Democrats Taking America by Artifice

This past weekend found the Democrats at work late and without the support of other members of Congress passing a controversial Bill under the guise of “health care reform.”  What the Pelosi cadre are really doing is performing an underhanded take over of the American system of economics and capitalism for the benefit of their Party.  The People of America will not benefit.  Let me provide a simple example.

Health Care Insurers – often under attack during these past many months as the dialog on health care reform waged on – operate at a profit.  Now the Democrats have made clear that the term “profit” stirs inside them the idea of “wealth” and a need to transfer the wealth and the profits to those non-productive segments of our society.  This is the Democratic way (an oxymoron when applied to the Party) and not the American way.  And as to health care reform you can be assured the Government with health care in the hands of the Democrats, as this Bill has proposed (and now passed by the House of Representatives), will never turn a profit.  They see the Government as a competitive alternative in the health care arena, but not required to show positive cash flow results, choosing instead to tax Americans to pay for the incompetent Government (as demonstrated in most all areas where the Government has an operating hand – along with corruption, abuse of power, and excess paperwork).  Is this health care reform?  This is “do-do.”  They (the Democrats) have designed a program where the Government competes at a loss (excess expenses over revenues) with private Insurers that strive to make a profit (excess revenues over expenses) to provide health care to Americans (the Americans making up the loss incurred on their behalf by the Government).  This is not a practical or intelligent plan.  Has the Government with Democrats in charge ever considered the possibility of a level playing field?

A Productive Society for some reason appears problematic to the Democrats.  Such a nation (productive nation) is needed to generate jobs and provide taxes (profits provide taxes, as well as wages) and as much as the Democrats realize such they campaign more on the need to transfer funds to the lesser.  Sounds good, but they do so without any regard for a balanced budget – the Democrats are ready and willing and able to print money, harm the economy, and destroy any functional economic model for the sake of rhetoric and votes.  They fear being practical, honest and forthright about the need for a Nation to operate with a positive accounting of revenues (taxes) generated in excess of costs (money the government spends).  To the extent they can tax everyone and transfer all the money in exchange for a venemous attack on those willing to work for our Country they feel they have an effective stategy.  They are disingenuous.  All spending, the Democrats wish, is to be tightly in their control and they are willing to tax 100% if that is what is necessary to have it their way.  Now if that looks and sounds like Socialism – it is.  What happens when 100% of all money our economy produces is spent by the Government?  That is where the Democrats are taking America – the end result is a Bankrupt Nation.  Who wants that? 

There are those in our Nation who just do not understand the source of Government Funds for entitlement programs.  A caller to a recent Radio Talk show host in Detroit, enthusiastic about Obama and his plans to pay her mortgage, her credit card bills, and provide her with money, when asked about the source of funding for her needs, just said (and truly believed), “Obama has a ‘stash.'”  A “stash”, a pot of cash, his funds for the people who vote for him – not the People’s money.  Obama has a stash!  Wow!  How many think this way – too many. 

Many of us become encouraged when the news outlets begin to report of some success in the probability of defeating many Democrats in the 2010 election, along with levels of disenchantment for Obama’s rhetoric and socialistic programs.  But just how many American’s listen to the news, let alone Cable news, or Fox news.  I do not know the statistics, but my guess, and it is a guess, is fewer listen to the news than those who do not – who do not even care.  The Democrats cared little, or gave little credence to the Tea Parties because they know their voters do not care, or even are not aware of this segment of the population with growing concerns for Obama, Pelosi, and Reid’s Democrats and their lock-step Stepford tendencies.  Obama, Pelosi and Reid feel they have brainwashed enough, and will continue their efforts to brainwash more, to train them in their thinking Obama has a “stash.”  They are the Stepford medical team and the Democrats voting in concert with them are those under the spell of the benefits their Party will provide the most obedient entranced contingent of Democrats.   They are getting many of the voting populace to drink the “cool aid” they are giving for “free.”  The Democrats “free” is not the same as the freedom upon which America was founded. 

This year (2009)  it is all about the Economy.  But there is so much more going on.  As for politics – too much, too controversial, too sad, too costly, too confusing, too frustrating, too much politicking, too little truth, too little trust, and too much Government – there, enough said.  “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” – Galatians 5:1.  Let freedom ring.

