Unions – the Job Thief – Obama Clueless

American needs more people employed.  Obama is paying big dollars to create jobs, without great success.  The Administration is obscuring the true facts to justify their out-of-control and little understood spending habits.  They are being more like Madoff enjoying the spoils of their own Ponzi scheme, with names like Pelosi, Reid, the Czars and even Obama collaborating in their desire to socialize our Nation.  They probably do not even understand Socialism.  If one gives serious thought to the issue of jobs several ideas would come to mind.

First – those people who want to work, need jobs, will work for less.  That might suggest waving the minimum wage at the State and Federal level to pave the way for opening the doors of opportunity.  Some employers will post signs of jobs at lower than the minimum wage (if so permitted) and see if they have any takers.  They will.  And the more takers at the lower wage the lower the cost of goods and services to be provided, the more affordable such goods and services, thus a potential stimulus to the economy is born.  This is not BHO, Pres. Obama – Mr. Chaos, stimulus-speak, this is true economic stimulus based on market forces at work without government intervention.  No government intervention – a novel idea for kick-starting a broken system. 

Second – think about Unions.  Obama has been and has provided an obvious level of support and protection for the Unions because of the money they spent to have him elected – but elected as their puppet – well that appears to be the case otherwise the bond holders of the Companies prior to ObamaMotors would have gotten a better shake when ObamaMotors was formed.  And one could argue Obama and his cronies should have never intervened with the car companies (another subject).  As to the Unions – they take away the jobs of the world in bad economic times.  Oh, forgive me for saying that, but it is true.  The Union workers are overpaid by today’s standards and more persons would be employed at lower wage levels if the Unions were not under contract and intractable.  What would the benefit of lowering Union employee’s wages be?  Well since you asked – here are a few of the answers – lower costs for goods made, cars made, components for various products made, and thus lower prices to the consumers.  The consumers would have the opportunity to purchase products for less – and they would too.  And service workers – they too would benefit areas like health care, the cost of government, and more by working for a lower wage.  Ah – yes, the cost of health care reform fired by lower Union wages – with salaries paid based on need, supply and demand for the positions.  The government only needs to act and say Unions contracts are null and void by Government decree.

Third – the dollar would strengthen.  With American products available at lower prices, world demand would increase, and as that occurred, more jobs would become available.  More people would be employed and more people would be able to afford health care.  Mr. Chaos are you listening (I am sure he is not).   

Fourth – what I am suggesting would not require Government stimulus money.  Not one cent, only government economic understanding and legislative action to curb the Unions and the restraint on wages. 

This would represent a new beginning for our Nation.  It would mean the People are regaining a voice and some control over their own destiny.  Obama will never control our destiny, even with all his Obama-talk, he cannot take away our freedoms.  He can constrain our freedoms, as he is trying valiantly to do, and offer greater control to his Party, but soon that house-of-cards will fall, and he will be, if anywhere near the top at that time, like Humpty-Dumpty without a net to catch him or an army to re-assemble him.  He will fall back into the communities that he supposedly organized and be recognized for his ineptness and the mistakes so many Americans made in the 2008 Presidential elections.  America is beginning to wake up.  This is not a Democrat or Republican victory discussion as both are at fault.  We need a greater  conservative voice, more independence on the part of each and every Representative (without Party pressure, lobbyist pressure, dependency on their sources for money to ensure their future in Washington, persons of honor and integrity, and people who know Big Government is not the answer, More Government is not the answer). 

We need to begin with practical solutions and an open door to ideas having an understanding of how an economy really works.

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