UI – Part 70 – Sharia and the USA

 Sharia and the USA.

Let’s start with Oklahoma.

An amendment was put to the voters in the State of Oklahoma on November 2, 2010 calling for State courts to not consider Sharia Law in decisions.  The voters passed the amendment, only to have a federal judge (U.S. District Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange) block the amendment on the following Monday.   The restraining order was issued after the director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (C.A.I.R.) in Oklahoma, Muneer Awad, filed a suit claiming the measure was unconstitutional and that it would effectively nullify his Islamic will. What, exactly, makes a will Islamic? The measure was authored by Rep. Rex Duncan, R-Sand Springs, OK.  State Question 755 was approved by 70 percent of the vote.

The term ‘will’ does not refer to a man’s will, his desire, but his inheritance.  They can go to a lawyer for that.  The Bible outlines family inheritance patterns, but our legal system does not follow the Biblical code.  Individuals can designate their heirs as they wish – and if they wish can outline the distributions according to Islamic law, simply spelled out step by step.   Even C.A.I.R. could do that.

“My constitutional rights are being violated through the condemnation of my faith,” said Muneer Awad.  Not sure if this was a condemnation of faith.  As far as I know laws are civil laws, not theocratic laws, and our legal system deals with civil laws.  Awad sees the amendment as an attack on Islam.  Of course, but why?  Because he wants Sharia Law in America.    

If C.A.I.R. had their way, representing the entire Islamic world as they seem to be trying (probably more a fund raising effort with big bucks spent on the hierarchy of the organization), they will be crying out and creating the alarm for such heinous offences as criticizing Imam’s or as in Iran, the ayatollah, reporting on stories damaging the ‘foundations of the Islamic republic’, using ‘suspicious (i.e. western) sources’, or insulting Islam – plus of course any criticism of the Prophet or Allah.  They already called those who would like the Mosque at WTC moved bigots, or Islamaphobes.     They will find a lose button on a shirt and call it persecution just for failing to keep it tightly buttoned if they could.  They will soon be complaining about my Blogging.  I do not hate a single Muslim; even though I do not care for their Ideology. 

And when it comes to Awad’s ‘condemnation of faith’ – What consideration has he ever given to encouraging other faiths, even allowing proselytizing regardless of religion?  Let’s see some of the Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s (of Cordoba House fame) ‘bridge building’ at work.  Why has he not weighed in and suggested C.A.I.R. is off base?  Muslim’s have a penchant, the Ulema, for condemning other faiths for trying to grow, to evangelize as their faith calls upon its followers to do, especially in areas where Muslims reside.  Objections to a Christian preaching the Bible to a Muslim abound.  It is such fertile ground though, as the truth when heard can turn heads towards God.   

In a Muslim controlled area, where the governance is considered theocratic, you will observe the integration of the justice system and Church (Mosque) under Sharia law.  Sharia courts are essentially religious courts; judges are usually local Mosque officials. 


From the Canada Free Press[1]: “In a summary supplied by the Council on Foreign Relations (‘CFR’), Islamic Law is Sharia, known as “the path” in Arabic, is described as a guide for all aspects of a Muslim’s daily life. The conflicts coming from having Sharia in American law would be immediate. There is little doubt that to place a foreign legal system that dictates all matters of familial, financial, religious and criminal matters will bring drastic, detrimental conflict to the American legal justice system. From the background supplied by the CFR, we only have to look to what punishments are called for under “hadd” crimes as prescribed by Sharia law to bring the point home.

Five different crimes fall under the “hadd” category:

  • unlawful sexual intercourse,
  • false accusation of unlawful sexual intercourse,
  • the consumption of alcohol,
  • theft and
  • Highway robbery.

Punishments for such offenses under Sharia may include flogging, stoning, amputation, exile or execution. Sound like the American way? Sounds more like a trip back in the Dark Ages. Sharia also embodies the well-documented honor killings for daughters and wives who were deemed to have brought shame to the family, not to mention genital mutilation, adolescent marriages, polygamy and gender-biased inheritance rules. Do people like Muneer Awad feel that these aspects of Sharia are necessary for First Amendment rights in America’s Constitution to be valid? Would subverting American law for individuals who commit honor killings or genital mutilations add to the “homey” aspects of the Sooner state? While the dangerous trend these days is to attack the exercising of state rights, Oklahoma voters deserve answers to questions such as these before their voices, and their state, are blacklisted alongside others such as Arizona.” [2]

Paul Ibbetson, the author of the article referenced just prior, claims, “I believe that Sharia law would be strongly rejected by a majority of all Oklahoma residents. But even so, groups like CAIR and their lackeys in the American Civil Liberties Union are framing the issue of the affirmation of the American court system as unconstitutional and the safeguarding of all American people as an exercise in Islamaphobia…. Groups like CAIR and the ACLU should be made to more fully explain their motivation for opposing state’s right in Oklahoma and its people’s desire to uphold American law.”