This morning I heard Bob Beckle on Fox, a professor of advanced political studies (probably focused on Democrats), and like his Democratic colleague James Carvelle, he choose to attack the Republicans saying things like they are gleeful when employment is over 10% as they want Obama to fail.  He could only offer a mean defense, characteristic of all Democratic pundits.   He argued for more spending by Obama to get unemployment going, noting not all the Stimulus has been spent (as if that is the solution to America’s economic woes.)  He was combative when the Republican counterpoint suggested the BHO Administration and the Democrats, whom he lovingly supports, have failed to focus on America’s greater problems, that of the economy and jobs, indeed they have dwelt and campaigned for their pet health care take-over program and the increased taxes it will cause – along with an enormous growth in Government Debt (the People’s debt).  The Republican point of view put forth was a recognition of the failed policies of Obama and the Pelosi and Reid Democrats and all the other Democrats in office that cater to the whims and demands of their Party, their lobbyists, the Unions and others that are insuring their future in office.  The path the Democrats are marching  is not the road of representative government.  It is a power grab.  It reflects on the Democrats thinking that American’s are dumb, all American’s are dumb, and the Democrats are smart and can solve all of our problems.  They do not need the Productive sector, except as a punching bag for their transfer of wealth plans.  It is clear, more than ever, the Democrats are the Big and Bigger Government Party and the Conservatives (which we need more of as a voice and not as the Republican Party) and Republicans (now they have included the Independents) are the representatives for a stable economy, a government that is responsible with the People’s money and capable of taking a practical approach to solving America’s problems, trusting too that Americans can do it without the Government. 

We need Government.  BUT – we need smaller government, less government, less regulation, less government involvement in the businesses of the people, lower taxes, more incentives to small businesses,  fewer staff members for Congressmen and Senators, fewer Czars, fewer handmaidens for the Presidents’s wife, health care reform in the hands of the People and not the government (the government can facilitate not take-over), no Cap and Trade, prevention of hidden legislation in important bills (like hate crimes legislation in the recent military funding bill – that was simply wrong), less pork, more honest  politicians, term limits on Congressmen and Senators, if there is corruption and inefficiencies in Medicare and Medicaid the government needs to work to eliminate such; not use it as the Democrats have as a way of paying for their illicit health care reform ideas, no stimulus to failing enterprise – let the bankruptcy system take care of it (such would have been better for all Americans with regard to Chrysler and GM – it was simply a device on the part of the Democrats to cater to the Unions), decisions regarding our military (either support them or remove them from battle fronts – do not “dither”), and less cow-towing to minority groups that the majority feel are wrong for America as a whole and what Americans as a whole believe.  Why should the Government be growing in size (total employment) when our nations’ economy in is despair?  Why should Washington DC show a higher level of employment at a time when our productive sectors of the nation need to be producing and employing Americans.  The Government is populating itself with more Democrats that are not gainfully employed, and by “gainfully employed” I mean providing a service or manufacturing a good that Americans need or can use.  Instead they are writing 2,000 page Bills that can only take more out of American’s pockets in terms of their personal spending for their family.  I could go on – you can too.  Please feel free to comment.

Is America waking up to what the Democrats are saying to everyone?  Is this what American’s want to hear?  If so, I am wrong, but I can only plead my case.  If this is not what American’s want to hear we can only pray they will continue to voice their opposition to what the Democrats are attempting in the name of their Party; they are indeed Socialists.  Conservatives, Independents, and Republicans must come together as a voice of reason and fight collectively to save our Nation.  We cannot care for all the people at once, we cannot make everyone rich, we cannot remove everyone from the ranks of the poor, we cannot create a paradise, but what America has done since its formation is close to all of the aforementioned, and it was done without a Socialistic form of Government.  It was done without these new Obama, Pelosi, Reid ideas in play.  It was done with independent thought on the part of politicians, Democrats and Republicans.  What has happened to independent thinking Democrats?  Also it was done with God, Christian values, Biblical moral and ethical values as part of the programs for all.  It was not Sharia law.  We are a Nation under God, not under Allah.  That is my understanding when I read the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the writings of our Founding Fathers.  They were not all believers, but they saw the value of the Bible.  They discussed and preferred a separation of church and state, but more as a concern for government entering the church (as an example: taking away a 501(c)3 status for supporting political candidates from the pulpit) and not the benefits of those of faith entering the political arena.  They were not in favor of a Theocracy or any means by which such could occur in America.  They wanted freedom of religion, but not government control over any religion. 

Pray for a return to the American Way as the Founding Fathers envisioned this new world for everyone to be.

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