Allah are to be supported and heralded as leaders for their cause.

Ideology vs. Religion

If Islam were only an Ideology it would not be allowed to advance or be given the PC treatment to the extent is has.  I believe it is more Ideology than Religion.  Allah may be the same God the Christians and Jews honor, but Allah has been converted by Muhammad and his Companions, the ulema and other Islamic scholars, to be more what man prefers than what god would prefer. If you are in doubt though, and this from the Quran itself, go to the Bible:

  • Sura 10:94 – “If you were to doubt as to what We have revealed unto you, then ask those who have been reading the Book from before you; the Truth has indeed come to you from your Lord….”

 This verse authenticates the Bible. The Book that came before the Quran, since it is used extensively by the Quran, is the Bible.  How then was the Quran corrupted by man?

Islam is an Ideology.

Allah’s Thumb

Muhammad and his Companions, those who are credited with the contents of the Quran (it was not ‘uncreated’, I believe, as some Muslims claim), are important to the Book of Islam.  It is not only the sayings of Muhammad that are considered in Islamic jurisprudence, it is also the sayings of Companions as well as subsequent scholars of significance.  However the Quran was not recorded until 12 or more years after Muhammad’s death.  The 3rd Caliph Uthman took on the project.  There were many consulted for their recollections of what Muhammad may have said which he received in caves, on 3 occasions.  The angel Gabriel visited him and relayed words of Allah.  Allah did not appear himself, using instead Gabriel as his avenue of transmission. Input for the Quran was provided by others, not Muhammad who died, but by those who could remember and recite what they learned from Muhammad during his lifetime.  Their own thoughts and recollections could well have been colored with their personal triumphs, desires, wants and needs to then be justified in this Scripture.  They were not all equipped with the same knowledge, or had the same experience or even association with Muhammad.  His wife who was 40-43 years younger, Aisha, was one of those sharing her memory. She recalled, to the best of her ability, what Muhammad shared with her.  He shared as much as he could when not with his other 11 wives, or with other Companions, or in the field fighting wars against the Meccans and other non-believers.

The Quran was constructed by word of mouth.  From Allah to Gabriel to Muhammad to Khadija, to Abu Bakr, Aisha, Ali, Umar and so on, to include Zaid (the secretary) and hundreds of men, primarily, that associated with Muhammad.  All was kept in their heads until after Muhammad died.  Some of the memorizers were lost at Yamama. 12 years after Muhammad’s death Uthman took the time and made the effort to assemble the recollections of those still alive.  There was more than one book recorded, then combined, in part or whole, until scholars working with Uthman, taking all the copies, supposedly, decided on a final compilation and that was to be THE Scripture.  All else was destroyed.

When Muhammad died a battle was fought (632 – Yamama) by those who wanted to stop the spread of Islam.  They wanted the engagements conducted and the army created in the name of Allah to be no more.  Although those opposing Islam were not victorious hundreds of Companions, memorizers of words spoken by Muhammad, died and that which may have been a component of the Quran was lost forever.  It has never been said that what is written in the Quran was the inspired word of God, but that it was what God (Allah) actually said.

So from the Quran, the sayings and diary of Muhammad and Companions, a new world order was to be established.  It was to be under one God – Allah.  Those leading the campaigns to establish this new world order enjoyed the spoils of the wars fought and won, along with the extra women that resulted (since their husbands were killed) and the children to be brought up and brainwashed in the ways of Muhammad and the surviving Companions.  One in particular, Umar, the 2nd Caliph, would be a General in today’s armies.  He continued the spread of Islam with the sword held high. Ill-equipped defenseless populations were destroyed or commanded, out of fear, to convert.  This activity continues.  Umar was assassinated.

This is the Thumb of Allah, the Quran, suppressing freedom and encouraging an Imperialistic spread of Islam using Jihad, Deceit and Dawa to achieve an end.  That end, if ever attained, will not be peaceful.  Allah’s Thumb has been substituted by man in the structure of Islamic (Sharia) Law.  Sharia is as Allah’s Thumb overshadowing all Muslims and keeping them under tight control.

Pray for Open eyes, open Minds, and Hearts for God

Pray for eyes to open to what is transpiring and seeing Islam for what it is, not just those who are the infidels, but those who are Muslim, embrace Islam, yet know it not. Or what may be the case is that the Islam of one Muslim may not be the Islam of another.  Battle lines are drawn.  There will be winners and losers.  And all are supposedly applying the Will of Allah.  Is the Will of Allah then to mutually destroy each other?  I cannot see a true God wanting that for his people.

There are those who are Muslim that are just born into the faith and never practice. The Quran states that by the natural laws of creation every human when born is a Muslim.  They subsequently change, if they do not remain Muslim, due to family influence, culture, etc.  Would that then not make every non-Muslim an apostate?  If more Muslims, I contend, intently studied the Quran, there would be more desiring to leave this Ideology.  They would begin to understand the captive society in which they live along with the fear and concern for retribution if they assume an identity under another Religion.

The juices of independence would flow.  They would know the truth. The brainwashing continues, but retraining the mind is possible. When left to one’s personal judgment of right and wrong, not self-directed but objectively viewing mankind, acquiescence to a legal system where common laws, good for all, more temporal than spiritual, would occur.

Many find a scholar to their liking, as Averroes, and follow, yet he is condemned by the most fundamental.  His followers will suffer the same fate as others who do not believe in the Law endorsed by the most fundamental Islamists.  Establishing just what is to be believed is still underway – over 1400 years after Islam began on the battlefield of today’s Saudi Arabia between Mecca and Medina.

Biblical understanding and the potential for a relationship with God, after more than a year of intense study of the Quran and the activities of Muslims worldwide, has much greater appeal for me personally.  I will continue to pursue understanding Islam, but so far the light of Allah has not brightened my core, yet the light of God has.

Grace and Peace

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