There is a sense that a movement to allow Sharia to set regulations that pertain to marriage, divorce, inheritance, and custody, is now expanding into the United States. The call by C.A.I.R. and mentioning ‘wills’ is an example of the concern.  Is it a backdoor approach to having Sharia creep into the American legal system?  All Sharia is derived from two primary sources, the divine revelations set forth in the Qur’an, and the sayings and example set by the Prophet Muhammad in the Sura.  It took hundreds of years after Muhammad’s death for forms of Sharia to be put in place.  Today it is most prevalent and useful in Muslim controlled areas, but should it be the way of the land? 

Act for America claims (11/15/2010): CAIR’s latest action should remove any doubt. CAIR’s real agenda is the imposition of Sharia law in America.”[3]

From Islamic Watch’s[4] David Ruskin[5], “CAIR’s efforts are brimming with contradiction. The group and its allies repeatedly insist that the amendment is pointless because, they say, there is no chance of Islamic law coming to the U.S. Yet “why bother to go to the trouble and expense of filing suit against an absurd, unnecessary measure? After all, a law against a non-existent threat may be silly, but if there is no need for the law in the first place, there is no need to sue to overturn it,” as Robert Spencer writes.[6]

CAIR in the Headlines

This is a headline grabber and C.A.I.R., its intent and desire for Sharia in America, will be clearly on display.  Watch for it and be ready to write to your representative in Washington or elsewhere to insure they are aware of your awareness of this infringement on personal freedom.  This may be a subject for a political party to use as its theme from now and forevermore – Freedom.  We are the Freedom Party – the Party that will fight to the death to insure we are and remain a free people, every man, woman, and child.  This is as it should be in America and worldwide.  C.A.I.R. and Islamists would never be members of the Freedom Party – except as infiltrators for change to their way – the way of Allah.

Liberty Council said on November 13, 2010, “How outrageous that the ACLU would stand FOR   Sharia law being honored by our courts, while standing AGAINST the display of the Ten Commandments in a courthouse!”  Even the ACLU is getting on the Islamist train.

Daniel Pipes[7] wrote, “Neither discriminatory nor superfluous, laws that banish the Sharia are essential to preserving the Constitutional order.”   He also noted, “The American Public Policy Alliance has crafted model legislation[8] that Oklahoma’s and 47 other state legislatures should pass.”

Barack Obama has called the ideologies of Islam “perverse and hateful”[9].   The outline of legislation provided above which can be accessed at the website http://publicpolicyalliance.org/?page_id=38 will be useful in every State of the USA.

At times I feel totally clueless to the desire of groups in America working to undermine our freedom, such as CAIR and ACLU; on college campuses too – such as The Muslim Student Union (MSU) at UC Irvine, California.  There are others though.  We, as Americans, may need to change our laws to, in some ways unfortunate, lessen the freedom of some for the freedom of all.  We cannot allow ideology to creep in, akin to allowing communism to flourish in this Country; we need to STOP the spread of Islam as a way-of-life. 

Love Allah

Allow those who wish to love Allah to love Allah, but not under the constraints of Islamic Law as now dictated in areas like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other Muslim dominated cultures.

God Bless America. 

Grace and Peace,


[2] Oklahoma: When Sharia comes sweeping down the plains By Paul Ibbetson, Friday, November 12, 2010

[5] Oklahoma’s Shari’a Ban and CAIR’s Risky Response  by David J. Rusin  •  Nov 15, 2010 at 12:08 pm

 [6] Robert Spencer is a scholar of Islamic history, theology, and law and the director of Jihad Watch. He is the author of ten books, eleven monographs, and hundreds of articles about jihad and Islamic terrorism, including the New York Times Bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad.

[7] From National Review online – November 16, 2010 – http://www.danielpipes.org/9068/oklahoma-sharia

[9] A More Perfect Union speech delivered in Philadelphia on March, 18, 2008 – http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23690567/print/1/displaymode/1098/

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