UI – Part 108 – Christophobia

UI – Part 108 – Christophobia

 We have discussed Islamaphobia (UI – Part 30, April 22, 2010), but shouldn’t the focus be Christophobia.  

 The non-Muslim world watches, to include the President of the United States, as the Muslim dominant populations wantonly attack Christians, their houses of worship, their communities and individuals.  Not all Muslims agree such actions are warranted, yet few, if any, especially the leadership, step-up or stand-out in defense of the Christian communities.  Attempts to punish the perpetrators fail totally, or excuses are found for the killing.  One example is the death of the Bishop of Turkey, Catholic, (Bishop Luigi Padovese) beheaded by his driver, the shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’ heard as this heinous act was committed.  (June 3, 2010).  He was 62.  He was leading an effort by the Catholic Church to improve Muslim-Christian relations in the Country. 

 Little in terms of apology or concern for this death was offered by the leadership in Turkey except to deny it was a terrorist act, an implementation of jihad against the hated enemy Christian or Jew.  It was classed as an impassioned response by the driver who was trapped, so artfully claimed, in a homosexual relationship with the Priest.  An excuse of convenience was used to maintain the standards of Islam, cleansing the argument that it was a hate crime, so that Islam would be protected. 

 The world knows by now how the Islamists use the terminology of ‘hate crimes’ whenever the specter of persecution arises, they alone as judge, against their ideology.  Mention Muhammad or Allah in the wrong light, paint a picture, draw a cartoon figure, make a film, or even question the Quran and be called an Islamaphobe.  At the same time watch the Islamist stir their society into bands of brothers attacking anything in sight, tempting the Muslim youth to spill into the streets and exhibit their concern (I call it encouraging hatred) towards named individuals and any associated or in accord with the pictures, the artistry, and gain the media’s attention.  The politicians then, to protect the common good, alter the situation and protect or defend the Muslim mob.  For the Islamist this is a component of the tactic of their Strategy of Conquest.  It is a reflection of The Religion of Peace; the irony of it all.

 What defense is their for the Christians attacked in Indonesia, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Iran, Pakistan and so on, all Muslim areas?  Do you hear President Obama calling for greater scrutiny and justice to protect the Christians. 

 As dhimmi in a foreign land, subject to attack like game in a hunting preserve, what is our President to do, can he rightly defend Christians and Jews in a Muslim Country or elsewhere, should he?  Yes! He should, in my opinion.  And he can start in America.  He can begin by defending the Constitution and the Nation that is America under God, the Christian God.  We protect our people and the rights of all people to live a secure, safe, free life.  He can lead by example.  He must not protect the Islamists or their cause, which is a world All-for-Allah.  Their cause is clear, and jihad is their way.  Knowing their cause;  knowing their hatred – (Quran)  Sura 60.4: “We disbelieve in you (infidels, especially Christians and Jews) and there has arisen enmity (hatred) between us and you forever until you believe in Allah alone….”; knowing their methods,  the need to prepare and have a proper defense should be readily apparent.  His speeches should embody insuring America remains free of the ideology of Islam and its methods of encroachment.

 The Islamists live a daily life of Christophobia.  Include the Jews in that label.  Anything that brings the Quran, Hadiths and life of Muhammad into critical review is Christophobia.  Anything that is non-Muslim and lives side-by-side with a Muslim raises Christophobia in the mind of the Muslim.  The presence of a priest, a minister, a missionary, the Bible, even discussions about a Christian God, the Trinity, causes a Christophobia boil inside the pot of the Muslim.  This is their ‘hate’ as it disrupts the illogical position they share and suggests reason can alter their thinking.  Yes it can, but they cannot allow that to happen.  Christophobia then for them is an abhorrence of reason, the use of the mind, the intellect, in consideration not of other religions necessarily, but their own.  If they were to think about their positions they just might find it objectionable to anything rational, and considered free. They might even see how irrational they really are.  Allah forbid.  Islam has all the answers – Al-Islam hua Al-Hal, a proclamation of the Muslim Brotherhood.  This is a radical, not logical, statement. 

 That may be what an Islamist blindly believes, Allah desires and Wills, but it is not what God intends.  God’s sword is the Word of God; His gift the mind of man and the ability to use this gift and His sword to understand God and have a relationship with him.  The sword is not a weapon used to behead another literally, but to use one’s head for good.  Christophobia in the Islamist is the fear of the freedom provided by the Truth.

 From Galatians 5:13 – You were called to freedom, brethren, to serve one another through love. 

 May the world see the light of His glory and know the mystery of truth is found in the love of your fellow-man and wanting to treat him as you are treated; that truth can be logically applied to civil laws that protect and provide security for the common good. 

 The following may become my personal theme for a unified world, unified in respect for each other – Open all the religious books in all areas of the world and encourage all the people to read, learn and understand each other.  Would it not be better to use the books and not weapons, to enable the mind of man, our greatest gift from God, to intelligently select one’s path, have diversity and exchange ideas in harmony and a forum of objectivity.  We may not all choose the same religion, it should be faith-based and not ideological, but we will choose freedom and a want for all people to have rights and receive the same protections. 

 Food for Thought.

 Grace and Peace.

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