Jizya Tax – Understanding Islam

Christophobia has reared its ugly head in Egypt. The prospect of a new church being built in Egypt caused homes to be destroyed and now cries of imposing a jizya tax on Christians. In the name of Allah greed is taking over. The fear of non-Islamic beliefs is fearful too, as the turth be known, Islam is an irrational, intolerant, demanding and demeaning Ideology. Allah is not a loving god. But all is being revealed as the world is beginning to see Islam in its true light. I write about Understanding Islam to see if I could be swayed. Wow! as a man – polygamy, sex-slaves, power over women, greed in the name of Allah, and more. This is not God, not the loving God I know. Love of neighbor is only expressed in the Quran for deceptive purposes. As the Best of Deceivers, noted in the Quran, Allah may have indeed deceived even the Muslims. A religion imposed by Tradition which disallows Independent thinking can only remain in its own dark ages – progress has stopped. Without understanding cause and effect, allowing only Allah’s Will, the suffering in the Muslim world will continue (and it is said that is what makes the Muslim a more humble person – suffer for Allah). Suffer for God (the Trinity) and live in Joy. That is the good news.

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