UI – Part 77 – Envy

UI – Envy

In an attempt to understand the thinking and actions of Islamists the term ‘envy’ came to mind. Do these people who attack Christians, Jews, and non-believers (to include Muslims considered infidels) do so out of ‘envy’?

From a religious angle we must consider the Biblical covenant God made with his Chosen People. If those people for the Islamist are Jews and Christians, is it their envy towards these People of the Book as ‘chosen’, the term ‘chosen’ so bothersome to them that they simply live by ‘hating’ them. Is this also ‘envy’ acted out?

What is overlooked is that God, through his Son, Christ, made all mankind ‘Chosen’, his people, Jew, gentile, all people – to include the Islamists. We are all Semites. There is no distinction, black or white, yellow or brown, we are all the same under God. So now why the ‘envy’?

For the Islamist we are not all the same under Allah. That is where the ‘envy’ arises. To them God is not universal; Allah is not loving regardless of pursuasion. If Allah were loving no Ulema would instruct another to ‘kill’ infidels, nor would a Muslim government leader; nor would Muslims read from their religious book – the Quran – that deceit, killing, subjection of women to the wants of men and henious actions against infidels is permitted, even encouraged. Is the Truth then being concealed, avoided, precluded from airing, all due to the envy of those that are loved by God? Do those Islamists that claim the love of Allah in fact lack love; if they were loved and felt so they would not hate others – any others. How is what they do, if loved by Allah, possible? It can only be that they are empty; they are filled with a denial of that which is true. They themselves are being deceived, brainwashed and prevented from admitting that is the case – for fear of their own lives.

Analyzing the term – envy – (from Encarta Dictionary) – “wanting what somebody else has” – that is simple enough – “the resentful or unhappy feeling of wanting somebody else’s success, good fortune, qualities, or possessions” – that puts it into greater perspective.

What do those who are not Islamists have that causes the Islamists to ‘envy’ to the extent they would kill others, terrorize, attempt to blow-up planes, buses, trains, markets, large gatherings of innocent people, even themselves. What is the shame they protect when these same Islamists hide behind facial coverings, scarves, bandanas, and fabric used to hide their identity? Have they no self-esteem? Is it they are cowards? Why will they not show their faces; is it because they have nothing to be proud of? Can’t they claim their ‘envy’ in the open and present their case logically and with an opportunity to discuss, rebuke or possibly agree? The tactic of the Muslim Brotherhood, which I understand to some extent, is to infiltrate, become part of the culture, and then bring to bear their desires systematically, and somewhat peacefully, their objectives (to include Sharia Law and ‘all for Allah’), on the society in which they dwell – but when that fails, they use more tragic means to complete their mission. And then what is their mission – what we understand it is “until All is for Allah.”

Leaders of the Islamist often remain in the background, directing their troops, encouraging, enticing, exciting, brainwashing, and training those that would act on their behalf to hate, and to control the world, or their microcosm of it, as they prefer to see it. Osama Bin Laden comes to mind. There are those too that hide in the open, like Khomeini and Ahmadinejah, their cave is the protective barrier they surround themselves with, the army, the Royal Guard, that works their own society to quell dissent for the ‘envious’ ways of theocratic governance. WWII was created by a monster of most evil proportions, Adolph Hitler, who killed the dissenters along with those not of his desired strain, in the evil ways of his atheistic governance. There was no God in his house. The voice of the people is to be only heard if it is the voice they want to hear. All else is considered blasphemy, or as a traitor against the State.

The enlightened see envy cast into the heart of man by Satan acting to show God who is the better; to attempt to best what God intends and has assured will take place at End Times. Cain was envious of Abel and slew him. Evil was multiplied through the line of Cain. His seed continued to provoke God; they have no fear of God; they do not worship God; they worship their own idols, their own definition of god; they never call upon God; they do not serve Him. We may all have been infected with the wicked seed of Cain, never a pure strain evolved, even as God attempted to destroy with the Flood those whose ‘envy’ brought selfish pagan practices before the eyes of God. Maybe we are all doomed to the fiery eternal Hell God hath prepared. Even after the Flood evil found the heart of Noah’s son Ham’s son Canaan who became a violent tyrant. But along came Abraham and Isaac. The story continues.

What troubles fill the hearts of evil men? What positive, constructive, claim can they make to justify their destruction towards others? How diabolic is the evil one, the cause of chaos, and the hater of the true God. What is this exhibition? We are all too familiar with acts of terrorism too often carried out with the shouts of Alahu Akbar.

May the God of Peace find the hearts of man and make them see that goodness brings honor, joy, love, and hope to everyone who knows the path to the eternal kingdom. It is not lined with men carrying Ak-47’s, or masked trained haters of infidels. If you sense ‘evil’ within, then work hard to rid yourself of such thinking or actions. Let the Spirit of God fill you and lead you, knowing inherently right from wrong. The Way is lined with the Trees of Life, paved in gold, with a gate awaiting, open, and Jesus at the ready greeting all who believed in the one that came to provide salvation for those who were repentant. May the Grace of the Lord find you and open your heart, soul and mind to Truth and fill you with the Spirit as a reminder and guarantee of the saving grace provided by God. Thanks be to God. May the world be emptied of the envy and evil of the one who prefers to destroy what God has made.

Grace and Peace

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