The Journey (cont’d) – II

Due to a recent virus we have been out-of-pocket on our social networking activities.  Thanks to James Guest we are back in business.  So the Journey can continue.

The Journey – Cont’d

I have a companion on my journey. It is my wife. Dee’s faith, I am convinced, is deeper than mine and more real. For me she is the example of what I selfishly want my faith to be like, but feel inadequate in ever reaching her level.  We all need such a companion and a partner through marriage is the best possible. In that way every day you can share your faith openly and together grow and walk side-by-side on the path to a life with our Savior. There are other companions and they may be found in your church, in your neighborhood, through Bible studies or other forms of fellowship where you discover a common belief and desire to enjoy The Fruits of the Spirit.

 Every journey consists of stages, or steps along the way. Each step is as a building block, or a stair tread. Taking the first step leads to the next, with each the cause of a wake-up provision providing a further desire to take the next higher stair. Each stair tread provides a more expansive view and a continued awakening to the fact higher-levels can be accessed, more stairs formed, and at the highest level the gates to the Cathedral City will appear. Once the first step is taken the hand railing of support will be the arms of the Lord.  Your companion or companions will be ahead of you pulling you up, or behind you pushing you up this ladder to greater wisdom and awareness.  You will Book Cover_smlalso be aiding others.  It is a team effort. 

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