Understanding Islam – Part 69 – Profile, Profile, Profile

Profile, Profile, Profile.

 Have you traveled overseas?  When going from one area to another screening occurs, questions are asked.  The foreign TSA, whatever it is called, might ask or proceed as follows:

“What is the purpose of your trip?”

“How long will you be staying?”

“Have you a return ticket?”

“How much luggage do you have for this journey?”

Check out the passenger.  Do they look suspicious?  Do they fit a description of those most involved in acts of terror?  If so, should additional queries be made?  Look at driver’s license or passport.  On passport look at recent destinations – stamps of countries visited.  If only a driver’s license, then ask:

 “Are you a citizen of the USA?”

If not – “What is your home country?”

“Have you a passport?”

If not – “Why not?”

“Are you traveling with anyone?”

Who are you visiting?” (friends, relatives, etc.)

“Where will you be staying?”

If a hotel – “Do you have a reservation?”

If a friends – “Do you have an address? Phone number?”

 It used in this Country (the U.S.A.) it would not take long with such a brief investigation to gain some insight into the traveler.

Certainly a clean cut well dressed person, male or female, will draw less attention than one in unusual clothing, cultural garb, unkempt, or otherwise most noticeable.  How one may dress is the choice of the person, but how one is perceived in the reaction of the observer.  That is human nature. That is the Juan Williams obvious element of us all.   So get to know the traveler.  It is not always what is under the outfit, but what the intent of the traveler is.

It may be easier to conduct such a review when traveling from one foreign country to another verses in the USA one city to another.  However each airport is currently equipped with a team of TSA personnel and considerable equipment in an attempt to detect and prevent a problem – primarily a terrorist act.  Are we doing all that is possible?  I say no, as do many others.

If such a profiling technique is put in play, despite the hue and cry we may hear from a minority, and the call for legal action by the likes of C.A.I.R. and the ACLU, as it makes the most sense to protect all of America, it should proceed.

Join the chorus and ask your representatives to vote accordingly; vote to protect all Americans in a manner that is rational, reasonable and logical, political correctness aside.

As to the ‘naked’ monitors.  They do not bother me, but are they doing the best possible job of detection?  Is this the most efficient and effective means to detect threats to our airways?  Know there are flaws, there are health hazards, and there are important items these machines do not detect.  Know the facts and then react.  Is this a form of sexual harassment legal only because it is performed by the government?  Are our rights under the 4th Amendment being violated?  Should we care if it makes traveling safer?

Brigitte Gabriel of Act for America[1] has stated, “…like drug dealers already have proven, substances hidden inside body cavities or even embedded surgically remain undetected by any or all of the TSA’s procedures.”  This applies as well to improvised explosive devices.

If some crazed, brainwashed extremist decides to blow himself up for Allah or a god that thinks such an act leads to salvation, let them do so, and go to Hades (which is where they will go), but not on my trip.  Keep them off my plane, train, bus or other form of mass transportation.  Keep them out of public places and restaurants where many innocent people gather.  But do so in a way that makes the most sense.  Why do Obama and his Administration avoid profiling?  It is not unconstitutional, as the naked body scanner may be.

There is probably a pile of employment applications for TSA jobs today by perverts, deviants and voyeurs that can’t wait to check out the ‘naked’ truth.  Will the scanners provide color images?  Will there be a separate line for kids for the pedophile TSA representatives?  Will there be Law and Order stories written about the TSA worker that matches the person and the body and then stalks the person.  Are we being made safer or less safe?

This has all come about because of 911 and the Muslims, encouraged by Islamists, to cause destruction to the West.  The impact of 911 continues, and the cost of this egregious terrorist act grows with every device the government installs, each new department or agency created, and each government worker hired to deal with the prevention of another 911.

Before long even Unions will see the opportunity to expand their socialistic ideals and have all TSA workers unionized.  Card carrying members of a force to keep jobs at the expense of citizens of America, to grow, with fear as their tool, adding more locations to be monitored with more oversight of Americans by the eye of Government, may be the next step for TSA.  Big Brother is watching, watching, watching, and doing as legally as only Big Government can.

America, every employee in Washington, all of our Senators and Congressmen, must Understand Islam.  It has become an obligation.  Not a requirement, but a personal choice which each and every one of us needs to seriously consider.  We are dealing with an Ideology that has already infiltrated our borders.  We cannot let it grow, we cannot let it get out of hand as it has in many European Countries.  Protect your rights.  Protect your Freedom.  Protect the freedom of your children.  Save us all from Ideologies that can change the way we all live.  We would not want communism to spread in America.  We would not want Nazism to spread in America.  We would not want Fascism to spread in America. Why would we want Islamism to spread in America?

“Naked’ monitors, all body scanners, screening machines and other devices are all a warning of what is coming to a city near you – if it has not already. Beware!  It is not the device, but the reason for the fear – and yet it is not being addressed.  If it were, there would be ‘profiling.’

So don’t travel.  Drive – no body scans yet, but wait, it might take place at a state border crossing near you.  And wait – what about the body cavity search.  Who will get to do that?  The complete skeleton body revealing device next.  Al Gore might be an investor?

Profile, profile, profile.

Grace and Peace, 

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