The WH Waterslide

It is Friday and maybe this is the way the Government dumps news on America.  With Obama enjoying a $35,000/wk home in MV who thought another action would be taken by the WH to mess up the integrity of Washington and impact our security.  Can’t he just go on vacation and leave us alone, if for only one week.  We need rest.   Maybe its news O thought he needed to place a veil (disguise) over the Health Care Reform controversy and Obama’s falling popularity, but interrogations of high-level operatives to be conducted by the WH?  Is this a step too far, undermining the CIA (is this for Pelosi’s benefit?).  It got my attention – but I won’t forget Health Care Reform, or Cap and Trade.  But with so much being thrown out there and the Majority (the Dems) careless in their reading, voting, and town hall obligations, what are we to understand.  Isn’t there just one Democrat in DC willing to speak his mind and express a personal opinion, be honest.  Is there too much $$$  (money-indirect bribes) from lobbyists?  All those Lobbyists in the lobbies of Washington ready to line the coffers of incumbants and protecting lawyers, unions, insurance companies, wall street and Oh so much more.  What is a voter to do?  Do They (Congress) listen to the People?  Opinion polls say ‘no’ – but does Washiington really care?

What CIA agent will now ask any questions, let alone tough questions?  Conyers and Nadler will be watching (more than reading – certainly Conyers himself doesn’t have the time or the… (excuse me)…to read what he votes for – he votes Democratic).  Here’s what I sense the O, WH, team will ask of the High-level terrorists (what’s the new word O uses – I want to be PC – for terrorist?).   But first – Who decides who is high level?  What if a CIA person asks questions and then finds out O thinks that particular detainee is High-level (would that be a level above O’s pay-grade?)  Who will ever ask tough questions or apply any pressure?  What kind of operatives will the CIA have in the future?  Anyway WH questions (you may want these for the WH Interrogation Procedures Manuel – The Rules)  – Here is a Baby Ruth if you give me what I want, or would you prefer chewing gum?  Are you comfortable?  Do you like the music?  Is it too loud?  Are you sleeping well?  Is your bed comfortable?  What you are wearing, does it itch?  Is your coffee/tea warm enough?  Have you read the Army Field Manual?  If not,  would you like a copy?  Can I read it to you?  No worry about water-boarding, we can offer you the WH water-slide – right into the WH pool.  And you can sit with the interrogator over a beer.  How about a swim-suit to fit – we have a new line from Ron Jon or Tommy Bahama or if you prefer…..  Now, please, tell me everything we need to know to protect America.

We can all go on with this one.  Another example of a lack of leadership in Washington.  What is Obama waiting for, someone else to do his job?

Maybe I’m wrong, but I know I am confused, frustrated, finding the economy a real problem, and seeing nothing but Big Brother vomiting all over we working Americans.  When will the Federal Debt go down?  When will the private sector no longer be subjected to underwriting a sizable portion of today’s Medicare, Medicaid and indigent care (I call it a sick tax – a hidden charge on those sick and using the current health care system).  In fact when will the Government tell the truth about how they negotiate in the favor of Uncle Sam then have the user pay their 20% of retail to the Governments 80% of something less than retail (I’ve heard that number is around 72%).  When will our Government be Honest and Truthful.

Thank God the Lord is on my side and I believe.  It makes all of what is happening in Washington a little easier.

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