UI – Part 76 – Ethnic Policies

What is the Ethnic Policy of Islam?  How do they regard others – non-believers?  Have they no honor?

To the extent any supporter of Islam kills another human being, as said of the practices of Adolph Hitler towards his policies of ‘ethnic cleansing’, it is a ‘blot on the honor of the entire German population,’ – it is a stain on the hope for salvation under Islam.  It can be said today one death at the hands of an Islamic terrorist, let alone there have been too many to count, ‘ is a blot on the honor of the entire Muslim population.’  Have they no honor?  When do they rise-up to defend a peaceful God?

When amnesty is granted a Muslim who kills a Jew or a Christian,  when such heinous actions are overlooked, it this what God would want?  Is this even humane, or is it the mind of a maniacal breed that allows such a travesty to go without punishment.  The acceptance of such acts, turning a blind eye towards crimes against humanity, needs to be questioned daily.  It has happened many times in Egypt, Saudi Arabia. Syria, Jordan, and on and on – Muslim Countries.

Ethnic Cleansing – (from Wikipedia) – Ethnic cleansing “is a purposeful policy designed by one ethnic or religious group to remove by violent and terror-inspiring means the civilian population of another ethnic or religious group from certain geographic areas. (Commission of Experts Established Pursuant to United Nations Security Council Resolution 780)”.   My question – need such areas be large – or can they be small, limited to simply one family, community, church or synagogue?  Such has recently happened in Iraq, where Christian families have been killed in their homes, just for being Christian.

On Dec. 6, 2010 the headline of The Christian Post read, “Iraq’s Christian minority took another hit Sunday evening when gunmen shot and killed an elderly Christian couple in their home.”   (http://www.christianpost.com/article/20101206/2-more-christians-killed-in-baghdad/)

With the shouts of Alahu Akbar, what is the purpose of such actions most of the world claims as criminal?  What is the aim, the objective, the nature of those who have either committed or directed such acts against other human beings?  Are they beasts, as ravenous animals bloodthirsty for the kill. 

At the website www.AReligionofPeace.com, there are daily listings of acts of violence committed in the name of Allah.  Such hostility, increasingly hostile in nature and frequency, is alarming. 

The Islamists are making greater numbers of the population of the entire World aware of the imperialistic nature of the Ideology of Islam that is being imposed everywhere possible on mankind.  Those in fear, a common and purposeful tactic, are scarred into their acceptance of Allah, along with believers.  But do the faithful truly believe is such hostile, aggressive, violent acts against Christians, Jews, other tribes, the infidels and the apostates?  If they do, then they too are as the beast.  How can they so judge without judging their own actions, their own thinking, and their own lack of concern for humanity?  Have they forgotten to treat others as they would want themselves so treated?  And if that is the case, will they willingly accept similar treatment? Those that teach hatred in madrassas, lead Jihad-Camps, teach bomb making and martyrdom (at the taking of the life of an infidel) are accomplices and equally guilty of sinful acts against others that God can only judge with hell as their eternal-dwelling place.

The World’s eyes are opening.  What did Britain not see?  What did France fail to see?  It is not a Country, a government alone with clear boundaries, leading this aggression against infidels.  The death squads, hatred towards those not for Allah, cross many borders?  Are wars only secular?  This is a Holy War for the Islamists.  Allah is the excuse, Muhammad the historical yet dead leader, all to be claimed as inspirational and worthy to be honored in a quest for total domination by Islam. 

Yet even in Islam, Islam is not defined in common terms with which all Muslims concur.  What must it then be for those who wish to resist?  Where is the resistance to come from?  Who will lead it?  The approach by Islamists is characterized by disarray, a non-defined border of hatred towards those of non-Islamist thinking.  Such ill-defined boundaries makes declaration of war against a single nation impossible.  It can only be a battle against the Islamists, like fighting a mass of Jello, always wiggling, never in one place, and never well-defined. Many Country lines of demarcation are crossed.  It is a battle against Chaos. Yet each nation, national interest foremost in their minds, must defend themselves against the encroachment by Islamists who wish to gain ground for their Law, their claim of Allah as the god of their universe, and protect all people from the few that are bent on an ethnic cleansing of sort. 

Freedom must be a cry for all who wish to remain free; they must fight for their rights and need leaders, representatives, that understand Islam and see the  need to protect their constituency. 

Who is Chaos?

We must pray the enemy can be determined and that collateral damage, especially that of innocents, those innocent of any form of religious hatred, can be avoided.  The enemy has created a profile.  Profiling for me, and many others, is the first threshold to be crossed, a suggestion to be cautious, to be aware, and to be on the alert.  This is what Juan Williams was saying that got him fired from PBS.  It is what many in the world understand.  We cannot allow Political Correctness hinder a clear view of what the Islamists want.

There are many locations today from which we can see the Islamists moving along the ground to rise up and conquer for their bias, to include Portland, Or  (UI – 74 – NOT Live and Let Live), NYC, France, Great Britain, Denmark, Turkey, and so on.  Stay awake.  Keep your eyes open.  Let your representatives know how you feel. Write letters.  Make phone calls.  Be a warning voice to all who refuse to understand.  Soften their hearts to the reality of events and the progression of activities that have taken place.  They will continue unless something is done.  Understand Islam.

Pray that the God of peace, the Trinity, will awaken all to Salvation possible for those justified in the belief in the Risen Lord. 

Grace and Peace,

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